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Channel Islands Harbor

04 October 2007
After we took M�rzen to the hospital yesterday, we took the rest of the day off. I didn't do laundry as I'd planned, so I still have that to look forward to. John did walk to West Marine late in the afternoon, and on the way back to the boat he stopped at the vet's (they're in the same strip mall). They said M�rzen was a little perkier, so that's good. I'll stop by when I go to do the laundry a little later today. (The Laundromat is in the same strip mall too.)

We just took the dinghy down to the harbor master's office to extend our stay here. We're paid up until Sunday noon. On the way back I started the motor and drove the dinghy for the first time. It wasn't bad, but I think it's more fun as a passenger.

We have a new neighbor on the dock, another Baja Ha-Ha boat named Jammin. Jammin is owned and sailed by Dave and Helen Peoples from Milwaukie, Oregon, but right now Dave is on his own while Helen attends to some health problems back in Oregon. Although our home port is San Francisco, we have deep roots in Portland, so we feel an extra connection with Dave - even though he is a Beavers fan.

By the way, our SSB radio has been working great. John has been updating our position using Sailmail when we don't have Internet. So even if there's no blog entry, you can still see where we are.
Vessel Name: Solstice
Vessel Make/Model: Sceptre 41
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA, USA
Crew: John Forbes and Shirlee Smith
About: Our crew is Märzen (our miniature dachshund) and whoever else is aboard at the moment, if anyone. We welcome friends and family to join us as crew for specific legs of our voyage or to visit at a destination.
Extra: We left San Francisco May 1, 2006, on our proposed 10-year voyage, now reduced to five years due to the economic crisis. Visit our home website for photos, more words, and links.
Home Page: https://www.svsolstice.com