Sound Effect does the big U

14 November 2012
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Still in Barra

05 March 2011 | Barra de Navidad
The sailblog has been down for a couple of days but not to worry we have been enjoying the Barra De Navidad lagoon anchorage. This is a most unique anchorage for Mainland Mexico. Due to the location there is no swell from ocean rollers making for a very peaceful nights sleep.
Denny has been sick the last two days with what we diagnosed as red tide fever. He decided to clean his bottom in Tenacatita where there is a distinct red tide in progress. We have absolutely NO scientific evidence other than he is sick and neither Becky nor Connie and I are sick. He has a fever and chills and sleeps all day and night.
We went to a cruiser pig roast last night... Three young guys bought a pig and roasted it all night and charged 100pesos per head for pig and trimmings This was to be a fund raiser for the young twentysomethings to to add to the sailing kitty. They had their outboard stolen and they need to get on to better surfing bays.
Tomorrow we are hosting the Sauls off Hooligan and the Flannigans off Kokomo for turkey dinner
Is the picture sunrise or sunset over the Lagoon you decide.
Vessel Name: Sound Effect
Vessel Make/Model: Dufour385
Hailing Port: Tacoma WA
Crew: Jim & Connie Merritt
About: Jim and Connie have been sailing since 1975 and have owned four different boats. Racing and cruising Puget Sound Jim has earned a 100 Ton Coast Guard License and US sailing instructor credentials
Extra: Dreaming about full time cruising for20yrs, Jim and Connie have been actively planning for 5 years since participating in the 2005 BaJa Ha Ha

Who: Jim & Connie Merritt
Port: Tacoma WA