Sound Effect does the big U

14 November 2012
23 April 2012 | Punta Gorda
13 April 2012 | Gasparilla
12 April 2012 | Gasparilla Marina
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13 March 2012
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10 March 2012 | Cancun area
09 March 2012 | Quintana Roo
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03 March 2012 | Puerto Morales
01 March 2012 | Puerto Morales Mexico
28 February 2012
24 February 2012 | Texan Bay


09 March 2012 | Quintana Roo
After having rented the car late Thursday night, we were able to leave early Friday morning. We drove two hours to the Mayan ruins of Tulum. This is the only Mayan ruin on the ocean, and also holds the distinction of being active after most all of the Mayan kingdom had disappeared. These folks hung around long enough to die out from small pox and other diseases brought by the Spanish sailors in the early 1500's. We hired a private guide for the tour and enjoyed our visit. Due to clever planning (Connie) we had arrived very early before the crowds. This was the first day of driving which was very strange after such a long hiatus. We rented a standard transmission, Chevy Aveo, which I thought was small until we parked next to some really small cars. Stop signs, stop lights, speed limits etc are simply advisory and apparently can be ignored completely. The only thing you can not ignore are the Topes.
These speed bumps on steroids come in all shapes and sizes and can rip the bottom out your car if you take one to fast. You can be on a 4 lane divided highway with unlimited speed and have to break to almost a stop to drive over the Tope. After we finished with Tulum we drove on to Valladolid for out hotel and base of operations. Our hotel was Hotel Colonial la Aurora. This modestly priced hotel, is a colonial building with the courtyard converted to a swimming pool. The rooms had A/C and a TV.
Vessel Name: Sound Effect
Vessel Make/Model: Dufour385
Hailing Port: Tacoma WA
Crew: Jim & Connie Merritt
About: Jim and Connie have been sailing since 1975 and have owned four different boats. Racing and cruising Puget Sound Jim has earned a 100 Ton Coast Guard License and US sailing instructor credentials
Extra: Dreaming about full time cruising for20yrs, Jim and Connie have been actively planning for 5 years since participating in the 2005 BaJa Ha Ha
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Slip Away tipped on the Okachobbe to transit the railroad bridge
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Created 14 November 2012
Mayan ruins in Mexico
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Created 29 March 2012
Side trip to Tikal and flores from Rio Dulce
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Created 20 February 2012
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Created 12 February 2012
Sound Effect transits the canal October 10-11 2011
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Created 14 December 2011
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Created 28 July 2011
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Created 22 June 2011
Boat trip up the estuary known as the jungle cruise
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Created 6 February 2011
Bird Sanctuary
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Train ride to Copper Canyon January 2011
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Created 23 January 2011
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Created 21 December 2010
Sailing Cabo to Sea and back to La Paz
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San Diego to Cabo
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Created 8 October 2010
Two Harbors to Avalon
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Created 1 October 2010
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Created 8 September 2010
Delivery of Sound Effect to San Francisco
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Created 29 August 2010

Who: Jim & Connie Merritt
Port: Tacoma WA