Sound Effect does the big U

14 November 2012
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10 March 2012 | Cancun area
Sunny its the dry season
We used the colonial town of Valladolid as our base to visit not only the sights in town but two more Mayan ruins Chichen Itza and El Balam. We visited a five hundred year old structure that is a church and convent outside of town.
This church was built over a cenote which is a sink hole. The whole penninsula is honeycombed with these natural wells. The Mayans used them for rituals and drinking, and the friars who built the convent of San Bernadino used them as well. Recently they have begun searching the bottom of the well with scuba and found cannon and rifles from an uprising in the 19th century.
We enjoy the colonial towns we have visited in past and this was no exception with people and businesses residing in building centuries old.
Vessel Name: Sound Effect
Vessel Make/Model: Dufour385
Hailing Port: Tacoma WA
Crew: Jim & Connie Merritt
About: Jim and Connie have been sailing since 1975 and have owned four different boats. Racing and cruising Puget Sound Jim has earned a 100 Ton Coast Guard License and US sailing instructor credentials
Extra: Dreaming about full time cruising for20yrs, Jim and Connie have been actively planning for 5 years since participating in the 2005 BaJa Ha Ha

Who: Jim & Connie Merritt
Port: Tacoma WA