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24 May 2018 | Highborne Cay
03 May 2018 | Staniel Cay
16 April 2018 | Warderick Wells Cay
16 April 2018 | Middle Ground and Exumas
08 April 2018 | Nassau, Bahamas
02 April 2018 | Lake Worth Palm Beach
19 March 2018 | Vero Beach, FL
08 March 2018 | Cape Canaveral
01 March 2018 | Port Canaveral
24 February 2018 | St. Augustine
18 February 2018 | Brunswick, GA
18 February 2018 | Brunswick, GA
18 February 2018 | Fernandina Beach
13 February 2018 | Altamaha River, SE Georgia
07 February 2018 | Isle of Hope marina
30 January 2018 | Isle of Hope marina
01 October 2017 | In the middle of the ICW
05 June 2017 | Exuma

Out of touch!

24 May 2018 | Highborne Cay
Windy, squalls, occasional sun
We've been out of touch for a while, our communication plans need some rework! The last two weeks were spent dodging squalls and anchoring in sketchy anchorages with continuous 20 knots of wind, with gusts approach 30 knots! It doesn't make for a restful nights sleep, although the Manson Supreme anchor held without fail.

The gray skies and rain were constant reminders of winter in Seattle, although the 78 - 82 degree temperatures were a bit different:) The rain comes down in sheets at time, clearing away all the salt water on deck and equipment.

We anchored for a bit near Highborne Cay, behind Oystery Cay. It was a great birding area with big tidal currents going through the passes between the rocks kicking up food for the birds to eat. An osprey had built a big nest on one of the rocks, it was fun to watch them fish. We also went walking on the island which was covered in very porous rock, looking like something from another world.

We had thunder and lightning all around us, and with a steady 18-20 knots of wind. Again, a bit hard to sleep in those conditions with rocks at your doorstep if the anchor drags!

More in the next post!

Shopping in Staniel Cay

03 May 2018 | Staniel Cay
Sunny, Warm, squally, rainy - all in one!
It's been a while since we added a post, we've been cruising the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas, and not all locations have easy internet access. Next time:) we'll get a better systmes for more current posts!

At many of the islands you go shopping when the Mail Boat arrives and brings th fresh goods for market. In Staniel one of the markets (think basement of a house) has a dock in front and you can dinghy up to buy your supplies. Mind you the wind is 20 knots on the nose when driving over from Big Majors anchorage and you get soaking wet. But hey, that's part of the fun, right?

The weather has been unusually squally, the trade winds have been boosted up into the Bahamas and we've had incredible rain storms. They are a benefit in some ways as you can hang the laundry on the side decks, the get washed, rinsed, and blown dry! And all the salt is washed away as well.

Soon we'll be heading back to Florida, but we'll wait for a southerly wind so we can sail instead of bucking head winds which has been the case several times so far.

Well, back to our reality...:)

Land and Sea Park - Warderick Wells Cay

16 April 2018 | Warderick Wells Cay
Rain squalls, but sunny too. And windy.
When it rains it can really pour! Here we are at Warderick Wells, with a squall moving through the north anchorage. The park is for preservation and ongoing rehabilitation of local species. In certain areas you can only use buoys, no anchoring, and you have to call in for a buoy the day before. We got lucky and found a buoy in the north field, spent the night.

Dinghied around the area, walking the moonscape like marsh behind the park buildings. Also some snorkeling off the back of the boat and around the west side, swimming with schools of fish, a turtle, and see a shark or two. Although a bit chilly it was exciting for the crew to explore underwater with water so clear you can see 50 feet or more.

Watching for coral heads

16 April 2018 | Middle Ground and Exumas
Sunny, warm, not always favorable winds
With guests on board we've traveled over the 'Middle Ground' transiting from Nassau to the Exuma's. The depth runs from about 8 feet to 25 feet range, mostly favoring the shallow side. Much of the bottom is soft sand but sharp coral heads stick up here and there. If the lighting is right they are easy spot and avoid, very dark/black against the light turquoise water.

Each day of cruising down the Exumas brought new things to see and do. Shroud Cay with it's salt marshes was exciting to cruise around in the dinghy, quite varied plant and bird life. Of course diving on the old DC-3 at Norman's Cay was interesting, the wind and waves will dispatch the airplane back to its elemental components in another decade or two.

Bahamas.... Here we are!

08 April 2018 | Nassau, Bahamas
Sunny, warm, windy
We made it to the Bahamas! After leaving West Palm Beach we anticipated a 30 hour trip however the wind was right on the nose and the Gulf Stream current also conspired to give us a 52 hour trip:) The sailing was reasonably good, some rough water but nothing too extreme.

The trip across the Great Bahama Bank (depth 15 feet) was like running on a lake, hardly a breath of wind or a ripple on the water. In the evening we stopped and drifted, enjoying a swim, dinner and the sunset. We eventually continued on our way with a night crossing of the final stretch into Nassau.

It's amazing the number of 150 foot+ boats, it's unreal how much money is floating around the area!

Well, on to the Exumas with Kam's relatives onboard. Sunshine and fair winds prevail so far.

On the high seas!

02 April 2018 | Lake Worth Palm Beach
Sunny, warm
We finally left Vero Beach (after a quick trip to Seattle for two days), and traveled the short distance to Ft. Pierce. We anchored near the inlet with sketchy holding, a neighboring boat had its anchor sliding along the bottom in the current. Of course that prompts you to get up at night when the current changes to ensure we don't move around:)

Yesterday morning we headed out the inlet, into the Florida Straight, where we raised both main and genoa for our cruise down the coast to Lake Worth inlet. Unfortunately the wind wasn't blowing very hard so the engine ran the entire time, but the seas were relatively calm and the boat worked well - our first passage out of the ICW was a success!

Palm Beach area was a zoo, soooo many boats running around at high speed in restricted waters, with no regard for others. We'll be happy to be somewhere else a bit quieter!

We should be departing for the Bahamas tomorrow if the weather holds.:)
Vessel Name: Spindrift
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