countdown to freedom

01 March 2010 | Chacala
13 February 2010 | San Blas
02 February 2010 | Isla Isabela
27 January 2010 | Stone Island, Mazatlan
03 January 2010 | Mazatlan/ the main land
17 December 2009 | Espiritu Santu and La Paz
06 December 2009 | lovely La Paz
27 November 2009 | Lovely La Paz
18 November 2009 | Bahia Los Muertos
09 November 2009 | Cabo San Lucas
25 October 2009 | Catalina
17 October 2009 | Newport Beach, So. CAL
04 October 2009 | Sunny Santa Barbara
26 September 2009 | San Francisco
02 September 2009 | 1 inch closer
18 August 2009 | up the river : destination milltown
07 August 2009 | Still in Newport
29 July 2009 | Newport,Or

When are we leaving?

07 August 2009 | Still in Newport
"Never." Thats what the Captain says everytime he looks in the engine room. Or when he is hoofin up the dock straight for the marine store. Or when he comes home and his trusty crew, has done nothing but sit in our jammies, playing the LadyBug game, watching Hairspray and eating some of the cookies we've just baked. The truth is, we will leave when the time is right. Repairs will have been made, cupboards will have been pleasantly packed and the Captain will probably be recovering from a stress-induced coma....but the time will be right. One thing a boatfamily needs to pack alot of for these little adventures life gives us is 'patience.' So my advice,dear readers, is this: Slow down. In this life we don't always have to rush. Weather windows may close but they will soon be open again. Oh, and ALWAYS stop long enough to bake cookies _/)_
Vessel Name: stepping stone
Vessel Make/Model: Mapleleaf, 42 ft.
Hailing Port: Newport, Oregon
Crew: Cptn Elias;1st Mate, Sarah; 2nd Mate,Kimberly and Swabbie Boo
We are a family of four, living on board our beautiful 42' Mapleleaf in Newport, Or. We are currently cold. Ha Ha. [...]
stepping stone's Photos - First leg (Main)
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nothing like the hilly San Fran
first pint on land! Cheers Will!
my sister of the sea...on land :)
Crazy cool gypsy houseboat park in Sausolito
...the park had a sign that said enter at your own risk...the electrical engineering was definitely the work of a one-eyed sailor
..tied a good way.
Ahhh almost fully visible
Sausolito...a quaint little place...Will says almost looks like a little Greece.
the companionway is a very stable hideout underway
This isn
just dropped an oil filter off to a friend while sailing! It required a little engineering and several ziplocs.
Elias enjoying the view
The Lost Coast...Mendecino Canyon
different angle
I hope photography scouts are viewing this stuff
Our big,tough capt
My little swabby..hard at work
We will certainly miss our family :)
Cutest railmeat you ever saw xoxo
faces we like to make at the Captain.....when he turns around
Who says fixing stuff ALL the time 
Sometimes Boo has to take over (Anyone who has taken a drive with Elias knows what I
Eventhough there is a lot to always gotta do a little fishin
Ahhhh...a beautiful day up river....
(a lovely veiw from the Sugar Shack)
This is what I look like after I
from the beginning of the day, when we decided to bathe...til the end of the day, after the freak squall
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Created 1 March 2010
birdies and leapin lizards!
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Created 2 February 2010
Jungle Expedition San Blas(south of Mazatlan) we went on an awesome jungle tour..crikey! We started out in a panga going into the mangroves,then visited a croc farm, and a freshwater lagoon for swimming. Some of the wildlife, including some crocs,were in the wild. It was an amazing day for all of us.
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Created 28 January 2010
A series of great pictures, proudly showing all the things Elias has been catching.
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Created 27 January 2010
you'll see
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Created 27 January 2010
since we use two memory cards sometimes our updates are sporatic
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Created 19 December 2009
Some lovely pics of Espiritu Santu and lots of the girls and La PAz...which is beautiful this time of year
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Created 19 December 2009
a few pictures of the anchorage and the kiddies
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Created 18 November 2009
highlights of The Channel Islands as well as pics from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas
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Created 9 November 2009
A few pic's of a lovely day...with family
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Created 4 October 2009
a few starter photos
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Created 7 August 2009

Countdown to Freedom

Who: Cptn Elias;1st Mate, Sarah; 2nd Mate,Kimberly and Swabbie Boo
Port: Newport, Oregon