04 August 2017 | Pier 32 Marina, San Diego, CA
04 August 2017 | San Diego, Pier 32 Marina
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06 July 2012 | Emery Cove Marina, Emeryville, CA
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05 July 2012 | Off of SF
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Day of the Dalls Porpoise

19 May 2012 | The Cove @ Tracy Arm, AK
JoLe & KC Wilson
Today has been the day of the Dalls Porpoise, the big black and white porpoises they have here. We saw numerous pods, a couple of which came and played with the boat. Amazing to stand on the bow of the boat watching them speed across the bow so close that you're sure they're going to be hurt but they leap across or under just in time! I thought we were going to get splashed by one pod of about 5 who played with the boat (bow area mostly) for about 30 minutes as they were cutting in so close!

We are currently on our way into the cove in the mouth of Tracy Arm and there's a black bear on the beach. If the weather continues tomorrow like it is today (clouds with sunshine and not a breath of wind, it's like motoring on a millpond, amazing!) we're thinking of heading up Tracy Arm to see the glaciers. This is the first time that we've been here and not seen any icebergs, very strange. It will be interesting to see if there any icebergs further up the Arm.

Dick and KC out on deck having a glass of wine prior to dinner.

Weather: 45 degrees this morning at 6:00 a.m., 58 degrees this p.m.
Vessel Name: STX
Vessel Make/Model: Kalik 44'
Hailing Port: Juneau, Alaska
Crew: KC & JoLe Wilson
In 1995 we were reviewing our lives, the things that we missed doing and what we still wanted to do in our lifetimes. Upon reflection we realized that most of the things we missed and still wanted to do had to do with the ocean and traveling. [...]
Our Kalik, STX, is a fiberglass hulled, flush deck, cutter rig designed by naval architect Gary Mull of San Francisco, California. It was built in Belgium in 1981 and sold by the Sovereign Yacht Company. As Mr. Mull died in 1994, at the age of 55, specific information concerning the boat is [...]
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