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21 November 2015 | Vuda Point Marina, Fiji Islands
03 November 2015 | Savu Savu, Fiji
23 October 2015 | Savu Savu, Fiji
29 June 2015 | Musket Cove, Malolo Lai Lai Island, Fiji
12 June 2015 | Musket Cove Marina, Malolo Lai Lai Island, Fiji
19 September 2014 | Musket Cove, Malolo Lai Lai, Fiji
05 September 2014 | Musket Cove, Malolo Lai Lai Island, Fiji
17 August 2014 | Musket Cove, Malolo Lai Lai Island, Fiji
26 July 2014 | Savusavu, Vanua Levu Island, Fiji
06 July 2014 | Nananu-i-ra Island, Viti Levu, Fiji
04 July 2014 | Nananu-i-ra Island, Viti Levu, Fiji
01 July 2014 | 17 23.614S:177 '47.72E
30 June 2014 | Port Denarau Marina, Fiji
25 June 2014 | Musket Cove, Malolo Lai Lai, Fiji
29 May 2014 | Port Denerau Marina, Fiji
21 May 2014 | Malolo Lai Lai Island, Fiji
19 May 2014 | Musket Cove, Malolo Lai Lai, Fiji
23 April 2014 | Musket Cove, Malolo Lai Lai Island, Fiji
08 April 2014 | Port Denarau Marina, Fiji
05 March 2014 | Vuda Marina, Fiji

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06 June 2012 | Taiohae Bay, Nuka Hiva, Marquesas Islands
While at the wharf, enjoying our ice cream after our sashimi lunch, a couple arrived with a 60lb mahi that they caught on the way into the bay. This was too much fish for their family of four so they offered us a couple steaks, SCORE!! Monica cooked them up yesterday evening, wow we love fresh fish; we now refer to canned tuna as rotten fish, even though we still eat it to get it off the boat. We completed the first half of our provision run; replacing our ravioli, taters, onions, eggs and CANNED hot dogs. During the day I did preventative maintenance on Ethel and Monica sewed the mainsail.

This morning we got out our next set of navigational charts to plot the next voyage. Our current plan is to first go 5 miles to the east, to next bay over, Taioa Bay, aka, Daniels Bay (named after a couple that lived in this bay for over 60 years). We plan on completing our mainsail repairs, hike to a waterfall and replenish our fresh water. We think we should only be in Daniels Bay for 3 or so days. Then, we will be moving onto the Tuamotu Archipelago, which looks to be around 400+ miles.

We went for a walk up the mountain looking for James' house. He is the local tattoo artist (only one on the island), once we found his house and tattoo parlor (two Rubbermaid chairs and a fan on his porch) we were told he is off island for 3 more days. Looks like we are going to have to wait until another island for the tats, with Papeete as a last resort.

We just returned from our final provision run. Prior to today, it seemed as if vegetables were rare and somewhat impossible to find in the markets and stores. We were told things like "they don't eat many here", and the best one "the rain ruined them all". Well it turns out the islanders know that putting the vegetables out during the "rush of cruisers" means they won't stay on the shelves for the locals. Thus, they have them in particular stores and markets until the rush is over. Now that a majority of the cruisers are out of here, there are vegetables of all varieties in all the stores and at the dock market. As I type this we are eating a fresh salad with cucumbers, green peppers, Mahi and cheddar cheese. We also got plenty of fresh bread and a stalk of bananas for the trip.

Tonight its back for pizza and beer. We assume this is our last chance for pizza until Tahiti, so get it while we can type of mentality is our approach.

Vessel Name: Tanga
Vessel Make/Model: Morgan OutIsland 415
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