Following a 4 year Cruise in Mexico, the Boren Family is living aboard in Morro Bay, CA for the kids to attend Morro Bay High School. Once that is done....who knows....

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Was I Ever There?

16 September 2012 | Memories are made in every day life
Posted By: Live-A-Board Bozo Hobo Rich
After finishing a water maker installation aboard SV Eagle down in the Bay of Los Angeles, Mexico I was close to completing the 1557 mile drive when it hit me. Did we ever live on our boat in Mexico? Were we ever cruisers ourselves? After 5 weeks of living here in Port San Luis, our 4 years in Mexico seems like a distant memory, but unexpectedly to me, a memory deeply cherished but honestly not missed. It's crazy, how could we not miss Mexico? Have all the political ads caused me to lose my mind? No, I'm pretty sure that I'm just as crazy as I've always been and I can't explain it. I can't figure out why we are so happy. I was sure this transition would be difficult; I would have bet money on it.

It's actually disappointing to me in some ways because I was looking forward to telling all our "readjustment pain and misery" stories on the blog, but as you might have noticed I haven't had much to say lately. Once I noticed how well things were going, I've been almost hesitant to talk about it for fear of being called a liar, heck even I don't believe it! Living in Port San Luis is fabulous. The kids love school. Lori is happy. I'm happy. Cortez is happy. Heck...what kind of drama filled blog post is THAT...all this happiness is making me sick!

Oh, there have been "incidents" for sure, like when I fell overboard with my 6 day old smart phone in my pocket (thank GOD that I got insurance with my new cell phone) or the crappy aluminum dingy we bought and are now looking to either sink or sell. The price of gas at $4.25/gallon is flat our insanity along with the price of food. The lack of good cheap eats is enough to drive a guy to cook more aboard. I keep looking for some negatives, almost feeling guilty that I can't find enough of them to live up to my anticipation. I've been wrong before, and this is certainly one occasion that I'm happy to have been totally 100% wrong in my prediction of it being difficult to leave Mexico.

Wait....maybe it is something else.
Maybe, just maybe our time in Mexico has changed us in even a more profound way than we could have anticipated and even realized, follow me here for a moment. Could it be that what we learned in Mexico, what our whole family learned is that we don't necessarily need to be living on a boat in Mexico to be happy? I know I'm crazy...but I'm starting to think that it wasn't being in Mexico that made us happy, but rather being together! Yikes, I had better stop right here because I'm even starting to scare myself, because I always though it was the Tacos!

Vessel Name: THIRD DAY
Vessel Make/Model: 1977 Hudson Force 50
Hailing Port: Morro Bay, California USA
Crew: The Boren Family: Rich, Lori, Amy, Jason and Cortez the Cat
About: Admiral: Lori Boren, Master: Jason Boren age 16, 1st Mate: Amy Boren age 17
And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place and let the dry land appear: and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas; and God saw that it was good...... and the evening and the morning were the THIRD [...]
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