Following a 4 year Cruise in Mexico, the Boren Family is living aboard in Morro Bay, CA for the kids to attend Morro Bay High School. Once that is done....who knows....

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Crunchy Grass

11 January 2013 | Morro Bay
Admiral Lori
Crunchy grass.... We have not experienced frost since... well it is hard to remember but we have not seen a cold winter since 2007. We left in 2008 before any cold wind thought of heading our way. I took the kids to the bus stop at 6:30 this morning and Amy stepped on the grass and thought it was cool. I told her it was actually COLD and the grass was frozen. She responded that she may remember what that was like but she was not sure.

After Thanksgiving, we were driving back to the port and Jason looked at the trees that lined the drive and he was horrified that all of the trees were dying. Their leaves were turning yellow and red and some were even falling off onto the ground. He just could not fathom leafless trees. That did not happen in the tropics of Mexico.... So, as we explained to him that the trees were not dying and it was just Autumn and that is what happened in colder regions. He then said "oh yeah, that is why they call it fall. I remember now."

Rich is now off to get parts for the fuel lines for the heater. It has not been behaving like it should and we do not want it going out. Rich's desk is right by the heater as he likes his toes warm. He usually wears shorts and wool socks but since Cortez chewed a hole in his last pair he had to do something different. He has now taken to the practice of wearing sweats in the mornings. This is unusual for him as he almost never wears long pants. He is afraid that if he admits that he is no longer in the tropics he may never get another taco again.

Cortez just got lifted out of the only patch of sunlight on the boat... as it was on the kitchen counter. He knows that he is not supposed to be there but it was a nice warm spot. He wants to go outside as he is going stir crazy being stuck inside the boat but as soon as I Iet him out he comes running in again.

As for me, I am sitting by the heater with my jacket and fuzzy socks on. I will pick up the boat and then settle down into studying. I took Christmas vacation off so I need to get rolling and back into the swing of things. I will cuddle up in a blanket and stuff knowledge in my head and try to stay warm with a cup of homemade cocoa. Hopefully this alien cold will pass soon and we can get back to being warm again. I am awaiting the news from the ground hog and I am hoping he can be bribed....
Vessel Name: THIRD DAY
Vessel Make/Model: 1977 Hudson Force 50
Hailing Port: Morro Bay, California USA
Crew: The Boren Family: Rich, Lori, Amy, Jason and Cortez the Cat
About: Admiral: Lori Boren, Master: Jason Boren age 16, 1st Mate: Amy Boren age 17
And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place and let the dry land appear: and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas; and God saw that it was good...... and the evening and the morning were the THIRD [...]
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