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06 July 2011 | Beverly Beach, OR
03 July 2011 | V-Bar Alvadore, OR
30 June 2011 | San Jose CA
24 June 2011 | Heritage Ranch, Paso Robles, CA
24 June 2011 | San Diego, CA
23 August 2010 | Depoe Bay, OR
04 August 2010 | Willits CA
03 August 2010 | Buellton, CA
15 March 2010 | San Diego, CA
29 September 2009 | Sequim, WA
27 September 2009 | Vashon Island, WA
26 September 2009 | Suttle Lake, OR
20 September 2009 | Depoe Bay, OR elev 65'
04 September 2009 | Eugene, OR elev 462 ft
31 August 2009 | Depoe Bay, OR
30 August 2009 | Florence, OR
22 August 2009 | Depoe Bay, OR
17 August 2009 | Eugene, OR 652 ft elev
11 August 2009 | V-Bar / Junction City, OR elev 334 ft
11 August 2009 | Coos Bay, OR elev -42 ft

Vashon Is. to Sequim, WA to Salem, OR

29 September 2009 | Sequim, WA
Trapper .. cool, rain and wind
Left Vashon Is and crossed the ferry to Bremerton, WA yesterday. Continued thru Poulsbo, thru Discovery Bay and into Sequim to visit my very good friend Tom Dam (TD). TD was a PB denizen for many years before moving up here. Met up with him at a local watering hole called the Oasis where we were firmly ensconced and drinking heavily.

At some point stupidity raised its ugly head so he and I plus a friend of his, Shirley, set out for the Islander to consume even more. Shirley and I were into the tequila at that point and she managed to drift away at an unknown point in time for parts also unknown.

Not to be cowed by the loss of a fellow traveler, TD and I just kept on going. I do remember checking into a fleabag motel and ate Japanese food before crashing. I am reasonably sure that my liver has declared me persona non grata. Called TD this morning and he was suffering mightily. Sweet creeping Jesus!

I came back to life this morning, went to breakfast and hauled ass out of town before the siren song of the Oasis began her all too familiar yodel.

Made it as far as Salem, took my cousin and her husband out to dinner and now, am about to head for the bunk.

Rained all the way down and getting chilly -- winter is coming - can feel it in my one good bone! Will get to Eugene and spend time with Chub and Lynn at the V-Bar, see my sis and husband and all my Eugene / JC friends, then start thinking about heading south to warmer latitudes, say 32 or less:) Probably head out around the 9th or so.

Will hopefully get to play dobro again with my brother from another mother at the Sea Hag as I work my way down the coast.

A hui hou
Vessel Name: Tiger
Vessel Make/Model: 44' Ian Farrier designed sailing catamaran
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA USA
Crew: Don Blackstone, Skipper,Trapper Wyatt co-captain, Alex Calica-comms.
About: M.G. Trapper Wyatt: Co-Captain, Navigator, Medical Officer, Blogger. Alex Calica: Communications and Acquisition Officer.
The Tiger and her crew will depart San Diego in NOV 2007 enroute Hawaii where we will spend some time exploring then, from there, on a schedule mandated by whimsy, wind and weather, we will explore The Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands, the Palau Group and anywhere else that captures our interest. [...]
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Who: Don Blackstone, Skipper,Trapper Wyatt co-captain, Alex Calica-comms.
Port: San Diego, CA USA