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Marina Cortez

01 March 2016
Arrived 2/20/16 for what we thought would be a week. After starting work on the boat and trying to obtain the Navionics chart plotting card we need, we decided to stay for a month. The rates here are pretty good, approx.. $850 dollars for the month Of course, as we just realized, we pay extra for electric and water, per week. This last week was about $15 for both. That water was just for the boat rinse.

The tide has a strong current so it is worth the effort to check the tables and try to arrive at slack tide or close to it as you have to make a hard turn to enter the marina.

The marina is not full and it doesn’t look like it is completed. They may be adding more slips to the open area. Most of the boats are on one side of the dock with the sailboats grouped together.

The marina has 3 restaurants, showers, water service (5 gallon bottles) if you don’t care to use the hose. The marina says the water is not potable but the sailboats on either side of use it, one adds bleach and the other just uses it straight.

We are located on the edge of town with a short walk to the Malecon, the street that runs down the shoreline for about 2 miles. It is filled with restaurants, curios shops, car rental agencies, ice cream parlors and a grocery store. It is quite lively at night with all the locals.

We’ve completed 4 coats of varnish on the cabin wood and have moved on to painting it as well, different color on the non skid. It looks fantastic. I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

We’ve been here over a week and the temperatures are going up this week. We are heading out to the islands for a few nights to play in the water and stay cool.

Still waiting on that Navionics card...

Vessel Name: Uhuru
Vessel Make/Model: CT-41
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA
Crew: Brian
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