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Playtime in Caleta Partida anchorage!

07 March 2016
After a week of varnishing and painting and in anticipation of increasing temperatures, we took off to explore the local islands.

3/3/16 2:11 a.m.
I have been getting plenty of sleep since I no longer wake to an alarm so tonight I am up or rather I’m up early.

It’s so quiet. There is no wind and no current. The water is like a lake, and it feels like a lake inside of a volcanic crater. Actually that is exactly what this anchorage is, the crater of an old volcano. Caleta Partida is an anchorage between two islands, Isla Partida and Espiritu Santos. The separation of the two islands is the area of the crater that has collapsed. One side is the entry to the bay and the other side can be crossed in a dinghy at high tide. I didn’t realize how cool it was until the sun went behind the mountain and could look all the way around with the shadows.

Tonight we were looking at the stars and I looked out towards the entrance and down into the water and I could see the stars reflected in it. It was mesmerizing, and, tonight there is just enough phosphorescence so that the water sparkles from the little sea creatures, maybe little shrimps. There is no moon but the anchor lights on the boats light the anchorage. I can hear fish swimming and flopping around, maybe a sea lion. Earlier, we saw a turtle right next to the boat.

There are probably ten boats here, all sailboats. We were one of the last ones to arrive so we are anchored in 25 feet of water. It is the best anchorage in these islands because it protected from the North wind and the South wind.

These two islands were purchased by the government some years ago and turned them into a park. We had to buy park passes to come here. Fishing is only allowed 1 mile offshore.

There are kayakers camping ashore in tents and there are two fishing camps.

We went snorkeling off of the point and there were lots of fish and pretty clear water. The reef drops off pretty deep but the visibility was clear.

It was a nice relaxing side trip. We even got a little more painting done on the cabin top. It is looking so good but I won't share pictures until it's done.

Vessel Name: Uhuru
Vessel Make/Model: CT-41
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA
Crew: Brian
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