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29 March 2016
3/29/16 1:45pm

We left Mazatlan three hours ago under partly cloudy skies and the wind is right on our bow so we are motoring. The wind shifts around occasionally to tease us but after taking the jib out three times, we just decided to furl it.

We had arrived around 8am to the El Cid Marina and were placed in slip C15, right next to the fuel dock and right in front of the Harbor Master, showers, and shops. The boat next to us was a charter boat so they were busy washing the boat and fueling and taking people out everyday. The second night the music was so loud; we had to ask security to turn it down. The fuel dock was busy too with a shuttle boat that ran across the canal every 30 minutes to drop people off on the other side where there were more rooms. The tour boats took off from here as well taking people to the beach and on snorkeling tours. The fuel dock was a busy place so slip C15 is not the best place to be docked. The other slips are pretty close together so getting in and out can be a bit tricky. Also, the entrance to the estuary is a very narrow canal with a quick turn at the entrance across the swells in back of the surf crashing on the rocks. Sometimes they close the entrance if the swells are too large.

El Cid is a resort as a marina and being ‘Semana Santa’ (Easter Week), it was pretty busy. There were two pool areas, one with water slides and caves and a spa which we explored one evening after the children left, and that was fun. During the day, there are iguanas walking around looking for food. Yech. The music is loud and they play bingo so it’s not very relaxing.
Vessel Name: Uhuru
Vessel Make/Model: CT-41
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA
Crew: Brian
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