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Frigate Bird

10 May 2016
It's Tuesday. We're back in La Cruz at the anchorage. Got here just in time to dinghy in to the marina to check in with the port captain and get back before the wind picked up. When the wind picks up, the swells pick up and it makes for dinghy butt so we try to avoid that.

A word about the Frigate bird.

1. First sighting. Nightwatch entering Mazatlan. The fog is going in and out, hiding the quarter moon and there's not much wind. I look up and see this bird circling the boat and hovering around the main mast. It looks like he wants to land on top of the mast he gets that close. I try to take pictures with my iphone but it is too dark. It was a big bird, at least a 4 foot wingspan (I swear!). It was kinda creepy.
2. We were headed to La Cruz Marina. There were three birds floating in the water and this frigate bird dove down and started harassing them. Two of them got away. The one that didn't tried his best to fly out of the water but the frigate kept poking it with his beak and biting him. Finally the bird in the water couldn't fly anymore and the frigate bird flew away. ☹
3. Not long after the previous confrontation, this same bird attacked another white bird in flight. He actually bit one of the white bird's wings and was flying around like that with the bird hanging upside down! I couldn't believe it! What a mean bird!

I was reading that there are four different types of frigate birds. I'm not sure which one it is but it's NOT the male kind that has that red on it's chest cause I've been waiting to see one puff out his red chest and these ones NEVER do that. Now I know why, pft.

When I see another one, I'll figure out which one it is. It's probably the lesser one, which would explain why it's such a meanie.
Vessel Name: Uhuru
Vessel Make/Model: CT-41
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA
Crew: Brian
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