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Zihuatanejo to Huatulco

30 November 2016
11/30 5:45pm or 17:45

I was thinking today that I should be blogging about a few of things that we've seen and then I thought that I should have taken a couple of pictures to add. Fail.

Today is our second evening at sea. We have been motoring a lot, I guess that's what happens when you wait for a good weather window, it includes no wind :/ Actually, we have sailed a bit. The wind has been at our backs though and not very strong and we've been fighting a current which began yesterday afternoon and has continued through today. We are still on schedule though.

The wind has come up in the late afternoon, which cools us down, and it's nice to turn the engine off and sail in peace. The seas aren't bad either, so we'll keep the jib and jigger (mizzen) up until the wind slows down and starts slapping the sails.

The first item of note is that there is the luminescence in the water right now, so our engine trail glows at night, along with the foam from our wake, which includes cool sparkles, and any dolphins that come by to play leave a nice trail under the water. It's pretty entertaining. There are lots of stars out too. I was looking for the space station last night but I guess the best chance we'll have is on December 15th in El Salvador or further south. Here is a great link my brother found if you're interested. https://spotthestation.nasa.gov/sightings/

I should have taken more pictures of Zihuatanejo because it is a cool little town. The pic of the little shop where I got my cell phone fixed would have been good.

The second thing that happened was today. We saw a couple of buoys in the water and then we could pick out a whole line of them. This means that there is a fishing net in the water. Many boats have run over them and it's a real pain when they foul your propeller. Uhuru has a full keel and our prop is pretty protected but we are still careful.

We were probably 12 miles offshore and I had noticed a couple of boats pretty far off before the buoy sighting, one on our port side and the other on starboard. When we realized there was a net we immediately turned parallel and noticed the starboard boat had zoomed up to us. They told us where it was safe to cross and that was that. That's the second picture I should have taken. Duh.

Yesterday I cleaned the shower. Ugh. The humidity down here keeps it so damp, it wasn't a pretty sight :/ Gonna have to watch that a little better. That wouldn't have been a good picture, because of me scrubbing the wooden floor boards making faces when I splashed myself and saying "gross!". Lol. It reminded me of the time I cleaned out the bilge when the engine was out. Eech, that was really stinky.

The bilge and engine area is a tough job and I'm thankful that Brian takes care of that ☺
We've been eating fairly well. Yesterday for lunch I made tuna melts because we needed to eat the cheese. I had cooked a whole chicken in the WonderBag so we had that with some fantastic brown rice cooked in the chicken juices along with a salad for dinner. Breakfast was avocado toast with bacon on top, burgers and guacamole for lunch and I also cooked up some shrimp scampi to have with pasta tonight.

I get so hungry at sea! I'm kinda full now though. I will probably cook the pasta and some garlic bread and keep it in the oven so that we can just eat whenever we get hungry on watch.

Mostly it's about eating the perishables before they go bad. Chicken down here needs to be cooked same day and beef and seafood will only keep for 1 or 2 days, so if we're not going to eat it right away, I'll just cook it up before it goes bad. That will keep it for an extra day.

I wasn't able to take my afternoon nap today due to the heat, no wind to cool us down. I'm thinking Brian will be taking the first watch tonight ☺

Okay well just pulled in the jib and turned on the engine, back to our route. We're about 20 miles offshore passing Bahia Dulce which cuts in pretty far and there's a bad area off the south point as far as 8 miles offshore so we're just making a beeline right past all that nonsense.

Oh my gosh!! I just saw the longest fish (blue and silver) jump out of the water three times, straight up! There's no way I could have gotten a picture of that ;)

I guess I'll just post a couple of picture from when we left Zihua, Blanca Roca and some shrimp boats.
Vessel Name: Uhuru
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Crew: Brian
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