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Island Water Cisterns, El Salvador

16 January 2017
Since our arrival here in El Salvador, we have been assisted in many ways by a couple who lives here, Bill & Jean. They have a couple of Facebook pages, Annual Salvador Rally, Cruisers Rally to El Salvador and Just Water.

Bill and Jean have so much knowledge about this area, they answer all of our questions and are always willing to help. They are such a nice couple.

It was Brian’s birthday and I wanted to buy him a Hawaiian shirt so I asked Bill & Jean (as they are known around here) if they knew of a store around here where I might shop for one. They replied that they had one in Brian’s size, and not one but two really nice shirts!! Wow, I was pretty happy about that! Then! I decided that my soft luggage wasn’t going to be big enough for our next trip back to San Diego, so I again posed a question about where I could shop for some soft duffle bag type luggage, and again, they said they had one. Surely, I thought, it won’t have wheels, but it was EXACTLY what I was looking for! Someone had brought down some parts in it and just left it. I was amazed and so happy again!!

They live on a small island, Isla Condoncillo, across from the Bahia del Sol and rent mooring balls, one of which we are hooked up to at the moment. A couple of times, we have gone for cocktail hour on their dock along with other boaters in the area. We have also been ashore to the island for pupusas, made by locals. These are those delectable delights, kind of like a quesadilla, but way better.

They showed us some water cisterns that they had produced, by raising funds, for the people on the island. There is no running water. The cisterns only cost $75 to make, but because the project is so small, they need enough funds to make 5 cisterns at a time.

The cash for Brian’s shirts and the luggage all goes into the island fund for these cisterns. Brian also made a generous donation today.

These people live so simply, nobody has a car, just panga boats and carved out canoes. Bill and Jean are really helping them out and organize many events for the children and people on the island. No wonder we receive so many hugs from the islanders whenever we are ashore.

Check our their website and help out if you can ☺
Vessel Name: Uhuru
Vessel Make/Model: CT-41
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA
Crew: Brian
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