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What's Curtido?!?

12 February 2017
Today I learned how to make Sauerkraut and Curtido. I'm writing down the instructions in this blog so I remember how to do it, haha.

You all know what Sauerkraut is but have you heard of Curtido? Sure you have! It was in my blog about papusas. It was on the table in Olocuilta when we stopped to have papusas, on our first trip into San Salvador. It is pickled cabbage, carrots, jalapenos and oregano in vinegar and salt. It goes really well on papusas and probably quesadillas too, because they are very similar.

We (Bill and I, Bill from the infamous Bill & Jean/Salvador Rally FB page) followed Isabel's (a nice Salvadorian lady I met at Bill & Jean's house) Curtido recipe. It goes like this...thinly slice the cabbage, slice the carrots and jalapenos diagonally, layer them along with some oregano in a jar with a tight fitting lid. Press it down firmly. Fill the jar with vinegar so you know how much vinegar you will need, then pour the vinegar back out into a bowl and add enough salt to your liking. Pour the vinegar mixture back into the jar and close the lid! It will be ready in 24 hours.

Sauerkraut is even easier! Mix the thinly sliced cabbage with a Tablespoon or so of salt and add some caraway seeds. I used enough cabbage to stuff a 16 oz jar. Let it sit for a few minutes, the salt will start pulling the liquid from the cabbage, mix it up again and really stuff it into a jar. Take a piece of the cabbage leaf and cut it to fit the lid. Place the leaf on the top of the sauerkraut mixture and push it down some more. Put the lid on the jar but leave it loose enough so that the air can be released while it ferments. Place the jar in a pie pan or bowl to catch the liquid while it ferments. Place it in a dark area and leave it for 3 days. After 3 days, taste it to see if it is sauer (haha get it?) enough. Refrigerate. Cook up some brats and enjoy!

Can't wait to try my batch!

Thanks Bill ☺
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