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Adventure before dementia.

28 May 2023
27 May 2023
25 May 2023 | Portree
24 May 2023 | Loch na dal, skye
23 May 2023 | Mallaig
22 May 2023
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19 May 2023 | Canna
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22 April 2023 | Port Ellen

Stop the world we want to get off!

31 May 2023
Katrina Wright
…and so we did, phil not feeling well, me not firing on all cylinders so we decided to stop in Benbecular. A very large bay, nothing around, the anchor was holding well, so rather than feeling we were moving for movings sake, and missing everything in between as we had no energy to blow up the dingy and go ashore. So we have done nothing, dozed, read, eaten, slept. But my we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset (picture) and thankfully the weather is warming 💕💕

That was a noisy night!

30 May 2023
Katrina Wright
The ferry arrived and to my surprise stayed! So there was a generator running all night, luckily we weren’t too near but at 7.30am the workers updating the ferry terminal for the new cal max ferries started up beep beeping!! So much for one of the most out of the way places in Scotland! 😱. So although Phil was now feeling under the weather (I’m nothing but generous with my viruses!!) we headed out, arriving at Poll Nan Gall through the smallest inlet, I closed my eyes, I couldn’t look, thankfully phil made it but goodness it was tight, once in we then thought well how the hell were we getting out, we needed to time it with the tide, couldn’t fight it coming in while we were trying to get out. So we set anchor had some lunch and phil had a sleep, unfortunately once we were in it was pretty deep so lots of anchor chain needed, not a very secure place to stay overnight. Thank fully there WAS another inlet much wider 😳, so we made our way out as soon as the tide turned. We are now on Benbecular with lots of fish farms (picture) in a lovely large bay, not too deep. The fish farm people have all left, giving us a cheery wave goodbye! So we are settled in for the night, night night!!

Just getting better and better!

29 May 2023
Katrina Wright
Lovely Loch Maddy, waiting for the post office, cafe and museum to open at 10. It’s quite busy here (total of 15 vehicles) when the ferry is in, picture shows how close the ferry is to the boat, fascinating to see. So far on this trip we’ve not seen much wildlife, not sure if they are put off showing themselves as much as we are in this weather!!! I hope over the next few days this will change. We are off for a walk and enjoy the comforts of the area for today.

Feeling better

28 May 2023
Katrina Wright
As I’d stopped being sick and didn’t need as much sleep we decided to leave Tarbert, it was a Sunday and everything was closed. So it was off to Finsbay for lunch, the weather was calm but still very cold. Not realising how tired I still was, I’m ashamed to say I slept most of the way. Lunch was a three hour stop to wait for the tide to turn, so we both had a sleep ! Then it was off to Loch Maddy another marina. Again we were welcomed by one of the guys at the marina, very friendly and helpful, feeling so much better and able to eat we went in search of dinner at the hotel near the marina, what a treat!! Feeling better all the time and now the storm has passed (while we were in Tarbet) we are expecting very light winds and 🤞 some blue skies!!!!
The picture shows two of the boats filled with seaweed, there are 5 in total, amazing to see.

I slept

27 May 2023
Katrina Wright
Literally, I have no news, whatever I had caught, thankfully phil was still fit and healthy, I slept, all day inbeteeen being sick.

Off to the Outer Hebrides!

26 May 2023
Katrina Wright
We set off early to catch the tide and also to make sure we didn't arrive in the dark, it was going to be an 8 hour journey (if all went well), which once around Skye (which would take 4 hours) would mean we would be exposed in the waters between Skye and Isle of Harris (our destination).
Leaving Portree we had a flotilla of fish farm boats accompanying us, there were three fish farms in total along the Skye coast we passed. Once leaving the Lee of the land the tide was quite strong but the wind was behaving and giving Windsong a decent speed. I was not feeling too good since yesterday but as we were on a mooring buoy and in fact the nearest pontoon was at our destination. Arriving into tarbet on Isle of Harris with three very knowledgeable guys welcoming us and providing information on the marina and surrounding area. For me, it was straight to bed and sleep.
Pictures shows our route through scalpay, under the bridge to Tarbet. The bridge was 19 metres and we are 16.5 metres - and yes, it did look tight!
Vessel Name: Windsong
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg-Rassy 34
Hailing Port: Ardrossan
Crew: Phil Bamber, Katrina Wright
Adventure before dementia! Our first experience on a sailing vessel was in 2016 and we were hooked, since then Phil has achieved his Yacht Master Offshore RYA qualification. [...]
We were fortunate to have the opportunity to sail with a friend for 6 weeks around Scotland, Ireland, Scilly isles and the south coast. Since 2016 we have met some great people who have shared their experience, knowledge and yachts, sailing around the Outer and Inner Hebrides and around the [...]
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