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Adventure before dementia.

21 June 2021 | Rum
20 June 2021 | Canna
19 June 2021 | Canna
18 June 2021 | Lochaline
17 June 2021 | Fort william
16 June 2021 | Fort William
15 June 2021 | Fort William
14 June 2021 | Kerrera
13 June 2021 | Oban
12 June 2021 | Kerrera
10 June 2021 | Creagan
09 June 2021 | Kingairloch
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04 June 2021
03 June 2021 | Loch Drumbuie
02 June 2021 | Lochaline

Rum and roses

21 June 2021 | Rum
Katrina Wright
We waved goodbye to Canna and passed compass hill, which has sufficient iron content to distort ships compasses! No wonder we had problems with the Wi-fi!

Rum is known for its red dear and also the sea eagles which now inhabit the island. Unfortunately it is also known for the midgies and ticks, luckily it’s not been warm enough, so our walk today was relatively midge free! Yeah! I couldn’t resist taking a picture of these roses, so so many blooms! Oh and of course windsong 😝

Canna believe it!

20 June 2021 | Canna
Katrina Wright | Sunny and dry
Our favourite island, first visit was in 2016 with Derek Jarvis and never forgotten, the beautiful views, fabulous history and wonderful wildlife.
The harbour has a graffiti-covered rockface, originally the names of fishing boats and early traders from the Baltic’s but now the day trippers have taken up this task with gusto! So when we “landed” I took a picture of the most prominent (pictured) piece of graffiti only to be told the story behind this particular boat by the harbourmaster. Patrice was a WW2 navel vessel purchased by a retired navel officer, he took shelter with his wife and children during a very bad storm at canna. That night there was a persistent knock on the hull, it was Dr John Lorne Campbell who owned Canna, he had rowed out to the boat. His father was dying and he needed to urgently get to the mainland to see him. The boat owner was reluctant as it was a really bad storm and he had his wife and children on board, dr Campbell promised his wife would look after his family, he was desperate to see his father before he died. So that is exactly what happened. The family returned nearly every year since then and when their father died in ‘66 his sons still return to the island and refresh the paint, that is why it is still as clear as it was when they first started the tradition!.
We had a fabulous walk with stunning scenery and a fabulous treat, as we saw the chef from the cafe on the harbour front collect the catch of the day from the local fisherman - I had lobster 🤤

Oh my giddy aunt!

19 June 2021 | Canna
Katrina Wright | No wind !
Pinch me, pinch me! After a very difficult two weeks, this may come back to bite me, but, but, today has been fabulous!!
True, no wind and warmer weather, we left Lochaline after visiting the local shop for milk and sneaking a bacon butty from the ferry cafe, bliss!
On with the engine and the water was calm calm calm 😌. I know I should be enjoying the "tippiness" of the boat at full tilt, but I cannot deny the calmness that comes over me when I hear the donk donk donk of the engine!
Sooooo rather than going to anywhere near, I suggested to captain we went as far north as we can, all winds seem to be pushing us south so the further north on engine the more options we have to visit the island oop north! It's always easier sailing down wind rather than beating into the wind, so that's what we did and what a perfect spot we have! After 8 hrs we've managed to sail around ardnermurchan point (picture - apparently this is the point where sailors can say they've explored the Scottish coast, hence Phils joy!). Past muck, eigg and rum and (just beating the ferry) into canna. It felt as if everyone was celebrating with us as once we'd dropped anchor one of our neighbours decided to get the fiddle out and start playing, pinch me, pinch me!

Farewell to lumpy bumpy fort william

18 June 2021 | Lochaline
Katrina Wright
The forecast was less than 5kts of wind so we expected to use the engine all the way. Plan was to make our way to Lochaline, long term forecast is very little wind so we thought we would try to make our way further north in the next 7 days so watch this space! We sailed the majority of the way in 10 to 15kt wind, excellent!! If only it was in the right direction, so it was beating into the wind. Phil had prepared the rigging for the cruising chute which we would use in less than 10kts of wind. Nevertheless we donned our shorts and grasped the opportunity with both hands! Unfortunately it’s still very cold in the wind although the sunshine was very much appreciated and nearer to lochaline we had company, a beautiful sea eagle - what a treat!

Land at last!

17 June 2021 | Fort william
Katrina Wright
We managed to get ashore today! Due to less wind, less rain and definitely less waves! So off we set for a walk, I wanted to go to Neptune’s staircase, a series of lochs one after the other approximately 3miles from fort William, on our way we bumped into a very nice lady and her dog who suggested that we turn left at a bridge before going to NS, what a find a lovely little castle (inverlochy castle) a few yards from our route and a lovely tea room and Scottish soap company shop. We definitely need soap as we seem to be going through it like a dose of salts, I think mainly because of the lovely soft water here. Further down the track in the distance we saw what we thought was smoke, but it was steam, a beautiful steam engine in the heart of the Scottish countryside, you couldn’t plan it!
On our way back we decided to catch a film, I may ask myself was that my way of delaying our return to the boat!? We saw The Father with Olivia Coleman and Anthony Hopkins, very thought provoking but it was definitely not an uplifting film! Thankfully the return trip to the boat was uneventful - phew!

Still here!

16 June 2021 | Fort William
Katrina Wright | 25kts
Last night was interesting! The wind/tide/waves peaked about 2am, so tea was made, torch out and a double check of the dingy making sure it was still there and the bow was still firmly attached to the mooring. All secure, an hours reading and it was back to bed, why do we do this!? Decision was made we are not going ashore as the weather is not expected to subside until this evening. There was a lull in the waves at 10.30 so Phil conducted a check of the boat and dingy, all ok until we realised the rope attached to the dingy had wrapped itself around the rudder, so it was on with the safety lines and assessing how to release and resecure the dingy. Cutting the line didn’t quite do it, so it was taking the line along the deck and hoping the opposite angle would do the trick - and it did, thank goodness. So now we are in 25kt winds and the mooring buoy is performing really well, all forecasts say the wind will drop to absolutely nothing tomorrow so let’s hope they are right - as we are not going and where in this!
Vessel Name: Windsong
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg-Rassy 34
Hailing Port: Ardrossan
Crew: Phil Bamber, Katrina Wright
Adventure before dementia! Our first experience on a sailing vessel was in 2016 and we were hooked, since then Phil has achieved his Yacht Master Offshore RYA qualification. [...]
We were fortunate to have the opportunity to sail with a friend for 6 weeks around Scotland, Ireland, Scilly isles and the south coast. Since 2016 we have met some great people who have shared their experience, knowledge and yachts, sailing around the Outer and Inner Hebrides and around the [...]
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