Around the world with S/V Zephyr

The adventures of Bill & Tracy as they fulfill their lifes dream of sailing the world. We've dreamed of this for years and now is the time while the health is still good and there is money in the kitty to make it come true.

17 June 2018 | Aurora, Colorado
16 June 2018 | Albuquerque, NM
14 June 2018 | Tucson, Arizona
12 June 2018 | Puerto Penasco, Mexico
06 June 2018 | Puerto Penasco, Mexico
01 June 2018 | Aurora, Colorado
30 May 2018 | US Border
28 May 2018 | Cabrales Boat Yard, Penasco, Mexico
28 May 2018 | Puerto Penasco, Mexico
27 May 2018 | Puerto Penasco, Mexico
24 May 2018 | Puerto Penasco
23 May 2018 | Heading North
18 May 2018 | Puerto Refugio
18 May 2018 | Puerto Refugio
18 May 2018 | Puerto Refugio
16 May 2018 | Ensenada La Gringa
12 May 2018 | Puerto Don Juan
12 May 2018 | Isla Salispuedes
12 May 2018 | Isla Salispuedes

Made it to the house.

17 June 2018 | Aurora, Colorado
We pulled into the driveway a bit after 1700 after going through lots of rain storms brought about by "Bud" as it made its way north. Our car got its first wash in a long time getting all the road dust and dirt from Puerto Penasco off her. I'd washed the windows as we left so we could see everything clearly.
We ran into storms and a bit of wind but the real slowdown came from a big accident along the road just south of Fountain in southern Colorado. At least five vehicles plus trailers and spread all over the road. Numerous ambulances were going up and down the road and that's never a good sight. It surprised us how fast people sitting in other vehicles bailed on waiting for the accident slowdown. Cars were peeling off, crossing to the other side of the road and taking off or just driving off the side of the road crossing a dirt patch and making it to a side road. One vehicle tried it and high centered stopping him quite quickly. He was dialing his cell phone as we pulled away down the road waiting for the back log to pass.
We spent a while getting the car unloaded and made sure to put the cats in the laundry room as we got everything out of the car. Now we get to go through everything and get it put away plus wash most of the clothes that we’ve had stowed in the boat for years. Heaven only know what we were thinking when we brought most of it on board.
Monday, off to find another fridge as ours dies while we were gone. Today, Sunday, start working on the yard. Lots of weeds to start killing off. The neighbors have done a wonderful job maintaining everything and god bless them for that but the years has gotten overgrown and it’s going to take a lot of work to get it all cleared off.

Into Albuquerque

16 June 2018 | Albuquerque, NM
Got into town late in the afternoon having lost an hour when we changed states. Arizona is on standard time and New Mexico is on Daylight time. The kids settled in much better for this travel day only having scattered tiffs.
Our mileage per gallons dropped as we were going up in elevation so we only got just over 30 miles to the gallon. Of course the car is much heavier than the last trip with the trunk full as well as the entire back seat.
It’s raining outside as Bud slowly heads north right along side us. At least the car will be cleaner.
Time to load up, have the free breakfast the hotel offers and get back on the road. Last day!

Into Tucson!

14 June 2018 | Tucson, Arizona
Bill/sunny and already hot
We pulled out of Penasco about 0945 and headed north. It took a while to get the last things out of the boat as the zip in door on the shrink wrap wasn’t the easiest thing to get through and over to a ladder to get down. The last thing we did was take showers before setting off. We took the time to turn in our 180 Mexican visa as is required but few actually do. As we entered the US, his question was “How did you get so many stamps in your passport?” Our answer was of course that we had gone around the world.
We continued north to Why, a small spot in the road where we got some gas and headed east down what I refer to as “death road”. When I came west two weeks ago, I noticed lots of crosses and memorials along the road. This time, we counted them and got to 40 knowing we had missed several during the trip. That’s a lot of people to die along any highway.
We pulled into Tucson as the temp hit 107!! Man, let me tell you, getting out of an air conditioned car into that heat can knock you back a bit. We took the cats into the hotel and Blue vanished under one of the beds while Snowshoe settled in on one of the beds and went to sleep(favorite past time). We unloaded car just incase as it was fully loaded and didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.
We settled in and eventually headed out for dinner at a local rib joint(BBQ Rush) where we had a very nice meal. Back to the hotel where Blue was still under the bed and still is. She just is fritzed and is not coming out. Maybe for food and pan usage but that’s it.
We have friends coming up from Nogales so we can have a nice lunch and get caught up as we first met them back in Fiji in 2011. Really great couple. We had connected back in San Carlos but we really wanted to see them and visit more so we are spending an extra night here and will be off tomorrow for Albuquerque being followed by the remnants of tropical storm Bud as it works its way north. No big deal but we should have a good tail wind.

In the final stretch

12 June 2018 | Puerto Penasco, Mexico
Bill/sunny and HOT
We are in the final stretch for getting out of here. The last few days have been getting the deck cleared of everything. Outboards, generators, sails, etc. It all had to be stowed as we spare having the boat shrink wrapped. It's quite dusty here so to avoid all of it coming on board or coating the deck, we opted to have it done. It's what the workmen have been doing all day and are still working on as I'm typing this (1640). Well past the normal working times. Open at 0600 and close at 1400 when it's just to hot to work.
Yesterday, they showed up and pressure washed the deck. We've never seen it so clean. Before they showed up, we hauled down to the car the first bags of things going home. It didn't take long to fill it up and there is still lots more that needs taking down.
Earlier in the day, yesterday we had the engine flushed with fresh water so no salt water will be left in it causing problems later. Salvador and I fashioned a suction like cup to go over our thru hull and pumped water in with a garden hose. The thru hull has a screen over the hull to keep debris from getting in the engine so we needed something to cover the intake that would do the job. Salvador told us we were the first people to do this. To us, it only made sense. Seeing it done and recognizing the importance of it, he's now adding it to his list of things to suggest to customers. Salvador's a great guy and a credit to his yard(he's the yard. Manager).
Since we had restricted access to the boat this afternoon, we took out laundry over to the laundromat and got it done. We put in in the car before all the work started.
Tracy is emptying and defrosting our main fridge/freezer as I'm typing this. She's finding all kinds of goodies that we'll put in an insulated bag to take with us. We already have big chunks of ice in the Engel freezer and can pick up more ice at the hotels along the way.
Not sure if we will get it all in the car but it's going to be packed. Heaven help the kids over the next couple of days traveling. They haven't been in a car in a long time
We now have two outboards stuffed in the stern head and a generator in the main salon. It's getting crowded in here. I'm off to give some of our food to the neighbors--if we have a ladder to get down that is.

Back on board

06 June 2018 | Puerto Penasco, Mexico
It was a three day drive back to Penasco from Denver and thankfully uneventful. I finished my tasks and was on the road early Sunday morning.
On Friday, I’d signed us up for a membership with AAA so should something happen on the road and we needed a tow, it wouldn’t kill us. We will be not Only be making this trip but also a trip to California and back to Penasco with our replacement dinghy. Better safe than sorry. On Saturday, I returned to AAA and had them do a trip tick for the journey. It shows what along the road, construction, etc. I also went to Grease Monkey and got the oil changed. It didn’t have many miles on it but it was last changed in 2011. I then headed for Costco to see what was new. In the end, I finally got our phones activated by two men that were at the phone kiosk. The carrier—- T Mobile. They knew of a plan for people over 55 that could get two phones activated for just $70 instead of the $165 at the TMobile store. Plus I could get the IPad set up for just an additional $20. I had to go back to the house to get the phone but shortly there after, we had my phone activated as well as the IPad. We’ll activate Tracy’s phone when she returns, plus we are getting $150 in cash cards from TMobile for using them. Now there is a deal.
I stopped in at Tokyo Joe’s for another great lunch before taking off again. By now it was late in the afternoon. I was due to take off the next day.
Early Sunday, before I left town, I stopped in at Walmart for one last task. Buy Diesel engine oil(4gallons), coolant for the engine as we will be inspecting that system again and replacing it. I also got some oil filters to add to our inventory and some two stroke outboard motor oil that we need as we ran out while to Refugio. I also bought a styrofoam cooler to hold my drinks for the trip.
I was on the road by 0800 and on my way.
I made it into Albuquerque just before 1645 and stopped in at a company I used to work for to see what it looked like and then took off for the hotel, right down the road. On the drive south from Raton, I was hit by strong headwinds and an incoming storm. Had the first rain I’ve seen in a long time and once in Santa Fe, a storm warning was broadcast on the radio about ossilbe flash floods and huge rain with lightening. And that is just what I got. It poured and there’s was lightening all around me. When I got to the hotel, they had no power and it didn’t come on till just after 1800. No big deal. I got settled in and headed out for dinner and returned to the hotel to watch some crappy tv. With about 60 channels to watch, it was hard to find anything worth watching.
I was up early and headed out to look at our old houses we owned when we lived in Albuquerque and take some pictures. One house looked great while the other looked like the owners either didn’t care or it’s been turned into a rental. Oh well. Back on the road tor Tucson.
As I headed west from Deming, I saw lots of dust devils all skipping across the barren landscape. Like small tornadoes full of dirt, dust and debris, they were all over the place. Really fascinating to watch. On Tuesday, as I crossed from Tucson, I used highway 85 and was amazed how many crosses and memorials were along to road for people that had died there. Dozens of crosses all along the road and I didn’t think the road was that bad. Single lane highway. No big deal but lots of people died along its pavement.
I crossed through the border with no problems and was back at Zephyr by noon and in time for lunch. With me having a phone as well as the IPad, I could talk and email Tracy alongside the entire route back so she knew where I was and when I’d be where I’d planned for the night. She even made my hotel reservations in both Albuquerque and Tucson so all I need to do was plot them in my map program on the IPad and it took me right to them. Oh how travel has changed since we’ve been out of th loop so to speak.
Today, we met with Salvador and paid the remaining balance for our stay here and the jobs he is getting done for us(scrape the old bottom paint off). We were up just after 0500 to get the Genoa sail down at the bay when there was no wind. Early in the daY, it’s calm but then it tends to get blustery and so it needed to come down, get flakes on deck and stowed in its bag. We also pulled both outboards off the railing and stowed on deck till it’s time to put on the shrink wrap. We also took down the DuoGen mast so the cover will fit better with less chance of it ripping.
Yesterday, when I came back on board, Blue, our little tabby cat was having nothing to do with me. It was like she had no idea who I was. Her eyes bugged out and her ears laid back and she ran for the stern stateroom. It took another 3.5 hours before I was forgiven or remembered before she would come anywhere near me. Then all was well.
Tracy dug into the navigation desk this afternoon. It’s full of lots of “stuff”, much of it we no longer need or could no longer use so bags were filled with this “stuff” and it will be taken down to the dumpster where our yard guard that spends the nights here will go through it and take most of it. Hope he puts it to good use.
That’s it for now. As for the shrink wrapping, it now on the schedule of Saturday morning. If it gets done, we will pack up the car and be out of here Monday or early Tuesday.

Merging back into "Civilization"

01 June 2018 | Aurora, Colorado
Bill/Sunny and hot
Ah, blending back into civilization!! We've been really away from big cities with lots of people and big restaurants and have been surrounded but water and much smaller towns for most of the last 9 years or so. Now we have to get used to lots of cars, trucks and other forms of transportation and the chaos they can bring.
I got back to our house late Wednesday evening and tried to start settling in and getting prepared for my trip back to to Mexico to pick up Tracy and the cats. The battery in the car had died a few weeks ago so I needed to purchase another one. Our wonderful neighbors had taken one of their batteries out of their car and installed it so I could use my car. I bought one at Walmart late this morning but after waiting for over an hour to have it installed, I finally gave up, had them load it in the trunk and planned on taking it home and do it myself. No big deal. My father in law had shown me how to do such things years ago. My father rarely ever lifted the hood on a car to see what was wrong. I've since put in numerous batteries in all the cars we've had over the years.
Yesterday, Aaron, our next door neighbor told me that one of our sprinkler heads in the back year had broken. I was up just after 0600 and had the broken one dug up and unscrewed and removed before 0700.
I was off for McDonalds for breakfast and free WiFi before 0730 and then to King Soopers to see all the many products that they offer to my neighborhood. It's been over two years since I've been in a huge grocery store that has everything anyone could ever need. In our travels around the world, it's the rare country that has to offer it's people what is offered to us here in the US. Once I'd finished at King Soopers, I headed over the AAA to get a membership since we will be driving quite a bit this year. Not only back and forth to Penasco but out to California to pick up our replacement dinghy. If we break down, we want to be covered for getting towed. Once I had that done, I had to go to the Post Office to reactivate our local mail delivery. All our mail has been going to St Brendans in Florida where it gets scanned and can be forwarded to us. Now we needed to have local delivery on things that might be coming our way. Back to the house to make sure we had keys that would unlock the community mail box we were assigned. They did open one of the boxes and I left a note for the carrier that I had a key. Once that was done, I was off for Home Depot for a replacement sprinkler head for the back yard.
I was greeted by a nice young lady named Katie that directed me right to where I needed to go and made sure that what I had picked up was the right head to do the job and then took me over to another part I needed for my trip. I got such good service I asked for the managers name and later sent him an email telling him all about what great service I'd gotten. It's always good to compliment some one that gives you good service.
Once I had the sprinkler head, I was off for Walmart to get the battery I wrote about earlier. With the battery in the car trunk, I was off to finally get some lunch at Qdoba and then on my way home to put the battery in and install and calibrate the new sprinkler head. It's got some kind of gear mechanism inside that has to be adjusted for the proper coverage.
Things are progressing nicely and as I'm typing this, one of the smoke detectors in the house has started chirping that it needs a new battery. As I have no 9 volt batteries in the house, it looks like I'll be off for the store soon. Can't have it chirping at me through the night. I'm not sleeping well as it is. The body isn't used to the huge mattress we have in our bedroom let along the stillness of the night with hardly a sound coming in the window and there is no rocking back and forth that I've grown used to over the last 10 years. It's going to take some time to get used to "civilization" again.
Yesterday, I went to T Mobile to get our phones activated and get a data plan for the IPad. The "plan" he advised us to get is only $165 a month. It would cover both phones but come on, $165 just to have phone service and some internet for the phones is ludicrous. He had a plan for the IPad and it would cost the same but couldn't come up with a "Pay as Your Go" plan so after wasting over an hour with him, I walked out. There has to be a better company out there that will give us service. I thought the only pirates were out on the seas, not in phone stores.
As for this "civilization" thing, well I'm shaving and taking a shower EVERY DAY and I'm even leaving the water ON between soaping up and rinsing. I even have enough room to reach down and wash my feet! I'm even blow drying my hair and I've even used hairspray and I'm actually changing my clothes each day!!! It was so much easier when we were cruising. Of course I may not have smells so nice but…..
Vessel Name: Zephyr
Vessel Make/Model: Shin Fa 458
Hailing Port: Denver, Colorado
Crew: Bill & Tracy Hudson
About: We've been sailing since the early 80's on lakes in New Mexico and Colorado and finally took the plunge and bought Zephyr.
We moved on board in April of 2008 and have been working and sailing her ever since. Up to Alaska and down to Mexico and across the Pacific to Fiji. From Fiji to the Philippines and down to South Africa for Christmas 2015. We've now made it to the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal. With [...]
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The electrical connection with switch for the new Spectra Watermaker.
Our new watermaker--it still needs the hoses run but we are getting closer to getting the job done.
La Panga Restaurant and Marina Palmira office
You put your trash out in trash cans by the curb.  Here, they put it in raised steel containers to keep animals out of it while awaiting pickup.
OK, sounds like a restaurant I want to try.  Nothing wrong with a skull on the sign.
Boats in Marina Palmira.
Bigger power boats in Marina Palmira.
More boats in Marina Palmira.
Marina Costa Baja
Looking West from the marina.
Looking North towards the hotel La Fiesta.
Boats at Marina Costa Baja.
We sat for quite a while just watching the sun go down and see all her changing colors.  Each night provided a whole rainbow of colors.
La Fiesta Hotel.  Nice place and just about empty.
Matt getting some relaxation at the pool.
They stroll the docks each day.
Along the sidewalk at Marina Costa Baja.
Looking down from above.  Boy, it
The view from the top of the mast of the marina.
Out into the bay.
The "Beach Club at the hotel.
More of the Marina and the hotel.
Pangas along the beach at Los Muertos.
The dingy dock at Los Muertos.
Looking out from the restaurant at Los Muertos.
Pelicans and the pangas along the launching ramp at Los Muertos.
The Sun glinting off the bay at Los Muertos.
What used to be the Giggling Marlin restaurant.  Now El Carbon.
Rock walls out by the dingy dock at Los Muertos.
One of the flying Manta Rays at Los Frailes.  Look closely.
More flying Manta Rays at Los Frailes.
The Eastern end of Los Frailes.
Ensenada de Los Muertos.
The ceiling of the restaurant at Los Muertos.
Blue goes hunting.  She knows there is something on the barbecue grill
With her toes spread, she is weaving on the life line.  The camera is still, she is not!
At anchor in Los Frailes.
The anchorage in Los Frailes.
At the pot luck dinner along the beach in Los Frailes waiting out the wind.  The wind won!!
Our new Fender Step.  It will make coming into dock much easier.
Our new Spectra 200T watermaker.  Now all we have to do is find the time to install it.
The Immigration Office in Ensenada, Mexico.  At least it is all in one building now instead of spread all over town.
The big flag by Baja Naval Marina.  An easy land mark to navigate to.
The Port Captain
The Mexican courtesy flag flying from our mast spreaders.
Celebrating crossing into Mexico.  The white wine had gone bad so we gave it to King Neptune instead.
Looking towards Ensenada Harbor.
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