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The adventures of Bill & Tracy as they fulfill their lifes dream of sailing the world. We've dreamed of this for years and now is the time while the health is still good and there is money in the kitty to make it come true.

05 January 2019 | Aurora
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Almost over again.

05 January 2019 | Aurora
Bill/sunny and cold
For those of you that have been following the saga of the repairs to our house, well, it’s almost over finally. As I wrote in the last post, we had a meeting scheduled with Delta Disaster about the finalization of our repairs. Their rep showed up and tried to present us with a check for just over $50 to pay us back for the repairs that we did that they didn’t do. This was of course discounting our $500 deductible that we worked off by emptying the contents of our dining room. It was set to cost $518 to move our dining table, six chairs and empty a closet that was supposed to tek three hours and take two men. We did it in a lot less and had those charges placed against our deductible l no problem.
We advised their rep that we had done far more the the $50 they wanted to pay us. Far more! She said she would have to look into it and get back with us as well as call our insurance company. Tracy and I sat down that evening and went through their list of what they were billing our insurance company and what we had done. In the end, we had done $1033 of what they had billed our insurance so less the $500 deductible, they owed us $533. I emailed the estimate sheets we had worked off to the company rep and contacted our insurance company and emailed copies to them as well. Well, the repair company had to look into it and just again call the insurance company. They really dragged their feet and finally last Tuesday called us and said there was a problem. Three of the items we had claimed, “labor minimums” that they add to the bill for painting the baseboard moulding, final cleanup,and the labor to install the baseboards( we did all of these thing, not them) they couldn’t pay us for them as “their computer system” wouldn’t allow them to take them off the estimate. Total fees involved were over $203 if the $533 they owed us! I told their rep that that wasn’t our problem. We expected to be paid for our work since we had done it and they hadn’t. She was a bit surprised that we wouldn’t accept that scheme of defrauding us of what we were owed. She wa svoing to have to have her supervisor call us and “explain” the problem. An hour or so later, we got the call. He was the “general manager”. He again explained that their system wouldn’t allow deleting these “labor minimums” and there was nothing he could do. My response was that was fine, cut us two checks, one for the $230 for the work we did and a second check as a straight refund for the $203. No problem, right? Well he had to talk to the owner to see what could be done about this. Gee what a surprise! Ever since this job started back in early August, they have dragged their feet. As long as our insurance was paying for the first part of the claim they were fine but once they screwed up and caused lots more damage to our house they have dragged their feet. This could all have been done in about ten days, not the five months it has dragged on. On Thursday, we got an email that they were cutting us a check for the full $533 on Friday and we should have it on Monday. This debacle may soon actually be over! I’ll believe it when the check clears.

Finally resolved(maybe)

07 December 2018 | Aurora, Colorado
I got another call yesterday from our insurance company about the repair debacle we’ve had to endure all Summer long. Apparently she’s the head agent whose job is to resolve problems between the client(us) and the contractor hired to fix the damage. We spoke for about 30 minutes with me outlining everything we’ve had to go through during repairs and the additional claims forwarded to the insurance company. It’s such a long list that it took time to go through everything. I clarified what the original claim had been($4600) and what it covered and the new claim($5300) submitted as an addendum to the original claim to cover what the repair company had done to our home while trying to fix the original damage. In the end, she understood what had happened and the timelines of the additional claims. She couldn’t quite understand why the original claim was registered back in June and the supplemental claim wasn’t filed till November 15th. When I explained that the supplemental claim had nothing to do with the original claim but covered the damage they did to our house. The bells went off and she agreed that there was no reason for our insurance to cover the damages that the repair people caused and were going to call them and request they return the first supplemental check for $1,425 and let them know that they would not be sending the second check for the additional $3,850. I asked her to call us back and let me know what happened. A few hours later, we got the call letting us know that the repair company had agreed to refund the first check back to the insurance company and understood that no secondary check was coming. FINALLY, someone from our insurance company was taking the action that I’d been asking for for months!!!!!!
Earlier in the day, I received a call from the repair company that they wanted to meet to discuss the invoices I’d gotten late last week that made no sense. Now that they were no longer going to get money from our insurance to pay for the damages they caused to our home, I have a feeling that it’s going to be an interesting meeting. These people are known for putting liens on peoples houses if bill are not paid by insurance companies. Sure glad we lined out everything on their “repair order” that said we were financially responsible plus the letter from them that said the same thing. Now if they file for a lien, it won’t stand up in court with the documentation we have plus I’m sure they don’t want to upset our insurance company that sends them so much business. Our meeting is for next Thursday so we will see what happens. Stay tuned, it not over yet but we are much closer.

Long overdue update.

03 December 2018 | Aurora
Bill/sunny and cold
It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted but just wanted everyone to know we are both still alive and still in Colorado. As for the work on our house, well the roof is long since done and done well. As for the oak flooring in the first floor, for those of you that have been following know what we have been going through with the contractor the insurance hired to fix our damages, well it’s still not over. A few weeks ago we found out that they(the contractor)had submitted lots of additional bills to our insurance company to pay for the damages that THEY caused to our house. Strangely, my insurance company seem intent on paying them for the damages they caused to our house. I’ve made numerous calls to the insurance company about what they did and encouraging them to disavow the new claims. A few weeks ago, I got an email from the CEO of the insurance company touting how wonderful they are. At the bottom of the email was a link to respond so I did just that. A few days later I got an email that they would have another person contact me about my concerns and a few days later I did get the call. Heck, they even recorded it! I outlined what had gone on and encouraged them to disavow this new addendum to our existing claim. We talked for about a half hour and in the end she agreed with me. They didn’t insure the contractor just us and would relay what I had said and they had taped to the arbitration department with the recommendation that they stop this new payment. Our original damage was $4,600. This new addendum for what they had done was almost $5400 far more than what was originally damaged. When I was in the business world, if I went into a customers house and caused damage, well it was my responsibility to fix it, not pile it onto the homeowners insurance. I got another call last week from the young lady at our insurance that I had talked to and she told me that there had still been no definitive answer yet but would call me once it is made.
The attached photo is of out Thanksgiving dinner. Diana really pulled out all the stops from our best plates to great wine.

New crew!

15 November 2018 | Aurora
Bill/sunny and cool
With the death of Blue, one of our kitty crew, we waited a few days and with the house being so quiet, we went to the Denver Dumb Friends League and got another crew member so we are back to our normal. Let me introduce Sierra, a 3.5 year old ex-female. Sweet kitty with a bit of a weight problem(don’t we all)weighing in at over 13.5 pounds. With there being another kitty in the house, we’ve been trying to get some weight off her and so far she has lost a bit over a pound. She’s been checked by our vet and came through with flying colors so all is well and so far, she ifps getting along with Snowshoe, our big white Persian. We kept them separate for the first week and after getting a clean bill of health, let them get together. So far so good. Now as to boating, well we will see when we get back to Zephyr in a few months.

Maybe, just maybe it’s over.

06 November 2018 | Aurora
Bill/chilly with a cold night ahead.
Two men from the company hired to repair our house showed up to move our washer and dryer back into the laundry room since the new vinyl was laid on Thursday. It only took four days to get them moved. It was the last thing workers need to do. Now we have to wait for the companies rep to call us so we can settle up the final accounting. I called my insurance company yesterday to tell them we were finally done and to see if the repair company had submitted another claim to have my insurance pay for what they broke. Sure enough, they had submitted a claim for another $1,000 to off set some of what they have had to pay out to fix everything that came after they broke the waterline to the ice maker in our fridge. We were out running errands when they called so I pulled over so we could talk without being distracted by traffic. The adjuster told me about the add on claim ($1,000)to the original. I spent a good fifteen minutes going through what had happened and encouraged them to deny to additional claim as it had nothing to do with my insurance company. I went into great depth of what they did that took a job that should have been done in ten day but ended up taking 90 days. The agent for the insurance company went through what the repair company was claiming and I did my best to tell them what they had done that caused to necessary additional expense. In the end, I think I persuaded her not to pay the additional money but she was going to call the repair company and discuss it. For all my years of dealing with insurance companies, most make it hard to get money out of them. This time they seem bound and determined to pay for something that’s not their responsibility. I asked her to call me back and let me know what happens because I have a feeling that if the claim is denied(sure hope so) that they are going to play hardball getting more money out of us. They’ve put leins on other customers from what I’ve read on reviews of their company.

Maybe, just maybe.

01 November 2018 | Aurora
Bill/overcast and cold.
We just might be in the home stretch today. Yesterday, I called the owner of the construction company my insurance company hired to discuss our situation. He told us that they still needed the “work order” signed and to feel free to cross out anything we didn’t like. That was fine by him. Putting the shoe on the other foot, I requested a letter from his company stating that we were not financially liable for any of the repairs that were made after they broke the copper water line. That was agreed to and a letter was emailed to us later stating just that and a signed copy was delivered to us this morning when the workman showed up to finally install the vinyl floor. He was told to make sure he had the signed “work order” in his hand before starting any work. By the time we were done crossing out all the provisions on it, you would have thought it was a redacted file from the CIA!
The workman has already pulled out the washer and dryer and is now about to cut the vinyl floor after taking numerous measurements of the room. This is the third attempt at getting the floor in. The first time, it was ordered wrong, the second was cut wrong by the workman and I just came back from outside where the workman is cutting the newest vinyl to make sure he cuts it right this time. Measure twice and cut once. Lots of the woodworking project I’ve done, I’ve measure three or four time. Paranoia is my friend!
The glue that holds this new flooring down takes between 24 to 48 hours to cure so they will have to come back either tomorrow or Saturday to put the washer and dryer back in. I made sure to read the can the glue is in last night as I figured they would be trying to move the appliances back in immediately(which is what he’d planned on doing). We made sure to do our laundry late last night so we would be ok if this went sideways again.
So now we sit back and watch and see what happens. I’ll let you know.
Vessel Name: Zephyr
Vessel Make/Model: Shin Fa 458
Hailing Port: Denver, Colorado
Crew: Bill & Tracy Hudson
About: We've been sailing since the early 80's on lakes in New Mexico and Colorado and finally took the plunge and bought Zephyr.
We moved on board in April of 2008 and have been working and sailing her ever since. Up to Alaska and down to Mexico and across the Pacific to Fiji. From Fiji to the Philippines and down to South Africa for Christmas 2015. We've now made it to the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal. With [...]
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Zephyr's Photos - Tahiti and beyond
Photos 1 to 91 of 91 | Main
Into Point Venus on Tahiti.
Point Venus North of Papeete, Tahiti
A large Banyon tree in downtown Papeete.
The roots of the Banyon tree just about covered the base of this telephone booth.
The Market in downtown Papeete.  Lots of things--fish, meat, clothes, jewelry, and food to eat are all available.
Over to Moorea for the "rally" for the Puddle Jumpers.  Our first look at Moorea up close.
Into the North end of Oponohu Bay on Moorea.
The dancing entertainment.  What these girls do with their hips is downright unnatural!!
A local artist making a pareo for Tracy.  Once she finished painting it, she died it a rich shade of blue to highlight the paintings.
Locals and Puddle Jumpers working with flowers making all kinds of decorations.
A local with lots of tattoos.  It was the abnormal to see a person without a tattoo.
The North end of Oponohu Bay on Moorea.
The torn sail.
Out with the grommet.
Stitch in a new brass ring to reinforce the material.
Add in a covering grommet.
Pound it in place to cover the stitching for the ring.
Stitch on the sail slide and the project is done.
A view from inside Cook
Looking Northwest along the shoreline at Cook
Out into Cook
How to protect your boat from sea growth.  All the natives use this method to keep their boats clean and safe.
Does this camera really work?
Sting Ray City on Moorea.
THe waterfall we climbed up to on Tahiti.
They will climb right up your body looking for food.
Amazing to swim right beside there incredible creatures.
They were everywhere.
A Sea Cucumber.  Watch your step.
Up into the valley on Tahiti.
Raspberry bushes lined the road.  Not a sweet a flavor nor as hairy as the ones back home.
Climbing up to the waterfall with one of our guides.
Higher and higher we went up the hill side.
Along the stream from the waterfall.
Our guide comes here every now and then to get in touch with nature and the spirits in the valley.
A poor picture of the waterfall.  It towered over us.
Another of our guides waling up to the base of the falls.  The wind was amazing from the falls.
An amazing sight to behold.
THere were lots of falls all along the road.  It rains here a lot.
One of the many Mareas along the road.  All built many years ago to worship a special God.
Up the side of the valley.
Looking down the valley floor.
Falls, falls everywhere.
Our stop for Lunch.
Looking up the river from our lunch stop.
A wider view.
The hotel where we stopped.
Our mode of transportation.  We sat in the back with the tarp cover removed so we could stand and see it all.
More rooms at the hotel.
A view down into the canyon.
The cloud enshrouded hills.
Up the calderas walls to the top of the volcano.
The tunnel to the far side of the island.  another world over there.
A view down the other side.
Into the valley with the only fresh water lake on the island at the bottom.
More falls lined the roadway.
The fresh water lake.
Down at the lake.  Another waterfall.
The dam that created the lake.
Another small waterfall we walked past on our way to the lake.  Mud everywhere.
Tracy splattered with mud.
A view up the mountain side.
OK, where to next?
On to Huahine Island.
Out on our walk.  A pond full of lily pads and flowers.
Beautiful flowers in the pond.
The surf roaring into the coral reef a mile off shore.
The Marae by the beach.
Amazing that all these slabs of coral were brought in for the Marae.
Complete with stone carvings.
More carvings in the coral slabs.
Up the hills we went.  Lots of Australian pines along the way.
A view from the mountain looking farther up the side of the island valley.
Small trees everywhere.
One of the overlooks.  Cluttered with trees and bushes but an amazing view.
Wild orchids were everywhere.
Some of the trail was marked with trees banded with blue painters tape.
Looking back at Avae Bay where Zephyr lay at anchor.
Zephyr lays at anchor.  She
The entire bay.  The light area is sand mixed with coral heads.
Parea Village just east of the south point on Huahine.
One of the many trees we climbed over on our trip down the side of the mountain.
More orchids along the way.
Fields of them.
Looking back at Passe Araara outside of Parea Village.
Zephyr at anchor in Avea Bay.
The side of mountain we climbed down.
Where we stopped for lunch after our climb down.  The floor of the restaurant is made up of old coral.
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