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The adventures of Bill & Tracy as they fulfill their lifes dream of sailing the world. We've dreamed of this for years and now is the time while the health is still good and there is money in the kitty to make it come true.

25 April 2018 | Middle is the Sea of Cortez
25 April 2018 | Sea of Cortez
24 April 2018 | Marina Fonatur, Santa Rosalia
22 April 2018 | Punta Chivato
22 April 2018 | Leaving Concepcion Bay
19 April 2018 | 26 45.468N:-111 53.520W
19 April 2018 | 26 45.468N:-111 53.520W
19 April 2018 | 26 45.468N:-111 53.520W
16 April 2018 | 26 22.928N:-111 25.871W
16 April 2018 | 26 22.928N:-111 25.871W
16 April 2018 | 26 22.928N:-111 25.871W
16 April 2018 | On passage
16 April 2018 | On passage
16 April 2018 | On passage
16 April 2018 | On passage
16 April 2018 | On passage
16 April 2018 | On passage
15 April 2018 | Puerto Escondido Marina, Sea of Cortez
13 April 2018 | Puerto Escondido Marina, Sea of Cortez
10 April 2018 | 25 49.555N:-111 18.804W


25 April 2018 | Middle is the Sea of Cortez
Bill:sunny and warm
The 105 gallon we took ended up costing us $459.00US so about $4.30 per gallon. This stuff isn't cheap anymore down here. We've been motoring pretty much since leaving Panama and it's cost us a bunch since we've had no winds(like right now). Calm with flat seas. RATS!!!
Forgot, they add a 12% fee on top of the cost of the fuel as a dock fee.

On our way to Isla Tortuga

25 April 2018 | Sea of Cortez
Bill:sunny and warm
We left about 10:00 after taking on 400 liters of diesel. Didn’t fill the tanks but made a decent dent in what we needed. Will get more either at San Carlos or up in Penasco. We’ll see how it goes. Forecast was for some NW winds today but none have shown up so far. Going to Isla Tortuga for the night and anchor on the south side then over to San Carlos tomorrow. About 50 miles so it’s an all daylight trip. If we don’t like Tortuga, we may just continue un this afternoon. We’ll see how Tortuga is.
Sun is bright and temps in the 80s.
Let’s hope for some winds so we can sail. More winds in the forecast for tomorrow.

Into Santa Rosalia

24 April 2018 | Marina Fonatur, Santa Rosalia
Bill/Sunny and hot
We are now tied up to the docks at Santa Rosalia after another easy ride of 27 miles from Punta Chivato and it's huge piles of shells. We pulled up our anchor and set off just after 0800 and I happened to have wifi and could make a call to straighten out a problem back in the US. First I had to figure out how to call the US, never having done so. It took a while but I got it accomplished once I figured out the country codes. Only problem was that I got disconnected and could never get back with them but in the conversation I had with them, they fixed my problem and we could get under way.
We skirted the outside of Isla San Marcos instead of going through a channel between the island and shore to avoid the shoals that are between the island and shore. We could have gone between but it was only a mile farther going around then between and a bit safer. We repeatedly tried calling the marina here but there was no answer and reception with VHF was also poor till we were within a couple of miles where I could ask for a slip. In the end, we got the last slip and it's actually out at the end of the docks with nothing other than the harbor outside us. As each panga passes loaded with fishermen go out, we are rocked in their wakes. No such thing as a "no wake" zone here. As heavy as we are, it's not really a problem.
We went out with a couple off Pincoya, a boat we came up the Sea with since leaving Puerto Escondido though never meeting till yesterday and had dinner at a local restaurant, Gene and Gloria have been around for a while and have explored the Sea of Cortez for several years.
Yesterday, while checking in, we mentioned to he marina manager that we needed water and he made arrangements to have it delivered as the water at this marina is not potable(not really drinkable). It comes in 5 gallon jugs so we ordered in 16 of them and it filled most of our tanks to about 4/5 full which will hold us for a while. The delivery man showed up about an hour after we checked in so it was nice getting that job out of the way. We will be getting diesel tomorrow before we set off for San Carlos. The plan at this point is to go to Isla Tortuga(about 20 miles)and spend the night and then head on Thursday for San Carlos and then up the east coast of the Sea of Cortez. Past Santa Rosalia, there isn't much protection from north winds and with what we have seen and heard, it's all that's in the forecasts. Normally by now, the northers would have ended and we'd be having more southerly blows but not this year for some reason. We do what we have to to get where we need to. The winds for Thursday are supposed to be out of the northwest so it will help us do some sailing(we hope) for a change. It will be nice to actually do what Zephyr is meant to do--sail, instead of motoring. It's been a long haul of just about endless motoring since leaving Panama back in December.
There is a bit of wind due by the weekend so we will be staying in San Carlos for a couple of days before heading out again, ever northward for Puerto Penasco and out haul out.
As we moved northward yesterday we were greeted by a big pod of dolphins as they made their way south, making jumps and spinning in the air as they passed us seemingly going as fast as they could. It made a huge disturbance in the water as they passed us. About an hour later, as I sat in the cockpit, we were greeted by a hug whale as we passed him as he also headed north, just off our port side, about 40 feet as he broke the surface. A majestic creature to watch as it swam along beside us till we passed him by. Probably not a smart thing to disturb a whale as he swims by your boat. Tons of pelicans and other sea birds all screaming at each other and the pelican diving into the water in search of their next meal. The water this far up the sea is remarkably clear and easy to see a ways down plus there is next to no growth on our anchor when we pull it up and that's great to see after the messes we've run into around the world when you pull up your anchor.
Time to head out for some shopping at the Ley market in town and pick up some more tortillas. We are running low and in Mexico, that's just not a good thing.

Punta Chivato

22 April 2018 | Punta Chivato
Bill/sunny and warm
By lunch, we were approaching Punta Chivato after an easy ride. No wind of course but we took it in stride. After lunch, we headed for shore to visit one of the best beaches for shelling we have ever seen. Over a mile long and from what it looks like, a foot deep in some places, were thousands of shells. We wandered up and down the beach adding some to our collection before heading back to Zephyr. It's finally getting hot here. About time. Tomorrow, into Santa Rosalia.

On the way to Punta Chivato

22 April 2018 | Leaving Concepcion Bay
Bill/sunny and calm
Got under way this morning at 0715 and heading the 25 miles with no head wind. Just a quick post as internet comes and goes out here.
More after we arrive.

Odd jobs and lunch

19 April 2018 | 26 45.468N:-111 53.520W
We're still sitting here in Concepcion Bay up the Sea of Cortez waiting out another day of mid teens wind from the northwest. It started up late this morning and is expected to be in the high teens by afternoon and slowing up over night so we can get out of here tomorrow and head up to Punta Chivato, about 20 miles northwest of here. Our guide book says there is a wonderful shell beach good for exploring and there is some protection from north winds should they come up. An easy hop but with no south winds, it looks like another motor day.

I had to replace the cord that connects our computer to the ICOM 802 Pactor Modem as rust had consumed the USB end that plugs into the computer bad enough that sometimes the connection worked and sometimes not. Got me a tad frustrated after a while. Pulled out the cord that goes to our printer and it seemed to work fine but found a shorter one later. Now we can make connections when the weather permits it. With no internet here, it's our source for weather files and forecast. They get updated every 6 hours so I connect regularly to get any new info on the GRIB files.

One of the support beams under the cabin sole has come loose and required some shoring up so I drove a wedge under the support and it should be fine till we get to port where I can get a properly shaped chunk of wood and epoxy it in to support the beams. It's been slipping for a while and just needs some banging to get it back in place with a wedge.

As for lunch today, we are having another of the "5 can surprises" Tracy goes through the larder and finds different cans that will go together and then mixes and heats them up. With that many cans, it's good for several meals and since we want to get our supplies down before we put Zephyr in storage(first time since 2009), we have lots to go through. Today we have a combo of:Ministrone soup, kidney beans, chick peas, green chili, Italian stewed tomatoes, and a can of Cannellini beans that have gone around the world with us. Add in Basil, oregano, garlic, cumin,and crushed red peppers to put some awesome zip to it and there you have it. Normally five cans and five spices but we added the can of Cannellini since it was so old. This should give us enough meals for several dinners and empty out more from the larder.

I have already checked all the fluids in the engine so we will be ready to go tomorrow as soon as we get up(weather permitting). This afternoon, probably another game of Mexican Train dominoes and maybe another small job or two.
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Zephyr's Photos - From the Philippines to Malaysia
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One of the many large drums anchored out in the middle of no where for the larger mother ships to tie up to during the day.
Fishermen coming along side to see what they could trade for.  Cute little boats that go very fast.
The water was so clear and calm you can see my reflection in the water as the dolphins zoomed along with us.
Down the main street in Derawan.  No pavement needed.
The menu at our favorite restaurant on Derawan. Ayam means chicken.
Our favorite restaurant in Derawan.  Nur.
Dried fish at a stall in Derawan.
In the water taxi from Derawan to Berau.  It shook you up down to the core.
This is what we found at the dock when we came in from Derawan to Berau.  It had all floated away by the time re returned.
Down one of the main streets in Berau, Indonesia
At the awards ceremony for the cruisers in the rally.  We got to meet the head of Indonesian Tourism Board.
Entertainment at the Derawan Festival.  Big stage and LOUD music.
Not YOUR normal toilet but it is here.  Sorry, no TP.
A panorama shot of the big market in Berau, Indonesia.
See how big they are and these are small ones.
The crabs!
The twisted tongs with one of the coconut crabs.  Strong claws
Samia on the left from Azizah and Robby with Indonesia Customs in Tarakan.
A well decorated motor scooter.
The parade behind us outside of Immigration.  No the parade wasn
Tarakan Golf Course.  The building was deserted but we did see people playing.
The fish market in Tawau.
Inside the market in Tawau, Malaysia
The kids enjoying the fresh flowers we bought at the market.  Showshoe later threw up what he ate.YUCK.
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