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Vessel Name: Sir Swagman
Vessel Make/Model: Seeker 42
Hailing Port: Pittwater, Sydney
10 October 2013 | Na Jomtien, Thailand
07 October 2013 | Koh Samui
06 October 2013 | Koh Samui
03 October 2013 | Redang to Samui
02 October 2013 | Redang
01 October 2013 | Redang
30 September 2013 | Terengganu
28 September 2013 | Tioman
27 September 2013 | Singapore to Tioman
26 September 2013 | Singapore (still)
21 September 2013 | Raffles marina, Singapore
18 September 2013 | Nongsa Point, Bataam
17 September 2013 | Nonsa Point, Bataam
14 September 2013 | Sirutu
14 September 2013 | Sirutu
13 September 2013 | Sirutu
10 September 2013 | National Park
09 September 2013 | Tanjung Pintak national Park
08 September 2013 | Kumia township
06 September 2013 | Kumia township
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10 October 2013 | Na Jomtien, Thailand

Last Leg

The early start was moved to a late in the day one, calculating arrival times etc seemed to make this sensible. The weighing anchor again was problematic, taking some time to get fully raised and stowed with jamming in the hawse pipe the issue. The chain was twisted and jumping off the gypsy causing [...]

07 October 2013 | Koh Samui

Island Time

Koh Samui is a bigger island than I expected, not that I am sure what I expected, just that the expectation was smaller as far as islands go. We had anchored at the first spot that afforded some shelter and a chance for rest, but it meant that we would be on the ‘wrong’ side of the island for the [...]

06 October 2013 | Koh Samui

Gulf Wars

Now I know there were two Bushes that had done this before us, but they had the benefit of doing it from a nice comfortable, stable office. In one case having nothing more taxing to decide than how many is a Brazilian and whether a nucular device was called for, or in fact would work, if pronounced and [...]

03 October 2013 | Redang to Samui

Paradise Left and Lost

Raising the anchor proved to be a problem, we had been in such calm water that it had not thrown itself 'flat' in the well, so piled up and jammed in about every place possible on the way back in. Rob and I provided an immense amount of amusement to the fishermen as we tried to correct this. Eventually [...]

02 October 2013 | Redang

Handy Andys

The genset started leaking water into the boat, tracked down to an end plate on the heat exchanger that had cracked. We jury-rigged another plate out of some spare stainless I had lying around and used a new gasket that was in the spares kit. It worked, so the drinks could be kept cold again! It seemed [...]

01 October 2013 | Redang

Illegal Eagles

Now, I realise those keen enough to follow these ramblings closely (and perhaps you need to get out more, if that is truly the case) would note that we had checked out of More Lazier and were now going to stop at another part of the country, technically not permitted, in fact legally not permitted. Given [...]

5000 miles from Graceland and a line crossed

17 September 2013 | Nonsa Point, Bataam
Heading off from Sirutu, away from this wilderness protection zone "for the protection and preservation of flora and fauna" as the notes defined it; I realised that was why there was a huge fishing contingent there and the almost constant sound of chainsaws going all day.... Indonesia.
Dodging the usual fishing boat contingent who must realise that there are green and red lights on other boats at night and so mimic this by putting these colour light randomly around their boats, sometimes strobing for more effect - all of which does little to let you now which direction they are headed, I set off in good wind, Lech employed again, and making 7 knots towards Bataam. The first night and day were pretty uneventful, apart for crossing the shipping lanes a couple of times and planning not to damage any of the tankers or freighters with my now well used looking anchor riding up front, but the wind dropped during the day and I was making slow progress, so much so that the first day resulted in only 119 miles off the total distance, one of the worst 24 hour runs yet. Later the second night the wind died altogether, I had been scurrying about setting different sail combinations and moving Lech from side to side, but it was eventually no good and the iron spinnaker was the only option left. I could have just bobbed about out there, waiting, but really wanted to get to Bataam and put this horrible Java Sea behind me. If I have not mentioned it yet, this Sea gets my vote for the worst ever. Shallow, making a short sharp wave form that seem to be constantly coming from an angle to your point of sail, it results in a very uncomfortable motion for the boat.
Motorsailing for most of the rest of the way, occasionally getting the engine shut down when small and non lasting bursts of breeze came about. I had to shut down the engine and cross the equator under sail alone of course. My first time to do this in other than an aircraft and I am yet to determine the water rotation as it goes down the plug, an important thing. A few hours later another milestone was reached when the log showed 5000 miles since leaving Sydney. The last 2500 or so have been in a month, no wonder I am feeling the effects of it!
So to Nongsa Point Marina for a clearance out of Indonesia, then to Singapore where I need some minor engine work done before the next leg to Thailand.
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