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Hazzards of International Berths

19 May 2012
South West 20 - 30Knots
Everywhere in the world there are clubs - some playing music at insane volumes. However, they are sound proofed so that they do not disturb the peace, cause sleep deprivation or disrupt other businesses. Why is that concept so difficult to grasp here? For months now two clubs have been playing loud music until 4 in the morning creating a scene of utter chaos at the waterfront. Restaurant clients have to leave and go home early because they are being forced to listen to some or other clubs thunderous music. What can only be under-aged kids stumbling around dead drunk or passing out. Gruesome fights leaving blood everywhere and broken railings etc, Bikers trying to wake hell with their revving bikes, throwing donuts and racing around like lunatics. The arrogant lack of consideration and wanton lawlessness is simply appalling. Most of the restaurants and the hotel have had enough of this chaos. There are 20 people trying to get some sleep on their yachts in this area. Some at the commercial moorings, some at the service section of the National Port Authority and some at the International jetty for visiting yachtsman. That is where we were last night.

Well, last night someone set fire to a rubber bracelet and dropped it onto our teak decks not far from the outboard petrol tank land two gas bottles.

The owner of the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront is taking this very seriously and has undertaken to get things back under control at the small Craft harbour.

The SAPS in town have undertaken to do something about it but when the water-wing police were approached today I was told that they are unaware of the problem because there has never been a complaint made to them. Telling them that complaints were made to other police was met with disdain. They aver that their specific office needed to be called. They admit that they do patrols so they must be aware of the problem. I told them that their response amounted to a cop-out (pardon the pun) and that is raises a suspicion that they condone what is going on or refuse to intervene unless there is a complaint. If one condones a crime one becomes a tacit accomplice. This is serious. When I wanted the name of the officer who came up with what is for all intents and purposes a provocative response, she hid her name badge from me. I then reported it to their CO who agreed to do something about that first thing Monday morning.

Anyone could go to the Magistrates Court and get an order to bind the peace of course but then they become a target of course and becoming a target of a tribe of irate bikers is not desirable in the least. Members of the public are not Rambo's. That's for the movies. We need the Police to do their Job. Ah one can get an order mandamus to force them to do their job or they go to jail for contempt but then you have the police as enemies. No further comment needed.

This land falls under the jurisdiction of the National Ports Authority so they also need to come to the party. When contact our Harbour Master vernal Jones was quick on the trigger and we can expect some NPA guards in the area too from now on.

So, how does one get the cops to do their job without becoming a target?

Ultimately the question is, how do you get people to act in a considerate manner? Are we that uncivilized? I mean, Is it really necessary, even in broad daylight to walk out of a bikers bar, get on your bike, drive between two competing restaurants and rev the bike so loud everyone inside has the adrenaline shakes for 20 minutes afterwards? What's the point? Don't these people realise that they are creating an impression of themselves as uncivilized, inconsiderate and aggressive people with that kind of provocative behaviour? Provocation is a crime. Why do the rest of society condone this? Are they too afraid to stand up for their rights? Do they realise there will be no help from the cops? I am afraid the signals being sent by this situation are very negative indeed. Shame on you all. Shame on the cops, shame on the club owners, their drunk disorderly clients and shame on those who do not do exercise their social responsibility to report the crimes and insist that things get straightened out. If you condone a crime you become a tacit accomplice. It is time people stopped being part of the crime problem by keeping mum.

The public must please note that I have now installed sensor alarms on the vessel so please do not approached within 2 meters of the vessel or throw anything onto it because you could be arrested. Teak costs R 85,000.00 a cube, so the next person throwing cigarette butts, beer bottles tops or burning rubber aboard can expect to be in deep trouble. There is a R 400.00 award for information leading to the arrest of the idiot who tried to blow us to kingdom come. Attempted murder is a serious offense.
Vessel Name: Yacht Sweet Waters
Vessel Make/Model: Lello 48
Hailing Port: Durban
Crew: Izak Labuschagne
Izak (Skip). Been Sailing 40 years, charter captain for over 22 years of that. Done all sorts of stuff in between (www.izak.co.za). Like all yachties, a jack of all trades having done refits on Sweet Waters and even converted Navy patrol vessels. [...]
Route plan: - Richards Bay to Cape Town via East London & Mossel Bay, then to St Helena Island in the middle of the Atlantic, then to Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, Panama, Pacific Go check our progress on the map below. For now, we are in Cape Town, pursuing work opportunities to [...]
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/sweetwaters/
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Yacht Sweet Waters

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