Yacht Sweet Waters

48 Ft Lello Blue Ocean Cruising Yacht

22 August 2015 | Hout Bay
05 August 2015 | Mossel Bay
03 August 2015 | Mossel Bay
27 July 2015
27 July 2015
10 July 2015
09 July 2015 | Mossel Bay
10 June 2015 | Mossel BAy
21 March 2015 | Mossel Bay
23 February 2015 | Mossel Bay
14 February 2015 | Mossel Bay
13 February 2015 | Between Plettenberg Bay and Mossel Bay
12 February 2015 | Opposite Tsitsikama forests
09 February 2015 | Port Elizabeth
30 January 2015 | East London
27 January 2015 | Durban
19 January 2015 | Richards Bay

Richards Bay Christmas season

25 October 2012 | Richards bay
Well, Murphy certainly took us for some ride this year. Delays delays delays. Then the cars broke down so we could not sell them. Now some dude wants to get out of performing in terms of a warranty. The air X needed a new PC board after just three months work. Bought three years ago so - no warranty. Found dry rot in the Pilot cabin. Replaced the whole lot with 8mm Formica - 2 layers no less. Set with foam and epoxy. That stuff just does not rot. simple as that.

The (s Wave) genset cannot run the battery charger. Reason - processors don't match. The Renault car central processor is also mixed up. I am convinced that computers are installed in components to compensate for the incompetence of those that concocted the designs. Most processors contain programs with loops in them so the whole industry is just one big irritating time-bomb.

Then both Nicki and I where diagnosed with Rickketsia - a parasitic infection developed from tick bite fever etc. Nicki got it real bad and ended up being hospitalised. Heart surgeon says if he had a heart like that he'd be cruising too. Still battling to get all the 'specialists' to do some cohesive job.

As a result the bank balances all went south - far, far south. So, we will do the season in Richards Bay to try and save ourselves from becoming bankers fodder. Selling both cars when they are fixed (with warranties)

In the mean time customs and immigration pulled some rather questionable stunts on international yachties here, so beware of coming here - if you do, call us so we can fill you in on the latest.

Good news is that The Zululand Yacht Club channel is to be dredged - at long, long last.
Vessel Name: Yacht Sweet Waters
Vessel Make/Model: Lello 48
Hailing Port: Durban
Crew: Izak Labuschagne
Izak (Skip). Been Sailing 40 years, charter captain for over 22 years of that. Done all sorts of stuff in between (www.izak.co.za). Like all yachties, a jack of all trades having done refits on Sweet Waters and even converted Navy patrol vessels. [...]
Route plan: - Richards Bay to Cape Town via East London & Mossel Bay, then to St Helena Island in the middle of the Atlantic, then to Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, Panama, Pacific Go check our progress on the map below. For now, we are in Cape Town, pursuing work opportunities to [...]
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/sweetwaters/
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Some pics of the trip from Richards Bay to Durban to East London to Port Elizabeth, past Plettenberg Bay to Mossel Bay.
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Yacht Sweet Waters

Who: Izak Labuschagne
Port: Durban
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