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Thinner solar power film

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Corning Inc., Oerlikon and Thin Fab newest have it going on...I will give this
some attention. Still seems too fragile for the marine environment unless I Can encapsulate an array of small pieces in a flexible medium. Any creative ideas out there?

The 2nd generation ThinFabTM, announced on December 19, 2011, is available in the market as of today. In addition to lower Capex requirements and the lowest module production costs, the upgraded ThinFab™ provides customers with a guaranteed average module efficiency of 10.8 % (154 Wp) - an increase of 8 % - and a 17 % higher output capacity compared with the 1st generation.
Yingli is integrating DuPont metallization technology with an advanced cell diffusion process for greater efficiency increases, based on the Solamet® PV17x technology platform.
Yingli and DuPont are collaborating to customize metallization materials for Yingli's new Panda series modules, made with an advanced (N-type) cell design for superior efficiency of over 19 percent based on current lab testing.
Yingli and DuPont are also collaborating in fluoride films such as DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride films adopted in Yingli's new Panda modules, ensuring high performance power output for more than 25 years.

The new record cell with 12.5 % efficiency was developed in cooperation with leading specialty glass manufacturer Corning Incorporated. Oerlikon Solar set the previous record in September 2010 when it developed a champion cell delivering 11.9 % efficiency. This significant efficiency increase in such a short period of time demonstrates the future potential of Oerlikon Solar's Micromorph® thin film silicon technology and Oerlikon Solar's leading thin film silicon research and development capabilities.

Vessel Name: Wind Rose
Vessel Make/Model: 1974 27' Sailboat/ Albin Vega/ Hull #2216
Hailing Port: Port of Poulsbo, Puget Sound. WA
Crew: Bruce and Judy
About: Sail year-round and anchor out a lot because I love it. Judy enjoys more summer nature of sailing. Likes going out with me but shys from big weather if at all possible. We make a good, fun, sailing pair.
S/V Albin Vega # 2216 Built in Sweden 1974 year. She sports an MD6A volvo/penta 10 horse diesel. I have a sculling oar bracket, mounted on the stern, and a home made sculling oar, that can move us quite nicely in calm waters. The boat has a short list of projects and is always ready to go. I have [...]

Wind Rose (A type of compass used for wind.)

Who: Bruce and Judy
Port: Port of Poulsbo, Puget Sound. WA