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Decreasing surface friction.

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February mistuf
My boat neighbor had a little tension the other day when a new boater missjudged his anchors capability in a rising tide and blowing wind.

Another thing you can do about surface tension....
One thing you can do which will improve the hull speed, is to roll the paint on and have a helper go with a paintbrush along with you, brushing out the surface roller texture, to smooth and remove all the minute little craters, air bubbles and uneven valleys and surface thickness variables that are inherent with using a roller. A paintbrush will take out the pits and eliminate all the little peaks and valleys that allow for the roots of marine growth to get started into the paint surface. Just rolling the paint on will be maybe ok… but you sacrifice hull speed, and subsequent cleanings will be more difficult.
You have to have your helper brush over the rolled paint as it is rolled on to get a flatter paint job. Enjoy a marked difference in your hull speed and cleaning!
Two coats are preferred, for cleaning maintenance over time. Hard bottom paint has a more extended life than softer types. The wear and antifouling characteristics are much better with hard bottom paint.

For those who like to have the racing edge with an even faster hull (and its easy to apply) check this out.
Developed for the Navy to improve torpedo performance is a product called Sea Slide.
Using a small foam roller it is easy to apply over the new bottom paint and the bottom paint can breath/leach through its porous surface.
Vessel Name: Wind Rose
Vessel Make/Model: 1974 27' Sailboat/ Albin Vega/ Hull #2216
Hailing Port: Port of Poulsbo, Puget Sound. WA
Crew: Bruce and Judy
About: Sail year-round and anchor out a lot because I love it. Judy enjoys more summer nature of sailing. Likes going out with me but shys from big weather if at all possible. We make a good, fun, sailing pair.
S/V Albin Vega # 2216 Built in Sweden 1974 year. She sports an MD6A volvo/penta 10 horse diesel. I have a sculling oar bracket, mounted on the stern, and a home made sculling oar, that can move us quite nicely in calm waters. The boat has a short list of projects and is always ready to go. I have [...]

Wind Rose (A type of compass used for wind.)

Who: Bruce and Judy
Port: Port of Poulsbo, Puget Sound. WA