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Love potion curry.

20 February 2012 | My Liberty Bay
No attitude at a sweater maybe.
Bruce’s Easy 5 step Curry Special: My Liberty Bay boat dish.

15 oz. can kidney beans. (rinsed)
15 oz. can stewed tomatoes Italian style.
Two Bratwurst sausages. (or maybe steamed carrots)
Curry powder. ( your color choice)

(use no salt or anything else)

1. Lightly brown the two whole sausages in a 10” skillet on medium heat with a little butter spray.
2. Rinse the sauce out of the can of kidney beans with cold water, using the loose can lid to keep the beans in the can. Then add the beans around the browning sausages.
3. Open and add the can of stewed tomatoes over the beans, and slightly mix to even things out.
4. Dust a generous amount of curry powder over the top and then gently stir to blend the curry in.
5. Cover with a lid and simmer on low for about 15 minuets.

Serve in bowls with some rye bread on the side.
Candles and the drink is guest’s choice.
Vessel Name: Wind Rose
Vessel Make/Model: 1974 27' Sailboat/ Albin Vega/ Hull #2216
Hailing Port: Port of Poulsbo, Puget Sound. WA
Crew: Bruce and Judy
About: Sail year-round and anchor out a lot because I love it. Judy enjoys more summer nature of sailing. Likes going out with me but shys from big weather if at all possible. We make a good, fun, sailing pair.
S/V Albin Vega # 2216 Built in Sweden 1974 year. She sports an MD6A volvo/penta 10 horse diesel. I have a sculling oar bracket, mounted on the stern, and a home made sculling oar, that can move us quite nicely in calm waters. The boat has a short list of projects and is always ready to go. I have [...]

Wind Rose (A type of compass used for wind.)

Who: Bruce and Judy
Port: Port of Poulsbo, Puget Sound. WA