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Copper and brass care

27 January 2013 | Galley
Dreary Sunday with encouraging coffee.
Here is the water heater coil with a coat of lindseed oil and paint thinner mixed half and half...or 50-50 if you wish. The brushed on finish keeps that green corrosion away and has a very nice pateena. Beter than any polish application. I used it on the stainles chimney fitting also.

My tiller base is brass...this 50-50 mig did the trick there too! and the thing is I put a coat on the teak tiller in the cold winter here and it did a fine and set to dry by the next day.

I use raw lanolin for my jib sail hanks which are brass. Ibrush that on with a medium art brush and use it on the spreader stainless turnbuckel connections to keep the cable strands wire from browning out
You can buy a small bottle of lanolin where soap bars are sold. I get mine at central market in Poulsbo Washington in the puget sound area.

I should not tell you this...but lanolin is made from sheep wool glands and keeps their wool soft and waterproof. One last thing: Those threadded water fill caps embeded in the bow deck? Brush a little on the threads and they wont be so hard to come loose. Same with my deisel fuel cap.

How is your morning??

20 January 2013 | Poulsbo Marina
One of those gusty nights.
Helen was deep in sleep on her project Chris Craft cruiser boat, tied to the visitors dock.
A fellow boater thumped on the cabin side around two o'clock in the dark early morning, informing her that the now blowing gale was making Helen's other anchored out sailboat drag anchor.
She quickly got clothes on, and motored the dinghy out to the wayward possession.
Once in the dragging sailboat cockpit she discovered her keys were left, in the rush, back at the dock.

The anchor had for the time being reset itself... so back she went for the keys.
Catching her breath and calming down somewhat back at the dock, she was feeling more like the whole early morning panic had subsided to the chore at hand. Returning through the rolling windswept waters, and now back on board the sailboat, she first fastened the dinghy's painter to the sailboat stern.

The diesel fired up and pushed the hull forward enough and was in fact almost overdoing it, so she backed off the throttle, and as the sailboat lost momentum, the dinghy bow thumped the sailboat stern. The churning prop caught the sinking towline making a great squeal as the dinghy bow was sucked below the surface. With a loud, thrapp... the entangled line was severed and the diesel growled to a sputtering silence.

The wind was picking up even more, and the loose dinghy, floated away down the bay seemingly unscathed and happy.

Helen said she was left stranded aboard. Not being confident with using the sails of her new sailboat the 'sailor' option was too iffy at best.

Not wanting to bother her fellow boaters at this early morning hour, she called the sheriff boat out, and was brought back to the marina dock with no harm done.
Later in the morning she walked around and down the bay to her grounded dinghy. As the tide came back up she motored it home to her comfort on the Chris Craft.

That's when I came along to ask how her morning was going.

Crimping your wires correctly.

05 April 2012 | My Liberty Bay
Heavy rain gear last week...better now.
If you want to do some quality boat wiring, then you should take a look at this link: HERE you go...

Or if you just want to check out your choice of the best type of stove fuel then go HERE

Ever wonder how to trim sails or "heave to" at sea? Most books never really tell you how for a start. This is a great start...RIGHT HERE

25 things about about you?

15 March 2012 | Poulsbo Liberty Bay
Gusts and cloudy rain
25 Things about me...what are yours?? Let me know if you dare.
1. When I was too little, my older sisters set my crib on fire but rescued me. I grew up with a large scar on the top of my right hand from boiling water spilled by my grandmother.

2. I was the oldest boy and came third in line of seven siblings. By the time I was ten I could swear a blue streak and was a bothersome terror to my two older sisters. This was tempered by a leather belt and gentle words from my father.

3. I got caught cheating on my spelling test in second grade where a paddle was administered on my bent-over behind, in front of a classroom of about thirty of my fellow classmates. I will never forget that!

4. There was nobody smarter than me when in my teens and I grew up lording over my older brothers on senseless projects and wandering care-free on the mountain.

5. I smoked a corn cob pipe in a deep hole we dug.

6. My father turned me loose to build a new speculation house from a grassy lot when I was a senior in high school.

7. My idea of a date was pick you up at six am. And drive to watch the sun come up on a secluded ridge. Then go to an auction. And then...

8. I loved the hippy people but felt I never fit in with any particular definition of human.

9. I loved the movie "Then Came Bronson" which you can see today on U-Tube. First thing I did after graduating from high school was buy a Harley motorcycle. This tended to expand my horizons.

10. I worked for an old man and his wife in my late twenties and learned from the old man that I didn't 'know it all' like I thought. He told me he was paying me to stop and have pie and coffee and visit...not to be so productive with efficiency and crap. He told me to get a partner for business. I did.

11. I hated dogs as too bothersome.

12. I saw a ghostly apparition that confronted me in the dark of night over my bed in the barn loft. I knew I'd done wrong and was terrified.

13. I was schooled in fire fighting and lost my desire in a back flash in a stairwell.

14. I hate beer in general (dark beer is my favorite) and drank Pepsi at parties with Hells angels. In the past.

15. Hunting I hated but went along with.

16. I've been red faced embarrassed but always could laugh afterwards when enough time went by. I like to laugh at others expense.

17. I'm always calm but quick thinking underneath. People say I look relaxed even when things are out of control.

18. Dreams have varied ...I looked at my hands one time in a dream. I could be aware in my dreams and do some actions that I would never have the guts to do in real life. I can fly and everything is in color and real. I dream of my dog in trouble or lost.

19. I think about romance but drift into the past nostalgia.

20. My desire would be to live in an old cabin with a rich woman of legal age and sip apricot brandy at night and then...

21. I killed by accident a red hawk in the fir trees with a rock flung from a sling like David and Goliath. I did not see the hawk but he flew from the trees and was struck broadside's felt powerless and disgusted with myself.

22. I have a strong love of nature and the outback. I can walk in the pitch dark of night and feel a rush of fear in the lonely woods and not panic but hold firm. The hair on the back of my neck has stood up unexpectedly two times.

23. My father saved a few people's lives. I never have so far.

24. I love my dog and German Shepard's in general. Someday I know I will be heartbroken by this.

25. I absolutely treasure my friends.

Love potion curry.

20 February 2012 | My Liberty Bay
No attitude at a sweater maybe.
Bruce’s Easy 5 step Curry Special: My Liberty Bay boat dish.

15 oz. can kidney beans. (rinsed)
15 oz. can stewed tomatoes Italian style.
Two Bratwurst sausages. (or maybe steamed carrots)
Curry powder. ( your color choice)

(use no salt or anything else)

1. Lightly brown the two whole sausages in a 10” skillet on medium heat with a little butter spray.
2. Rinse the sauce out of the can of kidney beans with cold water, using the loose can lid to keep the beans in the can. Then add the beans around the browning sausages.
3. Open and add the can of stewed tomatoes over the beans, and slightly mix to even things out.
4. Dust a generous amount of curry powder over the top and then gently stir to blend the curry in.
5. Cover with a lid and simmer on low for about 15 minuets.

Serve in bowls with some rye bread on the side.
Candles and the drink is guest’s choice.

Decreasing surface friction.

19 February 2012 | My Liberty Bay
February mistuf
My boat neighbor had a little tension the other day when a new boater missjudged his anchors capability in a rising tide and blowing wind.

Another thing you can do about surface tension....
One thing you can do which will improve the hull speed, is to roll the paint on and have a helper go with a paintbrush along with you, brushing out the surface roller texture, to smooth and remove all the minute little craters, air bubbles and uneven valleys and surface thickness variables that are inherent with using a roller. A paintbrush will take out the pits and eliminate all the little peaks and valleys that allow for the roots of marine growth to get started into the paint surface. Just rolling the paint on will be maybe ok… but you sacrifice hull speed, and subsequent cleanings will be more difficult.
You have to have your helper brush over the rolled paint as it is rolled on to get a flatter paint job. Enjoy a marked difference in your hull speed and cleaning!
Two coats are preferred, for cleaning maintenance over time. Hard bottom paint has a more extended life than softer types. The wear and antifouling characteristics are much better with hard bottom paint.

For those who like to have the racing edge with an even faster hull (and its easy to apply) check this out.
Developed for the Navy to improve torpedo performance is a product called Sea Slide.
Using a small foam roller it is easy to apply over the new bottom paint and the bottom paint can breath/leach through its porous surface.
Vessel Name: Wind Rose
Vessel Make/Model: 1974 27' Sailboat/ Albin Vega/ Hull #2216
Hailing Port: Port of Poulsbo, Puget Sound. WA
Crew: Bruce and Judy
About: Sail year-round and anchor out a lot because I love it. Judy enjoys more summer nature of sailing. Likes going out with me but shys from big weather if at all possible. We make a good, fun, sailing pair.
S/V Albin Vega # 2216 Built in Sweden 1974 year. She sports an MD6A volvo/penta 10 horse diesel. I have a sculling oar bracket, mounted on the stern, and a home made sculling oar, that can move us quite nicely in calm waters. The boat has a short list of projects and is always ready to go. I have [...]

Wind Rose (A type of compass used for wind.)

Who: Bruce and Judy
Port: Port of Poulsbo, Puget Sound. WA