Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne

Vessel Name: IEMANJA
Vessel Make/Model: Roberts 44
Hailing Port: Hamburg
Crew: Lennard Emily Kati Arne
About: We are a german family living in Nelson / New Zealand. We just bought our new boat in Phuket and are now based in Langkawi / Malaysia. We will start living on board / cruising in mid July 2010.
Extra: the following link will bring you to our videos: www.youtube.com/user/syiemanja Andrea's Atlanik Blog is under: www.dreastoern.blogspot.com
25 July 2012 | HAMBURG
10 July 2012 | Hamburg Citysporthafen
08 July 2012 | Cuxhaven
07 July 2012 | Cuxhaven
03 July 2012 | Helgoland
02 July 2012 | at sea
01 July 2012 | at sea
30 June 2012 | at sea
29 June 2012 | Brighton
27 June 2012 | Cowes
26 June 2012 | English Channel
20 June 2012 | Penzance
20 June 2012 | at sea
19 June 2012 | at sea
18 June 2012 | at sea
17 June 2012 | at sea
16 June 2012 | at sea
15 June 2012 | at sea
14 June 2012 | at sea
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25 July 2012 | HAMBURG

Iemanja for sale

Hi all,

10 July 2012 | Hamburg Citysporthafen

after 15 years back to the start!

Hi all,

09 July 2012 | on the Elbe

departed Cuxhaven for Hamburg Citysporthafen

Hi all, a quick update from Brunsbuettel- a - beam. We left Cuxhaven together with "Antje" at 1300 in 25 kn very gusty SW and driving rain - what kind of summer is this? It just stopped rainnig a few minutes ago and we are following Antje who zoomes ahead of us towards Wedel. At he moment [...]

08 July 2012 | Cuxhaven

ETA for Hamburg: Mo 21:30

Hi all, after a sunny warm morning we had a showery front with strong gusts to pass us. At least the wind veered now from SE to SW so we should be able to sail tomorrow the last 55 nm to the city center of Hamburg, the strong 2-4 kn flood current will help us for 6 hours. Our arrival time is still scheduled for 21:30. Our phone numbers here on board are: 0175-1976094 0170-8140365 Andrea and I are sharing the phone with these two numbers, one should work.

07 July 2012 | Cuxhaven

departed Helgoland, arrived Cuxhaven

Hi all, we had a good time at Helgoland:: birthday dinner, Martin's farewell, visit of the "Duehne" (amall island next to Helgoland with beaches and seal colony), drank "Helgolaender Eiergrog" (hot alcoholic beverage with Rum and an eggyolk) and went swimming at the heated seawater [...]

03 July 2012 | Helgoland

arrived in Germany

Hi all, this morning at 1040 we arrived happy and safely at Helgoland. We got a great welcome by Lennard, Emily, Kati, Dorle (sister), Manfred (brother in law), Kerstin (niece), Hanne (niece's daughter) and Nils (niece's son). Then my aunt rang from Hamburg and told me to tune into a cerrtain Hamburg radio station where we heard her greetings and a song played for our arrival and my birthday - how nice!. Manfred organised a special berth alongside the jetty, the sun is shining the whole day and it got rather warm - so so all is good here! AHOI! Arne and the Iemanja crew and welcomers

departure French Guyana

27 March 2012 | at sea
Hi all, we left this morning the Ile de Salut to sail to St. Lucia, 730 nm to the NW. So far we are enjoying a nice sail with 15 kn on the beam and a good current pushing. With our homemade wine-cork plastic bag rubber glove lure we caught a Skipjack Tuna which Kati is frying right now. The night after our arrival at Kourou we saw from our cokpit the Ariane rocket launch at 0130 am - that was a fantastic sight and a huge roar! The next day we visited the Space Museum which is very well put together. The following day we moved to the Ile de Salut, just 5 nm off the coast. The last two nights were rolly with some big swell and a strong current at the anchorage but we had a nice time with the crew of Chaotic Harmony, exploring the prison ilands, swimming in murky water and feeding cute monkeys with coconuts.

All is well on board AHOI! the Iemanja crew
IEMANJA's Photos - Main
we sailed to Ponta Delgada because Martin flew in from Germany on the 06.06. to join us for the passage to mainland Europe.
13 Photos
Created 9 June 2012
2570 nm miles in 22 days with my cousins partner Andrea as crew - we had to dodge a low pressure system but had a good trip and time on board.
13 Photos
Created 9 June 2012
Antigua is our last stop as a family crew. Andrea came in from Hamburg on the 29.04. to soon sail with me to the Azores and further on to Hamburg while Kati and the kids are flying to Hamburg today, 05.05.12 We were here during the sailing week with 115 yachts racing and partying - we only did the latter...
34 Photos
Created 5 May 2012
Only 25 nm to the north of St. Lucia, we sailed to Le Marin for our trans-atlantic shopping and anchored for another night at St. Anne where we socialized with 2 catamaran-families
9 Photos
Created 5 May 2012
St. Lucia, 2 weeks in the Rodney Bay Marina and 1 week at anchor just outside the marina in the clear water. I was busy with boat jobs and the kids made friends with the US children of the "OceanClub" restaurant owners.
40 Photos
Created 22 April 2012
we arrived at Kourou just in time for a launch of an Ariane rocket at 0130 in the morning and visited the space museum the next day, then spent some days at the Ilde de Salut, where we spent new year 97 / 98 with our first Iemanja.
26 Photos
Created 19 April 2012
9 days at sea, sailing from Ascension Island to Cabedeleo and just over 2 weeks in Jacare with a 2-day trip to Olinda, close to Recife, from where Anniemarie flew home to Switzerland
42 Photos
Created 12 March 2012
It took us 6 days to sail the 710 nm from St. Helena to Ascension Isld. We came here to see the Green Turtles.
37 Photos
Created 4 March 2012
It took us 12 days to sail the 1730 nm from Simonstown to St. Helena - it is a special and remote place which is only supplied by vessel - but they are just starting to build an airport which is due to open in 2015.
27 Photos
Created 4 March 2012
Simon's Town is at the east side of the Cape of Good Hope, an hour by train to Cape Town. We enjoyed the family friendly False Bay Yacht Club and the stunning surroundings and clean water.
49 Photos
Created 18 January 2012
we sailed to Mossel Bay to meet Wolfgang who lives 50 km away
30 Photos
Created 5 January 2012
We left Durban on the 16.12.11 to sail down the coast and had two short stopovers in EL and PE. We were in a group of 15 yachts, all heading the same way
28 Photos
Created 5 January 2012
More time in Durban, waiting for the weather window to go south. Christian had time to do 2 hikes and Lennard did a week long sailing class in an optimist dinghy.
31 Photos
Created 4 January 2012
we stayed longer than planned in Durban as the weather was very unsettled. We used the time to do a 3 day trip to Drakensberg and had time to go to the dentist and hairdresser.
34 Photos
Created 26 November 2011
We arreived on the 03.11. in Durban, just in time for Christian's and Stella's wedding!
28 Photos
Created 21 November 2011
We did two trips by car to the Hluhluwe / Imfolozi National Park further north to see the big 5 - and we did!
29 Photos
Created 21 November 2011
we intended to sail directly from Majunga to Richards Bay / SA but had to anchor for a week at Bazaruto Island / Mozambique because a southerly blow came through
13 Photos
Created 21 November 2011
Daysailing with the land- and sea- breezes we enjoyed the dry weather and calm seas of Madagascar's West Coast.
84 Photos
Created 21 November 2011
Emily and Lennard on an apple truck - these photos were taken 4 years ago by our friend Gebhard Krewitt
5 Photos
Created 14 September 2011
to St. Marie Island east Madagascar and a few anchorages on Madagascar's main island.
77 Photos
Created 13 September 2011
We did a 5 days hiking trip in the alpine inland plus a day's hike to the vulcano in the south.
40 Photos
Created 15 July 2011
a month which flew past very fast...
50 Photos
Created 12 July 2011
Rodrigues belongs to Mauritius, it has 40.000 citizins and used to be home of the Dodo and many tortoises
20 Photos
Created 12 July 2011
2 great months with many other families in the British Indian Ocean Territory
69 Photos
Created 25 May 2011
600 nm from Galle to Gan, 4 days in Gan, 300 nm to Chagos
9 Photos
Created 24 May 2011
4 weeks in Galle / Sri Lanka, over land travels by train and bus
65 Photos
Created 20 February 2011
December 2010 to mid January 2011
29 Photos
Created 17 January 2011
4 weeks of bus, train, boat and plane travels in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
112 Photos
Created 10 December 2010
11 Photos
Created 16 October 2010
We spent 12 days in the PSS Ship Yard in Cheblang
19 Photos
Created 15 October 2010
Finally we are all on board here in the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club and getting used to the heat, rain and boat life.
18 Photos
Created 25 July 2010
I spent 6 weeks in Langkawi to do some jobs before we all come on board mid July.
8 Photos
Created 30 June 2010
Photos from Feb. 2010, when I flew to Phuket to have a look at "Blue Moon' and finally bought her.
18 Photos
Created 30 June 2010

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