The Grander Scheme: s/v Northern Symphony

Another simple dream...Another crazy notion: To make a sequel to our Grand Scheme by making an extended great loop starting from our home in Nova Scotia. One boat, two so-called adults, one or two children, and one cat.

17 July 2011 | Mahone Bay, NS
13 July 2011 | Clarks Harbour, NS
04 July 2011 | Yarmouth, NS
22 June 2011 | Yarmouth, NS
20 June 2011 | Richmond, ME
19 June 2011 | Rockport, MA
16 June 2011 | Gloucester, MA
15 June 2011 | Sandwich, MA
13 June 2011 | Point Judith, RI
12 June 2011 | Mystic, CT
08 June 2011 | Mystic, CT
06 June 2011 | New York, NY
05 June 2011 | New York, NY
01 June 2011 | Baltimore, MD
23 May 2011 | Baltimore, MD
17 May 2011 | Baltimore, MD
16 May 2011 | Selby Beach, MD
15 May 2011 | Crisfield, MD
14 May 2011 | Cape Charles, VA
12 May 2011 | Norfolk, VA

The plague ship sails forth!

13 July 2011 | Clarks Harbour, NS
Well, after three weeks, we have FINALLY gotten out of Yarmouth!

Although it seemed like getting to Yarmouth meant we were home, and we have resurrected our cars and are in familiar areas again, etc., it's still more than a hundred miles from Yarmouth around to our home mooring at the Lunenburg Yacht Club. And it's a non-trivial stretch, too, as it requires rounding Cape Sable, which must be carefully timed with the strong Bay of Fundy tidal currents.

Why did it take us three weeks to get moving again? Well, first I had a week-long business trip, and then we had a week of running errands and waiting for an appropriate weather window. Then, when when things finally were lining up for a departure, I got sick! A very nasty cold that put me in bed for several days...and then Anne got it...and then Leslie got it...After a year in which none of us got much more than a sniffle, it was quite a shock.

We finally left this morning, with me feeling almost normal, Anne a day or two from normal, and Leslie asleep and still sick. Evelyn has managed to avoid it.

Our departure was in heavy fog and navigating out of the harbor was quite interesting. But the fog cleared as the morning progressed and we had good visibility as we went through Schooner Passage. Our endurance not being back to normal, we decided to make it a shorter day and stopped in to Clarks Harbor on Cape Sable Island, which is where we were towed in last summer after our propshaft broke. Nice to be here under our own power!
Vessel Name: Northern Symphony
Vessel Make/Model: 1990 Catalina 36, Tall Rig
Hailing Port: Lunenburg, NS
Crew: The Wightmans
About: Colin (skipper), Anne, Evelyn, Leslie, and Scourge-of-the-Sea, our boat kitty.
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