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09 May 2013 | Twelve Oaks marina
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Back to the Dock

09 May 2013 | Twelve Oaks marina
Cynthia - sunny and warm

This will be my last entry into our sailblog on our sailing trip to ‘almost Bahama’.
Tom and I left the anchorage in Lake Sylvia on Sunday morning, pulling up the anchor around 0750. It took some doing since we had been there for over a week, had experienced several storms and blows so the anchor was really set. When it finally was up Tom dragged it for a little bit to wash off the mud that had accumulated. Went by Pendragon and said good bye to Mary Ellen and then proceeded to the only bridge we needed to clear before going out Port Everglades. We had just sighted the bridge at 8:30 (openings on this bridge were on the hour and half) when Tom called to see if the bridge tender would lift the bridge slightly past 0830 – he agreed and we were thrilled that we didn’t have to float around for the 9:00 opening.
Once out of the channel we hoisted the main sail. The winds were about 18 to 20 knots out of the NW – we had one reef in the main which gave us a comfortable ride. We put down the front window and the port side enclosure since the temps were in the 60’s and it made for a cool breeze at the helm. Once in the Gulf Stream we averaged between 1.5 and 2 knots of boost. We took readings every half hour and were traveling about 4 miles every half hour. We put out some jib for a while and then our point of sail was such that we couldn’t carry it, so brought it in.
We arrived at the Palm Beach inlet around 1430 and made our way to our mooring in north Lake Worth. Once settled in we both took showers and relaxed. It was great to be back in our own waters after such a great trip – as we say – it’s good to go but good to be home!
Monday morning we had woke up to a beautiful sunny day with calm waters. After breakfast and some phone calls we left the mooring, went to Old Port Cove (the marina just south of us) to top off the fuel tank and pump out the heads. Once done we headed into our dock. The current was running so Tom had to really crab angle into it – luckily no wind – so we managed the lines and were secure with no issues.
We proceeded to start unloading food, clothes, and stuff to take back to the house. Our real concern however was Tom’s tooth. He had been having pain with one of his back tooth’s on the trip and once home called our dentist in Buffalo to discuss the symptoms. Long story short he ended up needing a root canal which he had done on Tuesday morning – he is now on the road to recovery!
On a lighter note Nigel and Ann on Chardonnay – the couple who is shipping their boat to England, are anchored near our mooring. We called them on Sunday and invited them to our home for dinner Monday night. They accepted and we had a delightful time with them. We are hoping to see them again before they depart – maybe anchor up the inter coastal on our way to Stuart to haul the boat.
All in all we had a great vacation even if we didn’t make it to the Bahamas’ this year. We enjoyed our trip through the intercostal to Ft. Lauderdale and met so many wonderful people – a great benefit of boating!

Finally sunny

04 May 2013
When I last wrote the blog we were going to take the dinghy to get Tom some sort of drugs to ease the pain of his aching tooth - then the skies opened up and the rain, lightning and thunder began. It lasted over 3 hours with pounding rain and thunder, and then winds.

Around 2100 that evening things started to die down and we ended up with a calm night. Friday morning brought sun and hot weather. After breakfast we got in the dinghy and headed over to shore to do what we had planned the day before. Before we did that though we stopped by Quest(Sandy's boat) to see how she faired and how her engine repair was going. She said she was stable but still needed to do some more diagnosing but it was looking better. Then to Hemy's boat to see how he faired - his anchored dragged and he did bump into Terry and Julie's boat (still don't know the name of their boat) but no damage was sustained. Then over to Joe and Mary Ellen's to say hi. We invited them over around 1600 for a game of Rummycube. They said see you later.

Over to southport raw bar - tied up - went to the Dollar store and then walked to CVS for some drugs and also found a portable water pik which hopefully will help with Tom's toothache!

Went back to raw bar and guess what - we didn't order clams! I had a shrimp and scallop ceviche and Tom had a steak burger - both delicious!

Mary ellen and Tom came over at 1600 - we had a great afternoon teaching them the game - Joe won the first one and Tom the second - the girls were snuffed out. We had bought a pizza for munchies (Tom's idea) and it went over great. After they left we ran the generator, sat on the back deck and read, etc. It was a very relaxing day and evening.

Rain Rain go Away!

02 May 2013 | Lake Sylvia
Cynthia - cloudy with rain and thunderstorms
Wow I can’t believe it’s been 3 days since I’ve written in the blog. We are still in Lake Sylvia – the weather has turned rainy with thunderstorms and it’s supposed to continue through Sunday. We have aborted our journey further south due to the weather and our time frame. We will stay here a few more days and then hope to get a weather window to sail back to Palm Beach.
We have enjoyed being here and we have met many of the other boats in the anchorage and have done things with a few. After the rain on Tuesday ended late afternoon we decided to go for a dinghy ride. We stopped by Joe and Mary Ellen’s boat and they were getting ready to go to happy hour at Coconuts – a restaurant just southeast of the Las Olas bridge. The family on the ‘cat’ next to them were joining them – Matt and Jen and their two boys Conrad (6) and Mark (5) – so they invited us too.
It was half price appetizers from 4 to 6 each day, on Mondays and Tuesdays they offer half price full bottles of wine. We had our usual clams on the half shell, coconut shrimp and some conch fritters – this ended up being our dinner as well. We had a good time – as it turns out our waiter was from South Buffalo! Back to the boat, Joe had trouble getting his motor started so we towed him back to the boat.
Wednesday Tom was soldering connections for his new GPS so it talks to his computer and up at the helm. He needed another connector to complete the job so we took off for Radio shack. We stopped at the launch ramp just past the Marine Police station on the 15th st. canal to dump our garbage and fill up 4 jugs of water. This is there for the cruisers and boaters and a very nice find! We will buy some 5 gallon water gerry cans next season to take to the Bahamas. While there Joe and Mary Ellen came by to do the same thing, followed by Matt and Conrad. We all tied up at the Southport Raw Bar (again) and walked to Publix and Radio Shack. Found a great second hand bookstore in the strip mall where Radio shack is and purchased ‘Cutting for Stone’ a book I’ve been longing to read (can’t put it down).
On our way back to the raw bar we checked out a couple of restaurants and a lauder mat which is right behind Winn Dixie – very convenient and looked pretty clean. Back to the raw bar for clams and peel and eat shrimp. While there we saw Julie (from another ‘cat’ and Heny from Joy – he’s from Denmark). He was having difficulty with his dinghy motor, couldn’t get it started and when they realized we were there, we offered to tow them back to the anchorage (who needs Tow Boat US when you have Leising’s towing service). They had already called Julie’s husband, Terry and before she could tell him not to come, he was there. Heny got the motor running but before leaving decided to come up and have a beer, as did Julie and Terry. We had another nice conversation and as we were finishing it began to rain- again! We had already spent enough time there so we all decided to just go – got a little wet but we’ll dry! Before leaving the restaurant Heny invited us over to Julie and Terry’s boat for dinner – he was cooking a traditional Danish meal – how delightful – of course we said yes.
Back to the boat, got cleaned up and headed over to the ‘cat’ around 7:00. As it turns out Sandy, from a boat that left our anchorage the day before joined us. She had just been towed back from Lake Boca where she was having engine trouble. She decided that she would come back to this anchorage since she knew it well and also had land friends in the area. So it was good to have her with us – we had Danish snapps (like schnapps but different) and a delicious Danish meal. We got back to our boat at midnight after exchanging many boat stories.
It rained on and off during the night and today – Thursday it has rained on and off. I did manage to clean and wax the stern – it has gotten sooty with the generator running, etc. It looks much better now. Well we are trying to get to a drug store to get some medicine - Tom’s tooth has been bothering him so we want to get something to hopefully ease the soreness. That’s all for today!

Another leisurely day

28 April 2013 | Lake Sylvia
Cynthia - sunny, light breeze
On Friday morning Joe came over to look at Tom's installation of our solar panels. He and his wife are on a 52' Beneteau from Boston, MA. They talked extensively and while conversing Nigel and Ann came by to say they were going to take our suggestion and dink up the New River. Oh and would we like to meet them around 1400 at Southport raw bar for some clams - you're on.
We spent a leisurely morning on the boat and then left to meet them at the raw bar. It was quite crowded with all the boat slips taken but still room for us to tie up the dinghy. We had a great afternoon of easy conversation and great food. After our meal Tom needed to go to the hardware store to get some new bulbs for the night floor lights in our boat. We walked to ACE hardware only to discover they didn’t carry them. They told us to go to Radio Shack in the next plaza. So off we walked and found a Batteries Plus store first, went in and found the bulbs there.
On our walk back to the boat we took note of an Einstein Bagel shop across the street and said to each other – let’s go there tomorrow for some bagels.
Back to the boat for a light dinner of a julienne salad and coffee.
Next morning (Sat.) we went to Einstein for the bagels. We each had one there with coffee and then bought 6 more for later days. We stopped at Winn Dixie on our way back to the boat for some provisions and then on our way back to our boat stopped by Joe and Mary Ellen’s boat Pendragon - to say hi. They invited us on board and we stayed and chatted until about 1400 – what a great couple- we had a lovely time talking. Upon leaving we stopped back at our boat to put the provisions I had bought into the fridge (luckily Mary Ellen put the food in her fridge while we were there) and then took off again to do some exploring.
We got back around 1730 and decided to go in the water – it was warm and refreshing. We not sure why we haven’t gone in until now but we’re glad we took the plunge It was great to get cleaned up. We had some munchies of vegetables and crackers and then a cold dinner of flank steak and asparagus marinated in balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire. Think we’ll find a laundromat tomorrow and wash some clothes!

East coast "Venice"

26 April 2013 | Fort Lauderdale
Cynthia - sunny, light breeze
Met some new people during cocktail hour on Chardonnay – a couple from Newfoundland, on their way back home after spending 3 ½ months in Cuba – said the people were wonderful and the living was cheap! Another couple and their son from New Zealand, a man named Tom from Night Moves – single hands his 39’ Beneteau – he’s from CA – It was a good time exchanging cruising stories and learning about anchorages near Miami.
Thursday saw us on another exploratory day. We left around 1100, stopped by Tom’s boat – Night Moves to chat for awhile, and then explored some canals to the southeast. We then headed across the ICW to the Lauderdale Yacht club (LYC). We tied up at the dinghy dock to have lunch when Tom realized he didn’t have his wallet. So back to the boat and then back to the LYC.
We went to the marina office and met the dock master – Brandon – a very pleasant young man who escorted us to the main entrance of the club where we secured a guest pass – good for a few days. He told us that they do offer complimentary dockage for visiting members of other clubs – we may take advantage of this on our return trip. We had a delicious lunch on the outside patio overlooking the ICW. When finished we strolled around the grounds (see pictures) and then back to the dinghy.
We headed up the New River which basically follows Las Olas Blvd., and found ourselves in the middle of the city. One spectacular house after another along the waterways, 3 lift bridges, a railroad bridge which operates electronically and lowers automatically when a train is approaching.
After our tour we headed back to the anchorage. As we came into Lake Sylvia we noticed a Cabo Rico boat, just like our friend John & Julie in Toronto – and then further noticed this boat also was from Toronto. We circled back and said hello and they invited us on board. We had a lovely visit with them. They are originally from England and in fact are on their way to West Palm to have their boat put on a freighter and shipped to England. They plan on cruising the canals over in Europe for the next few years. They also gave us some places to anchor in and around Miami – so we’ll check those out as well.
Back to the boat for a quiet evening on board and enjoying the full moon!

Exploring the waterways in Ft. Lauderdale

24 April 2013
sunny and warm
A leisurely breakfast of pumpkin pancakes and fruit, catching up on the news via the WSJ and USA today via our Kindle ( I subscribe to both when we are on the boat and it downloads automatically if we are in range of wi-fi) and doing a little bit more of my cross-stitch.
We headed to Pier 66 to fill the 3 gerry cans with diesel. It was $4.35 per gallon. They did not sell gas, so after fill up we dinked across the ICW and got the gas for the dinghy – that was $5.35 per gallon Once done we took the cans back to the boat, had our smoothie and then headed off to explore the waterway south of the 17th st. bridge.
Going to Miami we cannot continue down the ICW since there is a bridge – the Julia Tuttle, which is fixed at 56’ – we couldn’t get under. So since we wouldn’t be taking our sailboat down that way we explored by dinghy – and what a find. Just south of the inlet on the east side of the ICW is the entrance to John U. Lloyd State park. There is a launch ramp and a dock to tie up, and if you continue under the bridge it takes you to a waterway where boats anchor onto shore and walk over the dunes to the ocean. It was beautiful!
We walked the beach for awhile and found some very colorful shells and half a sand dollar (I’m always looking for those) they have restrooms and picnic tables – we will probably head back there tomorrow and spend some time on the beach and in the ocean.
Back in the dinghy and we headed back exploring the docks where the cruise ships dock, saw an enormous motor yacht – Pegasus – that was taking on fuel – there were two fuel tankers there and a third one arriving – hate to have that bill! Heading back I guess we got a little to close to the piers ‘cause all of a sudden a police boat was coming at us full speed, blew their siren and announced we were too close and needed to move back into the ICW channel – thank you homeland security.
Decided to go back to Southport Raw bar for another round of those delicious raw clams! We passed Scott and Freddi from Chardonnay and they said to meet them on their boat at 1830. We explored little more and found some more canals – but decided to wait until tomorrow. So back to the boat and get ready for cocktail hour
Vessel Name: Synergy II
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42/Mark I
Hailing Port: Williamsville, NY
Crew: Tom and Cynthia Leising
About: We now spend our winters in FL with our sailboat close by in the marina within our development. Tom is still working in the company he co-owns, although now remotely and Cynthia retired in 2009 after 30 years with a local Buffalo bank.
Extra: We have had our sailboat in FL since we brought it down from Buffalo, NY in 2009 and now day sail the waters around Palm Beach. We also use our 17' Boston Whaler which we trailer back and forth each year.
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