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28 January 2019
28 May 2018
12 May 2018 | Oahu Hawaii
07 April 2018 | Bushy Park
05 March 2018
25 November 2017
10 October 2017 | Nuku 'Aloofa, Tonga
23 June 2017 | Whangaeri Town Basin
13 April 2017 | Work done mostly in New Zealnd, with a little done in the Marshall Islands
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07 May 2016
22 December 2015
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24 June 2015 | Fiji
30 May 2015 | Leaving the Marshall Islands
08 February 2015 | Majuro, Marshall Islands
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28 January 2019


We're finally afloat after a long hiatus. Lots of land travel (7 countries in 7 months) and much work in the yard has intervened between our last trip out on TabbyCat and now. We're happy to report that we have all new electronics, including a chartplotter, AIS, depthsounder, wind instruments and Radar, [...]

28 May 2018


We had a delightful visit to Scotland's Isle of Harris with friends Mike & Jill. The weather swung back and forth between "atmospheric" to "lovely" and we managed to get in quite a a bit of bog trotting and beach walks, not to mention a visit to the Harris tweed shop and the local distillery. The scenery was so dramatic - we were taking 100 photographs a day - making it difficult to decide which photo to use as the header for this blog. If you'd like to see more amazing Scotland photos, click here....

12 May 2018 | Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii 5-0 !

Yes, we really did stop for a day in Hawaii enroute to Scotland! One of the best Ukelele stores in the world is at the north end of Oahu, so we rented a car for the day and enjoyed a scenic drive to the north end of the island. We met Cory of "Hawaii Music Supply" aka "the Ukelele Site" who guided [...]

07 April 2018 | Bushy Park


We spent traveled to Whanganui for Easter. Much chocolate was consumed in the evenings, and good times were had on the black sand beaches with Hadley and family. Rick, thanks for getting the hot tub heated up, that was a real treat! Boz - thanks for being such a great host , cooking and arranging for [...]

05 March 2018

Whangarei Gardens

We were pleased to have Marty & Gabby join us for a week aboard TabbyCat. Since we're currently based in Whangarei, we decided to show them the lovely gardens in the old rock quarry. There are some truly amazing and exotic plants to be seen! We spent the better part of the afternoon there, and didn't [...]

25 November 2017

On the road again....

Since we last wrote, we've had some high adventures, but tonight's missive comes from the not so exotic location of LAX airport. We're halfway through our journey from Whangarei New Zealand to Bocas Panama. Two flights down, two to go.

North Island wanderings

19 January 2014
Immediately following the Christmas festivities with Rob & Ruth & assorted ex-pats, we ventured out from Opua to explore a little of the Bay of Islands and other popular cruising areas on the North Island. Our first stop was Waiwhapuku Bay, off the NE coast of Moturua Island. We enjoyed a peaceful couple of days there, included a slippery hike around the island (due to rain) and a brief visit with Rob & Ruth who arrived on their Saint Francis catamaran, Albatross 111. From Moturua we moved over to Urupukapuka Island where we enjoyed some stunning coastal hiking. After two days we sailed on to Oke Bay on the mainland, just around the corner from Cape Brett. It was there, during what had up until then been a wonderful paddleboard trip, that a member of our party came to grief. Due to a slight miscalculation concerning the tidal surge between the narrow chute that she was attempting to pass through, Susan parted company with her paddleboard, and engaged the local oyster community in a no holds brawl. You might think from the picture that she got the worst of it ......but then we ate those oysters, so we got the last laugh huh?! Two weeks later those wounds are still healing up but definitely looking much better. We celebrated New Year's Eve by doing an overnight passage to Great Barrier Island, arriving in the early hours of 2014. It was quite odd seeing fireworks go off 10 miles to our west. Due to Susan's recently sustained injuries, Colin enjoyed a solo hike to one of the few remaining Kauri dams in New Zealand. Both the reusable dam itself, by which loggers were able to create a head of water for flushing logs downstream, and the recently constructed trail to it, which included 13 bridges ( 3 of them suspension ) an elevated boardwalk, and 680 steps (yes, I did count) are testaments to Kiwi ingenuity. From GBI we headed down to Auckland to meet up with Friends Jim & Jane, who were completing a cruise from Sydney Australia. Rather than take TabbyCat into the heart of the city, we elected to anchor off Waiheke Island and take the local ferry from there. It proved to be an excellent decision, as not only did we avoid the hassles of anchoring in the harbor itself, but the ferry boat docked right next to their cruise ship! In no time at all we had met them off the ship, determined where they needed to catch the airport bus on their return, and were headed back to Waiheke. Even though they only had a couple of days, it was wonderful to see the two of them, and share a little bit of our cruising lifestyle with them. They were also good enough to bring our repaired binoculars, new underwater camera, & much needed additions to our 5 0'clock sundowner's stock. After seeing them off, we spent a few days circumnavigating Waiheke Island, enjoying the hiking, paddleboarding, & company of fellow cruisers. From Waiheke, we had intended to sail to Kawau Island, which Susan had visited 10 years previously, but the wind direction told us otherwise. Instead, we enjoyed a wonderful reach (downwind sail) to Coramandel Harbour, where we took shelter from the 30-40 knots winds behind Whanganui Island. After a few days there, we moved around to Te Kauma Harbour, the most protected anchorage on the Coramandel peninsula. It would have been nice to have been there the previous evening during the big blow! We had a memorable paddleboard trip around the perimeter of the bay, where in the shallows we spotted numerous skates (like sting rays, but not as dangerous). While paddle boarding is not as efficient usage of musculature energy as kayaking, one of the advantages it has is the view provided of the underwater scenery; in addition, it is actually drier than kayaking. Heading once more for Kawau Island, we again diverted due to the wind direction. Bashing into waves with 25 knot headwinds wasn't much fun; as soon as we altered course onto a beam reach for Great Barrier Island, things improved dramatically. The boat speed went up to 10 knots, the apparent wind dropped to 15 knots ...... and the ride was a lot smoother. We covered the extra 10 miles in less time than if we'd maintained our original course. We'd also heard reports of severe weather from the West for that evening, which did not bode well for the west facing anchorage at Kawau. Sheltering in Wairahi Bay, Great Barrier Island with numerous other craft, we were unaffected by the nasty weather that passed through. Now anchored just around the corner in Kiwiriki Bay, we are recovering from 5 hours of hiking yesterday, and a paddleboard trip up the nearby river in the rain. Sore muscles & blisters ..... being a permanent tourist is not for sissies!

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