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Vessel Make/Model: Maine Cat 41 catamaran
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28 January 2019
28 May 2018
12 May 2018 | Oahu Hawaii
07 April 2018 | Bushy Park
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10 October 2017 | Nuku 'Aloofa, Tonga
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13 April 2017 | Work done mostly in New Zealnd, with a little done in the Marshall Islands
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28 January 2019


We're finally afloat after a long hiatus. Lots of land travel (7 countries in 7 months) and much work in the yard has intervened between our last trip out on TabbyCat and now. We're happy to report that we have all new electronics, including a chartplotter, AIS, depthsounder, wind instruments and Radar, [...]

28 May 2018


We had a delightful visit to Scotland's Isle of Harris with friends Mike & Jill. The weather swung back and forth between "atmospheric" to "lovely" and we managed to get in quite a a bit of bog trotting and beach walks, not to mention a visit to the Harris tweed shop and the local distillery. The scenery was so dramatic - we were taking 100 photographs a day - making it difficult to decide which photo to use as the header for this blog. If you'd like to see more amazing Scotland photos, click here....

12 May 2018 | Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii 5-0 !

Yes, we really did stop for a day in Hawaii enroute to Scotland! One of the best Ukelele stores in the world is at the north end of Oahu, so we rented a car for the day and enjoyed a scenic drive to the north end of the island. We met Cory of "Hawaii Music Supply" aka "the Ukelele Site" who guided [...]

07 April 2018 | Bushy Park


We spent traveled to Whanganui for Easter. Much chocolate was consumed in the evenings, and good times were had on the black sand beaches with Hadley and family. Rick, thanks for getting the hot tub heated up, that was a real treat! Boz - thanks for being such a great host , cooking and arranging for [...]

05 March 2018

Whangarei Gardens

We were pleased to have Marty & Gabby join us for a week aboard TabbyCat. Since we're currently based in Whangarei, we decided to show them the lovely gardens in the old rock quarry. There are some truly amazing and exotic plants to be seen! We spent the better part of the afternoon there, and didn't [...]

25 November 2017

On the road again....

Since we last wrote, we've had some high adventures, but tonight's missive comes from the not so exotic location of LAX airport. We're halfway through our journey from Whangarei New Zealand to Bocas Panama. Two flights down, two to go.

Heading East

08 May 2014 | departing New Zealand
When last we wrote we were on our way south to Whanganui for Katia & Brett's wedding. We had a lovely time, staying a lodge with all the out of town friends and family. A large number of people had made the trip over from England and Canada. Katia was radiant, Brett was handsome, and a wonderful time was had by all. We even got to enjoy a paddleboard session on the Wanganui River. On returning to Opua ( unfortunately without Colin's dad who elected to conserve his energy and stay on the farm ) we decided to take TabbyCat to some as yet unexplored areas of Northlands.

Armed with a well worn copy of Pickmere's Atlas (one man's 50 year labor of love detailing this area of NZ's coastline ), kindly lent to us by Simon of SilverSpray, we headed North. First stop was Mahinepua Bay, where we spent a couple of days, and enjoyed a walk out to the headland. During the walk we met 'Judy" a spry grandmother with a passion for hiking who was down for the day from Whangaroa. She told us about the trails in Whangaroa and invited us to drop in at her home if we made it up there. From Mahinepua we had a lovely sail past Stevenson's Island, with the boat gliding along as if it was on rails, arriving in Rere Bay, Whangaroa Harbour just in time for sunset. Rere Bay has got to be one of the most secure and delightful anchorages in New Zealand. We enjoyed it so much that we spent nearly a week there, paddle boarding up the Wairakau Canyon as far as the swimming hole, which necessitated a number of portages, much to the amusement of the hikers watching from the trail alongside. We also hiked the trail to the same spot, and decided that paddle boarding was much easier! We also ascended the "Duke's Nose" via a very steep path and scramble up the rock face assisted by chains, for dramatic views over the harbour and out to sea. However, the highlight was undoubtedly Colin's successful endeavor at fishing from the boat's rear step armed soley with a short handled net. Baitfish were using TabbyCat as a hiding place, schooling into balls, seemingly acting as one in order to escape the attacks of numerous large Kawhai . In their feeding frenzy, the Kawhai repeatedly ran into the hull, until the sea was covered in a carpet of shining fish scales. Much to our delight and amusement, Colin netted one of them as it chased a smaller fish past the stern. After she stopped laughing, Susan managed to fillet it and get it into a pan with butter and breadcrumbs, where it made a delightful supper.

From Rere we moved over to Waitapu Bay, behind the town of Whangaroa. After walking into town one evening along the road, we took the easy route the next day by using the dinghy. Leaving the dinghy at the marina, we ascended St Paul's rock, which rises 638 feet above the town, and provides a truly dramatic 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside. On our way back, we dropped in on Judy and her husband Shaun, and enjoyed a cuppa tea and a pleasant visit. Sean had sailed to NZ in a 100 year old boat in the early 70's, before the days of GPS and electronic charts, so he knew a thing or two about sailing!

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and it was time for us to head back to Opua. We did so via the Cavalli Islands and enjoyed a couple of days in Waiiti Bay at the south end of Motukananui. We circumnavigated the island in the dinghy, checking out the sea arches & caves along the way, and also completed the trip across the island on one of the ubiquitous Kiwi hiking trails.

We are now back in Opua. Last night we had Greg, our former crew from Rarotonga to NZ & his wife, Ingrid over for happy hour and dinner, along with long time local Opua friends, Ted & Karen of Sequester.

We are expecting to leave tomorrow (Friday) mid day for Raivavae in the Austral Islands, some 2,200 nm ENE of here. We'll let you know enroute how the trip goes.

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