s/v Tal'Lira

Our Journeys

22 October 2014 | 09 30'N:78 37'W, Coco Bandero Cays,
10 October 2014 | 09 35'N:78 58'W, Porvenir
09 October 2014 | 09 35'N:78 58'W, Porvenir
29 September 2014 | Bay of Almirante
29 September 2014 | 09 19'N:82 12'W, Bocas Del Torre
12 April 2014 | Back at RFM
11 April 2014 | 12 34'N:81 41'W, San Andres, Colombia
27 March 2014 | 13 22'N:81 22'W, Sta. Catalina, Providencia, Colombia
24 March 2014 | Isla Colon
12 December 2013 | Bastimentos - Panama
10 December 2013 | Bocas del Torro / Isla Bastimentos
10 December 2013 | 09 46'N:81 44'W, The Caribbean Sea
09 December 2013 | 11 21'N:80 30'W, The Caribbean Sea
08 December 2013 | 13 58'N:78 38'W, The Caribbean Sea
07 December 2013 | 15 26'N:77 09'W, The Caribbean Sea
06 December 2013 | 17 23'N:75 38'W, East of Morrant Cays
05 December 2013 | 19 21'N:74 35'W, Between Cuba and Hispanola
04 December 2013 | 21 19'N:75 23'W, Along the Cuban Coast
03 December 2013 | 22 26'N:76 41'W, Reaching Cuba Coast
02 December 2013 | 23 38'N:77 07'W, The Tongue of the Ocean

Finaly some deserted Islands

22 October 2014 | 09 30'N:78 37'W, Coco Bandero Cays,
Beautiful Paradise!! we are so lucky we are here... guess what!! Lobster every day, and what do you need more?? Its very adventurous, because if you do not watch, or can't watch,,, you are parked on a reef in a split second.. so we had our deal... First Harely jumped of the bow, because he thought the dogs on the other sailboat were flying in our direction, and next we had to go into the Dinghy to pull Tal'Lira off a reef!!! a good lesson, not to go out when its not sunny!! Nevertheless, or we had luck, no damages.. the reefs are beautiful and snorkling is a good passar tiempo... No internet, no phones, so just a bit of peace...

Already convinced! It's Beautiful out here!!

10 October 2014 | 09 35'N:78 58'W, Porvenir
The first Kuna wooden boat came, family with two little children, Nester and his Wife, and we could not resist buying Mola's... Ali will have to buy another suitcase... A beautiful day and lots to see...first to the Port Authorities and than off to Chiceme...

Under sail to San Blas 26hrs from Bastimentos

09 October 2014 | 09 35'N:78 58'W, Porvenir
We left with pain in our hearts Red Frog, and to leave all you behind, was not easy, but this is sailing, and you have to go otherwise what is the use of a sailing boat??? Ali was convinced that sailing is much more fun than flying, so .. up we go.. after 26hrs, now we had very nice winds for a change, waves and no rain.. it was the choice for the fastest way! no sightseeing tours on the route, we will have to do this again slowly....

I love Pauline

29 September 2014 | Bay of Almirante
Clear day
Peter ordered this summer a 200m2 Gennaker, to see if we finally could drive Tal'Lira at windspeed!! And when the sail came out... I was pleasantly surprised...
First testing with 5-6 knots of wind, and we indeed went windspeed 6.1Knots!!

How lovely,,, and Peter soo happy!!
Vessel Name: Tal'Lira
Vessel Make/Model: P&P Oceansafe 57rs
Hailing Port: City of Panamá
Crew: P&P Reitred
About: Crew?Who is capable,,, sent us a mail!
Extra: The "brand" Southerly went to administration, so we more or less had to design a new brand: P&P Ocean-safe

Sailing Tal'Lira

Who: P&P Reitred
Port: City of Panamá