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Our Journeys

22 October 2014 | 09 30'N:78 37'W, Coco Bandero Cays,
10 October 2014 | 09 35'N:78 58'W, Porvenir
09 October 2014 | 09 35'N:78 58'W, Porvenir
29 September 2014 | Bay of Almirante
29 September 2014 | 09 19'N:82 12'W, Bocas Del Torre
12 April 2014 | Back at RFM
11 April 2014 | 12 34'N:81 41'W, San Andres, Colombia
27 March 2014 | 13 22'N:81 22'W, Sta. Catalina, Providencia, Colombia
24 March 2014 | Isla Colon
12 December 2013 | Bastimentos - Panama
10 December 2013 | Bocas del Torro / Isla Bastimentos
10 December 2013 | 09 46'N:81 44'W, The Caribbean Sea
09 December 2013 | 11 21'N:80 30'W, The Caribbean Sea
08 December 2013 | 13 58'N:78 38'W, The Caribbean Sea
07 December 2013 | 15 26'N:77 09'W, The Caribbean Sea
06 December 2013 | 17 23'N:75 38'W, East of Morrant Cays
05 December 2013 | 19 21'N:74 35'W, Between Cuba and Hispanola
04 December 2013 | 21 19'N:75 23'W, Along the Cuban Coast
03 December 2013 | 22 26'N:76 41'W, Reaching Cuba Coast
02 December 2013 | 23 38'N:77 07'W, The Tongue of the Ocean

One more day of Motoring

09 December 2013 | 11 21'N:80 30'W, The Caribbean Sea
Another 150nm to go, and the favorable winds decided to go somewhere else! We felt sorry to get the sails away, but with 2kts you do not get far... and we need to go to Red Frog Beach Marina, in order to have things sorted out, and to catch a very important plane.. from Panama to Bogota, than to Frankfurt and Salzburg, have the train to Saalfelden, and get in the car to Innsbruck, to get the kids...but before that, we have to clean and store Tal'Lira for 2months...It was for the first time that we have sailed nearly 7 days in one go!!! Its a strange Sea, this Caribbean Sea.. not other boats sailing, only cargo boats, and guess what they are alway in your way!!

Two more days Sailing

08 December 2013 | 13 58'N:78 38'W, The Caribbean Sea
Not much interesting to say, but we are speeding! One big rain of 2 minutes! But you have no idea, its like they poor all the water in once only on our Tal'Lira!! Als of je een bak leeg gooit! And than its over.. still same E winds, 20-22knots, big waves, but in the favorable direction. To be continued....

Boisterous Sailing

07 December 2013 | 15 26'N:77 09'W, The Caribbean Sea
Another 24hrs of sailing, with high waves and strong winds, no Genoa, small Mainsail and Jib, only two things to see, big tankers on the way to Houston and New Orleans! and they had to pass us at nearly one mile! The occasional shower, to clean the boat but nothing to get afraid of. We are happy it goes faster than we thought. Average 7kts SOG, meaning sometimes 9 somtimes 5 very unpredictable with the waves.. We will have turkey with brussels sprouts tonight!!! A late Thanksgiving day dinner...

Passed the Jamaica Channel

06 December 2013 | 17 23'N:75 38'W, East of Morrant Cays
Again a good day sail, not much wind, but enough to have the bluewatersailing feeling! We had a good rain, so washing the boat was done quickly, and we lost the stopper of the Jib, so Peter was volonteering to make some knots on two new ropes and now we are back in business again!! No selftacking, but we do not need it, its all the same wind direction, but to strong for the Genoa.. so its was a good timing, not during the night, when the winds are getting stronger!! Tomorrow wil be different, because no Islands around anymore, and stronger winds are to be expected... Keep your fingers crossed, we hope to arrive in Bocas on Tuesday the 11th! have a nice weekend.. we are ready for it!
Vessel Name: Tal'Lira
Vessel Make/Model: P&P Oceansafe 57rs
Hailing Port: City of Panamá
Crew: Peter and Pauline van den Bergh-Groener
About: Crew?Who is capable,,, sent us a mail!
Extra: The "brand" Southerly went to administration, so we more or less had to design a new brand: P&P Ocean-safe
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Sailing Tal'Lira

Who: Peter and Pauline van den Bergh-Groener
Port: City of Panamá