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Our Journeys

22 October 2014 | 09 30'N:78 37'W, Coco Bandero Cays,
10 October 2014 | 09 35'N:78 58'W, Porvenir
09 October 2014 | 09 35'N:78 58'W, Porvenir
29 September 2014 | Bay of Almirante
29 September 2014 | 09 19'N:82 12'W, Bocas Del Torre
12 April 2014 | Back at RFM
11 April 2014 | 12 34'N:81 41'W, San Andres, Colombia
27 March 2014 | 13 22'N:81 22'W, Sta. Catalina, Providencia, Colombia
24 March 2014 | Isla Colon
12 December 2013 | Bastimentos - Panama
10 December 2013 | Bocas del Torro / Isla Bastimentos
10 December 2013 | 09 46'N:81 44'W, The Caribbean Sea
09 December 2013 | 11 21'N:80 30'W, The Caribbean Sea
08 December 2013 | 13 58'N:78 38'W, The Caribbean Sea
07 December 2013 | 15 26'N:77 09'W, The Caribbean Sea
06 December 2013 | 17 23'N:75 38'W, East of Morrant Cays
05 December 2013 | 19 21'N:74 35'W, Between Cuba and Hispanola
04 December 2013 | 21 19'N:75 23'W, Along the Cuban Coast
03 December 2013 | 22 26'N:76 41'W, Reaching Cuba Coast
02 December 2013 | 23 38'N:77 07'W, The Tongue of the Ocean

The finish after a 5-days trip

12 October 2012 | Marina Cascais, Portugal
The first leg of our Passage has finished, and we arrived at Cascais in the Marina just after lunch. It was a interesting trip, with whales on both sides of the both and as huge as our boat, it was magic. Even some dolphins did show up to make us laugh. The food was good and sufficient, not a hard job to make, even fresh bread and we slept reasonable. Our AutoPilot is a problem, it makes too much noise.. we even think its broken...

Nearly half way!

10 October 2012 | Cabo Finistre
A big struggle, it took a night to fight this point on our route with strong currents, big waves and winds on the head. Well we are nearly around the corner and we had not the predicted bad weather near the Gulf of Biscay, so we feel we made a good progress!

Trip from Falmouth to Cascais

10 August 2012 | Falmouth, UK
After two days in Falmouth, we decided to leave with a favourable weather window. We are prepared for the cold and the long nights! Lots of hot tea ..

Leaving the Factory

10 June 2012 | Itchenor, UK
From Itchenor to Falmouth, around the Isle of Wight to the North Sea Channel
and from there we see to reach Portugal... Its our first long trip with Tal'Lira, and we are very nervous....
Vessel Name: Tal'Lira
Vessel Make/Model: P&P Oceansafe 57rs
Hailing Port: City of Panamá
Crew: Peter and Pauline van den Bergh-Groener
About: Crew?Who is capable,,, sent us a mail!
Extra: The "brand" Southerly went to administration, so we more or less had to design a new brand: P&P Ocean-safe
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A trip with a lot of stops!
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Created 29 September 2014
Sailing from Bocas del Toro to Providencia
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Nassau, again
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Sitting docks doing repairs!
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Portsmouth-Abaco Carib1500 2013
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Sailing Tal'Lira

Who: Peter and Pauline van den Bergh-Groener
Port: City of Panamá