"Talysa's" Journeys

Vessel Name: Talysa
Vessel Make/Model: Gozzard 41-C
Hailing Port: Rock Hall, MD.
Crew: Becky & Dale Martin
About: Becky & Dale have been sailing their entire life and "Talysa" is their 6th sailboat. Dale is a USCG certified Captain.
Extra: They are embarking on their first voyage down the ICW!
25 March 2012 | Rock Hall, MD
14 March 2012 | Georgetown, SC
25 February 2012 | Palm Coast, FL
06 February 2012 | Boot Key, Marathon, FL
14 January 2012 | Boot Key Harbor, Marathon Fl
10 January 2012 | Ft. Lauderdale, Sylvan Lake
10 December 2011 | Ft. Pierce, Harbor Town Marina
13 November 2011 | St. Augustine, FL
08 November 2011 | St. Simons Island
03 November 2011 | Isle of Palms, SC
30 October 2011 | Camp Lejune, N.C.
24 October 2011 | Goose Creek, N.C.
17 October 2011 | Hampton, Va.
12 October 2011 | Rhode River, MD
Recent Blog Posts
25 March 2012 | Rock Hall, MD

Journey's End

We made it!! The weather was so warm, we just continued on and really enjoyed the return journey. Arrived yesterday as a front with rain, wind and cooler temperatures also arrived...great timing..Overall we traveled 2681 nautical miles, ran the engine 414 hours and were aboard (except for holiday breaks) [...]

14 March 2012 | Georgetown, SC

Tidal Ranges and Changes in Latitude

Greetings from Georgetown SC, about 75 miles north of Charleston and 60 miles south of Myrtle Beach. We are ~ 800 miles north of Marathon and 400 miles from Norfolk, amazing cruise. The spring tides the last week have been about 10' with corresponding extreme tidal currents. We have run aground a few [...]

25 February 2012 | Palm Coast, FL

On Our Way Home!

We had an eventful journey of ~ 400 miles to Palm Coast Florida, where we are moored for a couple of weeks in order to visit with family and tour the area. The decision to leave the Keys was hard, but the weather windows were infrequent, so we left with what we thought was a good day on Valentine's Day..unfortunately not 20 miles out in heavy winds we ripped out the mainsail which hampered our speed and options for the next week. We found a sailmaker in Stuart who eventually did the repair, but the weekend loomed..so we went offshore and rode the Gulf Stream all the way north at record speeds of up to 10.6 kts...however we had to hang on as the seas were pretty choppy..imagine if we had full sails! Enjoyed last weekend exploring Stuart, then the ride up the Florida coast has been blessed by seeing many dolphins, birds and odd sights. After arrival here, we did considerable engine maintenance, cleaned the boat and have thoroughly enjoyed real showers, electricity and flushing heads after 8 weeks on a mooring!! Anyway will really enjoy visiting Gainesville tomorrow (home of the world renowned Florida Gators!) and then getting underway back north in about 10 days...only a 1,000 miles to go!!

06 February 2012 | Boot Key, Marathon, FL

Celebrating Bob Marley's Birthday Today

Becky & I hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl and have big plans tonight to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday! I thought a synopsis of a typical day here might illustrate the lifestyle...we get up @ 6:30 AM to listen to the Cruisers Net weather by the guru, Chris Parker. He does the Keys, Bahamas northern Caribbean at that time. Then the dolphins pass through prior to sunrise ~ 7:15. At 9:00 AM is the VHF radio cruisers net...very interesting announcements, buy-sell-trade and general assistance. Pretty amazing..then the day's activities..we have made 2 trips to Key West, visited Dolphin Research Center, day sails, trips shopping, maintenance and then crafts...such as knot tying, basket weaving and even yoga! There is always something happening. Then we do a 2 hr battery charge and make the tough choices as to where to eat. Sunsets are always a beautiful treat, followed by the sounds of conch shells (yes I have learned how to "play" one). More dolphins and an early bedtime (no TV here at all!!). The Cruisers are very friendly, the locals are very different. Our ride back from Key West on the local bus and last night's Super Bowl party where simply unbelievable!! (full disclosure later). We have been blessed to have family visits the last 2 weeks to experience this and to validate our stories...Anyway we will be here about 10 more days...then moving on...fair winds and following seas to all!

14 January 2012 | Boot Key Harbor, Marathon Fl

We made It!!

Sails are like wings, they carry you to achieve life's goals. Our "Talysa" safely brought us 1370nm to a place Becky and I have always wanted to see by water after coming here as children! We are now in a floating community of ~ 300 boats with a different, exciting culture. More on that as we experience it over the next month. We finally got out of Ft Lauderdale, it was a rough, wet ride to Miami. We anchored in Venetian Isles with a fantastic view of the city and for you northeners don't read this..I dove under the boat and cleaned the prop..amazing swimming on January 10! The next 2 days down the Keys...reef off to port, islands on starboard and ever increasing color, clarity and sea life in the water. Just staring at the sea, seeing the bottom pass by is amazing! Now we need to adapt here to life on a mooring, tough ...will go to beach, snorkel and eat fresh seafood...Anyway we traveled 31 days, averaged 6.3 nm/hr and burned about 300 gallons of diesel.. Thanks to all of you for the great comments...take care and God Bless!

10 January 2012 | Ft. Lauderdale, Sylvan Lake

Ft. Lauderdale is a Magnet!

Hopefully all have had a wonderful holiday season! We sure did with a series of great family events. We returned to Ft. Pierce last Wednesday and resumed our journey south on Friday. The first day saw us make Lake Worth (Palm Beach) and we were so impressed by the homes and boats. Saturday we went offshore for 57 miles to Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale. Many boats out, and upon entering the harbor, saw 7 cruise ships..all getting ready to depart. Pretty wild with all the mega yachts, large sport fishermen and day trippers. On Sunday we departed south towards Miami and saw another 7 cruise ships..then we burst an oil line, very rapidly anchored and got towed back. Had a messy day cleaning 7 qts of oil out the bilge. On Monday we got all repaired, cleaned (more oil..yuck) then departed this morning for Miami inside to see the "Condo Canyon". Anyway we timed/waited for a number of bridges (frustrating) and got within site of downtown Miami..and then there was the Tuttle fixed bridge at 57'..Ug we need 59'..so we turned around , through all the bridges and now back to Sylvan Lake, Ft. Lauderdale were we where Saturday. Hopefully tomorrow will be a charm and we will make Key Biscayne...

Coastal Carolina

30 October 2011 | Camp Lejune, N.C.
Cool, Sunny, Windy
We are anchored in the military basin, Camp Lejune USMC. This is 245 Sm south of Norfolk and 412 Nm from our home port of Rock Hall. Since our last post we enjoyed a great 2 day stay in River Dunes, near Oriental NC..and until this morning were forced to lay over in Morehead City due to the storms. At each stop we had the opportunity to eat extremely well (with so many shrimp and fishing boats, who wouldn't?). At each stop, the Marinas provided rides, free advice, parts and were just so friendly. Today we were entertained by dolphins several times playing in our bow wave!!. We continue to meet others making the journey (pilgrimage?) down the ICW and have really discovered we are now part of a mini-society of crazed adventurers. Tomorrow we hope to make it to Cape Fear.
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