The Adventures of Tamaroa

Najad 380-083

11 March 2011 | Gosport

Spring 2011

11 March 2011 | Gosport
Tamaroa is now back in the water after having her bottom touched up.

After a polish and anti-foul the only thing that actually needed repairing was the Cutlass Bearing. It had to be replaced.

Some nasty calcified worm beasts had invaded the slots in the bearing and clogged up the works, when we ran the motor they were mashed into a very effective grinding paste and destroyed the bearing. The prop shaft was like a maggot in a dustbin flopping around. This accounted for the strange vibrations we had had been experiencing.

The bearing came out with some difficulty but as usual by the time we had finished we were experts in how we should have done the job in the first place. Lots of help from the chandlers "YouBoat" (thanks!). The new one was easily fitted and JP & TP did the precision engineering as we had to tap four threaded holes into the new unit to secure it to the P bracket.

The Prop was then replaced and tightened; instructions followed to the letter. Still having nightmares about the prop dropping off the first time we use it in anger.
Vessel Name: Tamaroa
Vessel Make/Model: NAJAD 380
Hailing Port: Gosport
Crew: John Jacqui & Jack
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Who: John Jacqui & Jack
Port: Gosport