Travel with Taransay Mhor

In 2015 we have cruised slowly from North Brittany down to South Brittany and beyond.

16 September 2015 | South Brittany
23 August 2015 | South Brittany, France
20 August 2015 | South Brittany, France
18 August 2015 | River Etel, South Brittany, France
16 August 2015 | South Brittany, France
12 August 2015 | River Laita, South Brittany, France
04 August 2015 | Brittany, France
13 July 2015 | Vannes, Gulfe de Morbihan Brittany
13 July 2015 | Ile aux moines, Gulfe de Morbihan, Brittany
13 July 2015 | Ile d'Arz, Gulfe de Morbihan, Brittany
13 July 2015 | Anse de Pencastel
05 July 2015 | La Roche Bernard, Villaine River, Brittany
04 July 2015 | River Villaine, Brittany, France
04 July 2015 | Penerf River
03 July 2015 | Piric Sur Mer, Loire Atlantique, France
03 July 2015 | Les Sables d'Olonne, Quai Garnier
03 July 2015 | La Rochelle, Charante Maritime, France

Portland Bill

07 August 2011
Leaving Dartmouth early on Sunday a thick blanket of fog filled the river valley and spilt out of the harbour entrance. 45 miles across Lyme Bay lay ahead and as usual the wind was on the nose. After crossing the bay we were undecided about where to stop, maybe Studland Bay or continue on to Newtown Creek inside The Solent. The wind would decide, the faster we sailed the better it looked for heading closer to home.

Visibility was poor on a hazy day it was getting a bit boring with nothing to look at but mist. When suddenly the radio crackled to life with a mayday for an injured diver, quickly followed by a Pan Pan for a small boat adrift in the Portland Race and another for a 23ft motorboat sinking in Poole Harbour. It was all happening for Portland Coastguard.

Then it was all happening for us, less than an hour later a customs and excise cutter appeared out of the mist, circled across our bow and started to follow Taransay as she struggled against a foul tide five miles off Portland Bill. 'not transmitting on AIS' noticed Colin. When a big black rib with 4 men in black aboard launched we knew they could only be coming to see us.

Once aboard the 'Boss' offered us his ID. Colin remarked that it was probably easier to forge an ID than to pinch the Customs Cutter on our port quarter, he took the joke well. Phew! They were disappointed we had 'only' come from Dartmouth. We were not to know that the biggest UK drugs haul ever, found on a yacht off the Isle of Wight, had been discovered only last week. All other questions about drugs, immigrants and vat were answered with out joking and after inspecting the paperwork they jumped onboard the rib and vanished in the direction of Weymouth.

By dusk we were approaching The Needles Light. A big spring tide whisked us up through Hurst Narrows and on to Newtown Creek where we anchored just outside on peaceful Hampstead Ledge at 10pm.

Vessel Name: Taransay Mhor
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Conway, 36ft, fin keel, ketch. Designed by The Laurent Giles Partnership she was first registered at Lloyds of London in 1979. Find her on facebook,
Hailing Port: Portsmouth, England
Crew: Sandi and Colin
We took on Taransay Mhor several years ago as a project and refitted her. Eventually Taransay was as ready as any boat ever can be and it was time we committed to sailing more. During 2016 work will become a priority for both of us and that means the sailing will have to wait a while. [...]
Extra: Taransay is an island on the wild atlantic side of the Outer Hebrides, found off the west coast of Scotland. In the Celtic language, the attachment of the word 'mhor' to a name was often used to indicate that a person or place was considered great or honoured.
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