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In 2015 we have cruised slowly from North Brittany down to South Brittany and beyond.

16 September 2015 | South Brittany
23 August 2015 | South Brittany, France
20 August 2015 | South Brittany, France
18 August 2015 | River Etel, South Brittany, France
16 August 2015 | South Brittany, France
12 August 2015 | River Laita, South Brittany, France
04 August 2015 | Brittany, France
13 July 2015 | Vannes, Gulfe de Morbihan Brittany
13 July 2015 | Ile aux moines, Gulfe de Morbihan, Brittany
13 July 2015 | Ile d'Arz, Gulfe de Morbihan, Brittany
13 July 2015 | Anse de Pencastel
05 July 2015 | La Roche Bernard, Villaine River, Brittany
04 July 2015 | River Villaine, Brittany, France
04 July 2015 | Penerf River
03 July 2015 | Piric Sur Mer, Loire Atlantique, France
03 July 2015 | Les Sables d'Olonne, Quai Garnier
03 July 2015 | La Rochelle, Charante Maritime, France

End of the Season Already

22 September 2011 | Gosport
A 'Misainier' sails past the Old Semaphore, Benodet, South Brittany
Looking back on our sailing season finds a pair of rose tinted specs firmly in place. We had a fantastic time at Easter exploring Poole Harbour and enjoying the fine weather, summer in Brittany was equally enjoyable but the weather was more unsettled. A theme that has continued in to an early autumn for the UK.
In a year when it took a week to cross The Channel to Cherbourg due to strong winds we explored further than ever before, reaching the Gulfe de Morbihan in South Brittany. Taransay transformed into a submarine entering the Alderney Race, a flashback of a mesmerising jade sea sweeping from bow to sprayhood still haunts our memory. On a quieter day flying the cruising chute from Guernsey to L Aberwrach with the Dolphins and their young calves at the bow was inspiring. The 4am start before an exhilarating passage down the Chenel du Four and Raz de Sein was followed by an enforced delay when the boat accidently dried out on the quayside at Ste Evette. What did she think she was doing.
Now I've started the memories keep coming, a rainy night sheltering up the Odet River moored in the shadow of a fairytale chateax. An idyllic anchorage at Treach er Goured on Île de Houat that turned in to an uncomfortable lee shore at 2am. The muddy scramble to launch our dinghy after lunch in Saint-Goustan on the Auray River and anchoring under the cliffs on the Crozon Peninsular, to finish a foggy passage up the Chenel du Four, what a year.
Finally, after enjoying our fair share of sunshine and showers on our return to England her Majesty's Border Agency welcomed us with a personal visit five miles offshore at Portland Bill.
On the 30th October Colin and I will be giving a short presentation on North Brittany at the Cruising Association's HQ in Limehouse, London as part of the Northern France and Channel Islands launch day.
Vessel Name: Taransay Mhor
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Conway, 36ft, fin keel, ketch. Designed by The Laurent Giles Partnership she was first registered at Lloyds of London in 1979. Find her on facebook,
Hailing Port: Portsmouth, England
Crew: Sandi and Colin
We took on Taransay Mhor several years ago as a project and refitted her. Eventually Taransay was as ready as any boat ever can be and it was time we committed to sailing more. During 2016 work will become a priority for both of us and that means the sailing will have to wait a while. [...]
Extra: Taransay is an island on the wild atlantic side of the Outer Hebrides, found off the west coast of Scotland. In the Celtic language, the attachment of the word 'mhor' to a name was often used to indicate that a person or place was considered great or honoured.
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