TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

It's Bigger on the Inside

02 March 2021 | ICW - Miami to Stuart
14 February 2021 | Key Biscayne Bight
01 February 2021 | Buttonwood Sound
29 January 2021 | Upper Keys - Key Largo
16 January 2021 | Big Spanish Channel
08 January 2021 | Lower Keys - North Side 7 Mile Bridge
31 December 2020 | Islamorada - Near Lorelie's Tiki Bar
18 December 2020 | Card Sound - Long Arsenicker
09 December 2020 | Lake Sylvia, Ft Lauderdale
30 November 2020 | Peck Lake - near Stuart Inlet on ICW
02 March 2020
27 February 2020 | North Cat Cay
23 February 2020 | North Central Bahamas
20 February 2020
15 February 2020 | North Central Exumas
07 February 2020 | Little Farmer's Cay
03 February 2020 | Little Farmer's Cay
25 January 2020 | South Central Exumas
18 January 2020 | McDuff's Grill & Resort

Cruising the ICW Miami to Stuart

02 March 2021 | ICW - Miami to Stuart
Eileen Leonard & Charlie Brehob | Winter in Florida - Better then in Indiana
For the past two weeks TARDIS has been moving northward in the ICW. After 46 bridges, a few storms and 9 anchorages, we are in Pendarvis Cove in Palm City. The is our last anchorage before arriving at Indiantown Marina and tying up to a dock. Our first time at a dock since we left there on November 26, 2020. 97 nights on the hook. Only one time did we drag. Gotta love our ground tackle.

This is the Old Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart. It's actually 3 bridges in a very narrow space with strong current. This was the last bridge we went through before anchoring at our final spot today.

Miami - West Venetian Bridge

Our trip from Miami started here with a squall. It looked something like this about the time the bridge tender called us on the VHF and told us the bridge was broken.

After an hour of so of hovering between the bridges the bridges, maintenance people replaced one of the gates and we were on our way.

Later we decided hanging out here in 30-40 knots of wind was a good thing!

We took this photo the morning we left Key Biscayne Bight on the way to Miami. We were trying to time the storms to get north of Miami and anchor.

After getting past Miami we anchored in University Cove near Oleta River State Park. You never would have known you were near Miami. Turned out to be a great spot to stop for the night.

Our 2nd stop was at Lake Sylvia in Fort Lauderdale where we spent 5 nights while a front passed with strong winds. We made one trip to Southport Oyster Bar and Winn Dixie. The new Marina is sure going to change the view when it's completed.

The last day we were there we explored the channels near downtown Fort Lauderdale.

On Monday the 17th we headed for Lake Boca. We found traveling on the ICW is no fun on the weekend. For the next five days we moved about 15nm daily which takes a little over 3 hours including anchoring. It's a nice way to spend a day.

On the 23rd we got off the boat in Lantana and had an early dinner at Key Lime Cafe, oldest bar on coast.

The next day we headed to North Lake Worth which took us through West Palm. One of the most difficult bridges is the temporary bridge at Southern Blvd. It's very difficult to tell when the road has stopped moving up from the water. And there is a barge blocking over half of the opening.

After North Lake Worth we spent one night at the north end of Hobe Sound near Jupiter Island Club. Here we anchored close to the ICW since it is so narrow. Lots of traffic and lots of rocking. One night was enough. It's a beautiful area.

That's us

Full Moon

The next morning, Friday, we left for Peck Lake so we could be there over the weekend. This is the Hobe Sound bridge. This was a short trip, only 5nm.

Glad we didn't pass this barge with tow at the bridge. This was just after we went through.

Peck Lake - St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park

This area is amazing. Here are a few photos from the beach. One day we went to the beach at high tide in the morning and back again late in the afternoon at low tide. On the ocean side the tides are about 3.5' during the full moon while we were there. Looking south.

To the north

Lot's of birds

And big waves

The dunes are big too

Our anchorage is about 100 yards from the path to the beach. Nice!

Valentine's Day Update

14 February 2021 | Key Biscayne Bight
Eileen Leonard & Charlie Brehob | Hot, mid 80's & Sunny. Winds SE 10-15
Happy Valentine's Day! TARDIS is anchored with about 300 other celebrators at Key Biscayne Bight after a 20nm sail from Elliott Key. Boats vary from GIANT 150+ to tiny foiling kite boards. Key Biscayne Police are here to keep the peace with a rowdy crowd. Fun to watch but we'll be happy when the 3-day President's Weekend is over and we can resume our northward journey in the ICW with less boat traffic.

Here are a few of the most interesting vessels as they pass by our location. We're further from shore than where we've anchored before.

From Dawn to Dusk the views are spectacular.

We're in the mecca of small boat racing and this weekend is exceptional. While the races are not directly here, many of the young sailors pass close by. Pretty Cool!

Barnes Sound, Narrow Point - Alabama Jack's

Alabama Jack's is an institution on Card Sound Road along the way to the north end of Key Largo from Miami. TARDIS anchored outside a small mangrove channel, then took Space Patrol directly to the bar located in the NW corner of Barnes Sound on the 10th. It was a fun stop with good food. Most of the patrons arrived by Harley and it was a lively crowd.

The next day we sailed almost 20 miles from Barnes Sound, through Little Card Sound and Card Sound, finishing off Elliott Key in Key Biscayne. Elliott Key is a Florida State Park. We didn't go to shore therefore no pics but here we are under sail along the way. This is the final bridge before Miami, Card Sound Road.

This is Elliott Key where we spent the night with two other boats.

Blackwater Sound - Blackwater Siren

TARDIS spent one night in front of Gilbert's Beach Bar to purchase 10g diesel and eat across the channel at one of our favorite local hangout, Blackwater Siren. Our server went to Broad Ripple HS in the early 70's. Hard worker, been here ever since we think.

It's the white building on the right.

Marriott Anchorage - Blackwater Sound

TARDIS returned and anchored in front of the Key Largo Marriott. They let you leave the dinghy at their dock for as long as you want. Charlie needed a hose to fix the fuel line leak and West Marine is next to the hotel. We took advantage of the nice dock and bar hopped to 4 beach bars just north of the Marriott.

This is the Carribean Club. It was the last project by Carl Fisher who built the 500 and Miami Beach among other things. Key Largo, starring Humphrey Bogart, was filmed here, their stake to fame. They serve no food and Bud bottles are just $2.50. What a place.

Hobie's are sold next to the Club.

Our next stop was Snook's. Not as fun and beers $5 but everyone wear's masks.

We had a bite to eat and $4 happy hour beers at a mexican joint. Not too bad.

And one final stop for another expensive beer here.

As always, everyone is masked. They don't seem to mind wearing them all the time either.

This guy was outside with his peace pipe. The only one we saw without a mask on our bar hop.

Marvin D Adams Waterway

While at the anchorage we took time to dinghy to Largo Sound on the other side of US 1. Great stop with many interesting things to see and unusual houses built long ago. Somehow all survive the many hurricanes through the years.

This is the 4 bars, the Marriott and TARDIS from the hotel.

Tarpon Basin - Feb 4-9

Big winds, 25+ for several days kept TARDIS in Tarpon Basin. We moved anchorage one time when the wind went from SW to N which allowed us to easily stock up at the local Publix and visit a fish market. Yummy - many meals.

This one is for Cap'n O

Upper Keys Sailing Club - racing & area sites

01 February 2021 | Buttonwood Sound
Eileen Leonard & Charlie Brehob | Overcast with moderate winds - great for sailboat racing
TARDIS took us a couple miles to the south last weekend to Buttonwood Sound where we anchored a few hundred yards north of Key Largo in front of Key Lime Resort, very near to Upper Keys Sailing Club. Saturday was the 'Black Betty' PHRF race and Sunday was the 'Club Championship' Portsmouth Regatta.

Since Saturday's race was a long distance race we didn't get to watch much so we went to shore to mail birthday cards and have a quick bite to eat on the beach of Snooks Beach Bar. The sailboat racing took place in front of here on Sunday.

Saturday's race consisted of maybe 5 or 6 boats ranging from a Flying Scot up to a 40 footer with black racing sails. There was a Catamaran, a Trimaran and a Non-Such (Freedom Rig) too. What a variety! There wasn't anything to get photos of since the boats were gone most of the day.

We took afternoon and explored a few canals. Each area we visit is different and this area certainly is. The canals are narrow, not much new construction either. Most of the houses are right on the water and the sea walls are not very high. Must have allot of flooding here.

Sunday was the small boat regatta. One course had FJ's and Opti's. The Opti's are always a favorite of ours. The kids are so darn cute!

On the bigger course were a variety of dinghies including several Force 5s, a single Flying Scot and 5 Foiling Moth's. It was fun to watch. It was obvious there was a mix of sailing abilities from beginner to expert. And varied ages, old like us, and young. Both men and women too.

This guy had a little trouble rounding the mark. He got back on and continues quickly.

Getting a moth going looked difficult and definitely wet. They start on the beach on their side since the foil is in the way. They carry the boat in the water, it only weighs 66 lbs, and try to get on. One kept flipping over every time he got on. Looked tiring.

I'm not sure you could sail one unless it was foiling. The boat is only 11' long. But once you get it going, it's fast. They've been clocked over 30k.

Back to Tarpon Basin after the weekend for the next front

A front came through early Monday morning so we wanted a protected anchorage. We got very lucky, the squalls with 40-50k of wind split and went north and south of us. TARDIS got a small bath. Here's the front as it passed around 8am Monday.

That's our neighbor.

It's Tuesday the 2nd of February and the ground hog saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of winter, perfect for us. We head back 2nd week of March.

His & Her Cups

Traveling North - exploring slowly, rescuing paddleboarders

29 January 2021 | Upper Keys - Key Largo
Eileen Leonard & Charlie Brehob | Sunny with NE winds 15-20
Today, Friday, finds TARDIS back in Tarpon Basin, off Key Largo, for a front that passed yesterday that brought 25-30k winds from the north Thursday morning. The photo is what a grassy bottom looks like in calm conditions and what we had when we arrived Wednesday afternoon. Grass bottom is tricky and prone to anchor dragging. Well, it did about 8am when the wind picked up and turned 180 degrees from south to north. We quickly weighed anchor and reset in the same spot. It had a bushel basket worth of mud on it. So far, so good. The anchor has not moved in over 24 hours in strong winds. We've been to Tarpon Basin before. This time we anchored on the north side of the ICW in the basin about 100 yards off the north shore and there's allot of boat traffic. We're in the Everglades National Park.

Last night our neighbor stopped came by. He had to get a photo of TARDIS. His 1st two boats in the 60's were named the same. What fun! His daughter still owns the first one, 1963 26' sloop.

Windley Key - Oceanview Pub

Tuesday TARDIS made a return visit to Oceanview Pub since we liked it so much. They actually welcome cruisers here! Make it easy to dock your dinghy, place to put trash and outside seating with very reasonable prices for really good grub.

Cool boats in the anchorage. This one might look well used but it sports new canvas and rigging and the sailor works on it all day, every day as far as we can tell.

Islamorada - North shore

TARDIS spent two nights off the north shore. This time we anchored at the north end of the anchorage to give us more space and less boat traffic. It's still a runway for seaplanes. That's not a boat at the bar!

We didn't go to Lorelie's this trip but went to Key Brewery instead, two times actually. Their craft beer is good. They use food trucks for variety, and the beer garden is great. Entirely different experience each time we were there. There's a public launch ramp that works well for cruisers, although crowded. Wish we had wheels for Space Patrol to get her off the beach.

Key Brewery has many things interesting things growing in their beer garden.

And scary, too.

The Upper Keys has a 20nm stretch of shallow waters. Sometimes you can only go at high tides. The tide change is under a foot along here. While it doesn't seem much, it makes a huge difference. At the shallowest spot was 5'3" at mid time that we saw. TARDIS draw's 4'8" fully loaded. If there are waves, you can see how difficult it may be, even for us.

Matecumbe Key

We stopped on the north shore of Matecumbe Key for two nights of calm weather. Here we went to shore to go to Mr. Lobster, a fish market. Sure glad we did. So far we've had 4 meals(with 1 to go) of Mahi tuna and shrimp locally caught for $65. Yummy!

The canals here are fun to explore.

On the 2nd evening here, just before sunset, we were enjoying a 'sun downer' with our shrimp looking at the sunset when a somewhat panicked young man approached on a paddleboard asking for help. His girl friend was having a panic attack because she didn't think she could make it back to shore. We could barely see her in the distance, maybe 1/2 mile away. After some thought, Charlie dropped the dinghy and towed the young man to rescue his girl. No way to tow two adults on paddleboards the mile to Mr. Lobster where they rented the boards, so both climbed aboard Space Patrol, Covid-be-damned. Making a long story short, Charlie returned to TARDIS an hour later in the dark after having met a very nice 28 yr old couple. He from Guatemala, she from Miami on what may be a first date. They paddled 2.5m to a small island not knowing about currents. Easy going with the current, about impossible returning against it. After receiving a lecture from Capt'n C they were left on shore at their car. Hopefully, they have learned a lesson.

Marathon - Vaca Key North

We had some great weather the week after leaving the Lower Keys and hanging out in the Middle Keys. TARDIS' crew hung out at Marathon for four days. One day was spent provisioning. We found a spot to tie up in a marina resort that will remain unnamed as we promised the dockmaster not to tell anyone. He does not want a marina full of dinghies.

As always, we seem to find old cars at a roadside repair shop. The one in the foreground is a Mach I, is that an Edsel or Buick inside the garage?

Grocery shopping complete a return trip to Key's Fisheries was up next.

While there, Eileen stayed with the dinghy while Charlie made a BEERRUN and along the way found where crab traps are built by hand. If you look carefully you can see the craftsman busily hammering away under the big white tent.

While at Marathon we walked to City Marina to get our FREE welcome bag of goodies for cruisers. This is where about 300 cruisers live on mooring balls. Interesting place but not our 'cup of tea'.

7 Mile Bridge

The day we crossed from Bahia Honda to Vaca Key along the 7 mile bridge it was a dead calm. Easy to see the crab pots!

Very serene...

Bahia Honda State Park

TARDIS left the Big Spanish Channel on Sunday, January 17th for Bahia Honda State Park. The holding in the anchorage north of the park is 6 inches of sand/mud over coral and not good in any kind of a blow. Fortunately, it was calm but cloudy and we got to spend a few hours in the park exploring. Well worth the time if you ever get the chance to go there.

This is the harbor. I suppose you can take your boat in for the day to tie up but we took the dinghy.

This is the old 7 mile bridge. It was first constructed to carry trains. The highway was built on top of the train tracks for the 7 mile trip to Pine Island to the south. Must have been difficult to build these structures over open water like they did.

TARDIS is off in the distance by the middle pole.

The ocean side...

Old buildings. Too bad they are not open because of Covid. We would have liked to learn more.

Our final nite in the Lower Keys. Sunset at Bahia Honda.

Big Spanish Channel - Motor Trouble

16 January 2021 | Big Spanish Channel
Eileen Leonard & Charlie Brehob | Florida Winter - Coldest January in 20 years they say
TARDIS's motor was becoming harder to start. Moving further away from Marathon was a BAD idea, so we decided to hang around the area for the week while Charlie diagnosed the diesel. While changing the fuel filters he identified a leak in a fuel line. Since the filter changes and bleeding the fuel lines TARDIS has started as expected each time. TARDIS anchored in 4 locations during the past week. There's not much to do here and with the exception of the area near the bridge there's no where to get off the boat due to the mangroves.

Our first AND last stop was SE of Little Pine Island where we are now. The 8th of January blog is the day we arrived. These are from last night in a dead calm.

And today in 20k of NW wind. The shoals and Little Pine Island protect TARDIS from the waves but little from the wind. The pink spot in the map is where we are right now.

Charlie made water, tended to the bilge and composting head while Eileen read on the deck. Charlie had the better end of the deal, it was WARM and out of the COOL north wind. Eileen hunkered down on the bow with a good read.

Little Spanish Key

Our 2nd stop when the winds were light and variable is in the north on the map. Charlie went fishing around the Key and never got a bite.

Upon returning to the boat, Charlie rigged this little fish on the pole and threw it overboard not expecting anything to happen. It was left on the deck by a sea gull a few days earlier.

Sometime later this 3 foot Hammerhead Shark had dinner. After fighting it for 15 minutes or so, Charlie released it by cutting the line. No way this fella is coming aboard!

NO NAME KEY - Boogie Bridge - formerly Old Wooden Bridge was here

We moved south to our third anchorage to go to the NO NAME PUB. Both of us had been here multiple times over the past 30 years. It's an institution in the Keys if you can find it. Sure was easier coming by water!

Entering the anchorage you must go over an area reported to be shoaling. We went in on a flooding tide and saw 5'6" in the lowest spot. Plenty for our 4'6" draft. It was a little nerve racking at the time.

The dinghy landing is in the Old Wooden Bridge Marina which is a fishing camp now with Aquahuts. A couple hundred bucks gets you a 2 bedroom houseboat for the night. You can't leave however.

It was a short walk to the pub with interesting things along the way.

We got there and had a great lunch in a very large Tiki Hut in the back.

This is a Key Deer Refuge and they are everywhere.

A front was approaching so we only stayed one night by the bridge. They say waves can be 4 foot here with a strong N wind against the current under the bridge. We moved north in the channel and anchored off the NE end of Big Pine. There used to be many livaboards here when we sailed our Hobie Tandem Island a number of years ago. Two Hurricanes have visited here, Irma 2018, and ETA 2020.

Eileen baked and Charlie drew to pass the time.

We're off to Bahia Honda Anchorage this morning (Sunday, 1/17) then back to Marathon for provisions and a BEERRUN! Maybe turn on the TV and watch the inauguration too, we hope.
Vessel Name: TARDIS
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Tartan 37C
Hailing Port: Indianapolis, Indiana
Crew: Charlie Brehob, Time Lord; Eileen Leonard, Companion
Lifetime avid, formerly competive, sailors who had their own J-24's. Eileen owns "Fun Police" and Charlie owned "Beerrun" sailing at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis. Both have owned numerous types of sailboats and have a great deal of experience in many types of small sailboats. [...]
A properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior, which can blend in with its surroundings through the ship's chameleon circuit. TARDIS has just undergone a ten year restoration after [...]
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