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02 March 2019
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Lantana to Lake Sylvia - Fort Lauderdale

21 December 2018 | Lake Sylvia - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Windy - gusts to 30 for two days
It's Friday afternoon in Fort Lauderdale, FL and we've been anchored in Lake Sylvia for three days. Today is the second day we're confined to the boat due to the wind. It's WINDY! The photo above is when we anchored on the 18th. That big catamaran is 76' long. It's gone now, thankfully, as it took a big spot in the anchorage. It's been blowing over 20k for two days now. We've had a number of gusts over 30 this afternoon.

This is a great opportunity for TARDIS and crew to get used to wind as it will be like this in the Bahamas often. Eileen helped Charlie make a new anchor snubber. Here she is using her toes to find the middle of 45' of 5/8" three strand braid.

The 'snubber' has two lines that lead from the anchor chain and up each side of the bow roller. This takes a tremendous load off the roller and allows the chain to ride lower in the water.

The new tackle is working great!

We can track our position using the anchor alarm in Aqua Maps which is free to use! Here's what it looks like. The lines are where we were overnight. Note the wind change.

Fort Lauderdale is the mecca for yacht gear. The largest West Marine is just a 2m walk from the dinghy dock at Southport Raw Bar. For $10 you can leave the dinghy, go shopping and then use your coupon for food. It's a great place, a favorite of ours.

On the first night trip back from the bar after dark, SPACE PATROL got pulled over by the Fort Lauderdale Police. This is a good thing! The officer was nice and we learned what we needed for the future. Luckily, we had everything with us and we only needed to turn on the red/green light. The police here are very active which makes us feel comfortable when venturing about.


We left West Palm Beach on December 15th and headed to Lantana 8nm away.

The 2nd bridge we encountered this day was the Southern Blvd bridge at Mar-a-Lago. The guy on the right just passed us, waking us badly. Some people don't care that they are responsible for their wake.

The barge with tow behind us had a few choice words for him on the radio. The power boat guy bailed out at the marina just past the bridge, what was the hurry.

After three hours we arrived at Lantana. We spent two nights, provisioned, made water and watched IU-BUTLER BB at OLD KEY LIME HOUSE, Florida's oldest seaside bar they say. Nice spot if you don't mind paying $7.25 for a pint of Sam Adams (Charlie didn't like this!).

The area is decorated.

You can see TARDIS at anchor. There were only two other boats here. It gets a little 'wavy' with all the fishing boats coming and going to the ramp at all hours. SPACE PATROL is tied to the dock next to the boat ramp.

Lake Boca Raton - 2nd Stop

On the 17th TARDIS headed 15.5nm further south to Lake Boca Raton. There are lots a bridges on the ICW.

After one night there we left for Fort Lauderdale, 17nm away.

The trip down started with the first bridge at the south end of Lake Boca Raton, Camino Real Bridge, closed for maintenance. This was a tight squeeze!

There are some pretty bridges too.

We went through 8 bridges in all on this part of the trip. We also stopped at a Marina and fueled up. 35g Diesel topped off TARDIS's 50g fuel tank. This with the 20g on deck may just take us until March. The good 'ol boys' at Cove Yacht Basin Marina on the south side of Hillsboro Blvd Bridge were great! Easy in and out for TARDIS.

There are also large houses and bigger boats.

At one of the anchorages we played a game of Political Scrabble.

After 28 Bridges...Captain Calm prevailed.

Vessel Name: TARDIS
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Tartan 37C
Hailing Port: Indianapolis, Indiana
Crew: Charlie Brehob, Time Lord; Eileen Leonard, Companion
Lifetime avid, formerly competive, sailors who had their own J-24's. Eileen owns "Fun Police" and Charlie owned "Beerrun" sailing at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis. Both have owned numerous types of sailboats and have a great deal of experience in many types of small sailboats. [...]
A properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior, which can blend in with its surroundings through the ship's chameleon circuit. TARDIS has just undergone a ten year restoration after [...]
Home Page: http://www.funrunnersinc.com/
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