TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

It's Bigger on the Inside

30 June 2006 | Mobile, AL

Peck Lake Florida Anchorage

06 December 2018 | Peck Lake, FL
Great Spot for Northerlies Coming Thru
After spending two nights at Pendarvis Cove on the Indian River we headed to Peck Lake on the ICW, only one bridge to open on this short 12.2nm three hour journey.

Old Roosevelt Bridge

We passed this anchorage last spring and thought it looked promising. We obviously like it it as we've been anchored here for 7 nights.

Peck Lake, FL

The views have been spectacular! A parade of beautiful boats of all sizes come and go, too.

Sunset at Peck Lake

This is the cold front at it passed a couple days ago. Somehow marker G19 was caught when it flashed.

Sunset Cold Front

There were a few rain events this week also as the front tried to move through. And at night there was lightning show well off shore to the east several nights in a row.

Rainbow over the Atlantic

When it wasn't too windy we enjoyed taking rides on 'SPACE PATROL', our 8'6" Highfield Aluminum bottom dinghy with a new 5hp Tohatsu. Charlie is working on motor break in.

Space Patrol

We took interesting side trips through the mangroves and to the public access to drop trash.

And take to the beach. That's TARDIS in the background.

Jupiter Island

The beach here is sparingly used as you can only get here by water. FL Parks brings a few people across the ICW by pontoon but most arrive by boat or dinghy. The first time we walked thru the trail to the beach, about 50 yards, we were amazed. It was windy on the beach.

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Looking South into the wind

And north, no one here!

We made this trip several times during the week for three mile walks. Just like home, ha!

We stopped often to watch the commercial fisherman just yards offshore hauling in fish after fish.

During the week we also did boat chores. There's always something to do. The biggest job was starting up the water maker. The first time was an all day job for Charlie, finding loose water connections, running a larger gauge electric wire for the boost pump, etc. At the end of the day, it worked, and we made 40 gallons of water our first time. Exciting stuff!!!

It's a maze of hoses and wires. Cruise RO has the best instructions which makes it easy, sort of.

We put the watermaker in a V-berth closet and the motor and membranes where the holding tank used to be (we now have a composting head-story for another day).

We chose a 110AC version watermaker so that the process is fast, making just over a half a gallon an hour. That's 30g in about an hour which fills one of our two water tanks. Our Honda 2000 generator powers the unit and we can charge phones, batteries at the same time.

Now that TARDIS can make it's own water we use more. We've made water three times this week enabling us to keep the boat so clean now, and so are we - longer showers.

The anchor stop was moved this week to fit the larger Rochna Anchor. Epoxy work...

And the noisy cabin hatch got new teflon slide material epoxied in. Having the hatch closed to weight the slides while the epoxy hardened created a head obstacle...thus a new use for Charlie's hat.

We ate well, thanks to CHEF Queen Eileen at the stove.

Eileen found time to start reading from her library, finishing two books early in the week. Only 40 to go!

Charlie found time to blog in his quarters.

All the while listening to tunes, podcasts and political news.

Adventure Begins - 2018/19

29 November 2018 | Pendarvis Cove, Stuart FL
Cool, dry but Sunny
After 17 days at Indiantown Marina working on TARDIS, we headed NE up the St. Lucie River and anchored in Pendarvis Cove Anchorage in Stuart, FL.

This is the same anchorage we spent the night in last March. It's quiet and easy here, the way we like it to get our cruising hat on. We're with about a dozen boats, several from the marina.

It's simply amazing when you get away from the dock, where you can't see much, to the views an anchorage provides. No BUGS either!

But then it got down to 38 the first night. We used our Origo 5100 HEAT PAL that was purchased last year and rarely used.

The 18NM trip up the St. Lucie is pretty much a straight shot until you get to Stuart area, when it begins to wind.

Looking forward

This was the first time TARDIS used it's new Autopilot. It worked great the first time out. Can't wait to test it under sail with waves and see how it does then. It sure will be nice to to have. The auto pilot that came with the boat was original and at least 30 years old. It was never dependable.

Looking Back

Today's trip was relatively easy with just RR swing bridge that we had to wait to open just outside Indianatown Marina, and the LOCK!

The St. Lucie Lock was easy going down 12' compared to March, when we went up 12'. Much thanks to the great lock tenders and our preparation, which was much better this time.

St Lucie Lock

When we got to our anchorage we used our Sena SHH10 Bluetooth headsets. It was nice to just talk to each other rather then using hand signals and yelling.

We anchored in 8.5' of water at high tide and put out 90' of chain on our brand new ROCHNA 44lb Anchor.

After a nice Spaghetti dinner prepared by chef Eileen and a hot shower it was time to retire and feel the boat rock at anchor....ah!!!!

Getting Wet & Prepping Boat

14 November 2018 | Indiantown Marina, FL
Sunny, hot & humid, upper 80's
Today is launch day. Indiantown Marina travel lift operators, Jesse & Alex, are the best. The one thing I've learned about this marina is that they run on time - all the time. If you have a 1pm launch the travel lift is at your boat and you better be ready. We were! One thing we learned after being in the business is if you want to be on their 'good' list, don't mess with the schedule. Here they launch 1 BIG boat an hour.

Picking Tardis Up

It takes about 10m for Jesse to drive the travel lift to the well, another 5m to drop her in.

Going In

You climb aboard while the straps are still under the boat and check all the thru hulls for leaks, while trying to calm yourself down. Once you confirm there are no leaks Alex and Jesse pull you forward and you tie up, start the motor for the first time in 8 months. Hoping she fires up and that you did everything in order all the while taking deep breaths to try to relax. TARDIS started immediately. Whew!


Now you have about 30m left to warm up the motor and move to the assigned slip. OK, which way does the prop wash move the boat while in reverse? We only put one little scratch in the hull this time. Yeah. Luckily we picked a nice wide slip - 20' and we're only 11'6" wide. Easy. Ha

Tiny 37' Boat

We look kinda small next to the trawlers on each side. This was our home for the next 2 weeks while summer work was finished. Great dock with lot's of new people to meet. We had alot of fun getting to know our neighbors, make friends and party!

The week before the holiday is ''Thanksgiving Rendezvous" at Indiantown Marina. Boy do they do it right! They put up a giant tent, have food & beverages Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and on Thanksgiving a feast, each party with GOOD live bands, too.

Big Top

We're guessing 150+ people attended the events. We met people from all over the world. On Saturday, cousins Don & Gail Buck (no photos - darn!) and Joe Traub joined us for the first party, FREE beer & food for all!

While we didn't take photos of the parties, this is where it was. Great place!

At night the palm trees are all lit up and the place is packed with partiers.

TARDIS is docked on the left about 1/2 way down the cove. Boats come and go all the time after launching and provisioning, making this marina ever changing and busy place.

Indiantown Marina Docks

So what did we do for two weeks while at the dock?

First and most important we had visitors. Charlie's cousins were the first to arrive on Saturday. We hung out, had lunch in town, and planned meeting up in the spring hopefully. It was great to see them again. Same day, Joe showed up to help with electrical work. We can't thank JOE enough for taking 3 days out of his life to help us AGAIN. Here we are relaxing with RUM after a day of work!

Relaxing after a hard day

Joe wired the 1) Watermaker, 2) Inverter and 3) Autohelm. It would have taken Charlie weeks to do what Joe did in 3 days, AND it looks professional too! Thanks Joe.

After the wiring was in place, Charlie finished up plumbing the watermaker. What a maze of water lines of various colors and sizes!

Time will tell if it works.

We also picked up the dinghy, applied the registration numbers, and got it set up in the davits.

Eileen varnished the floor.

Charlie installed the bluetooth stereo with remote so we can play all the music Dan Walker sent.

Since we were working and had not provisioned food yet, we opted to breakfasts at Crackers Cafe in town and dinners at Guatemex Restaurant at night, both great places.

Eileen and Charlie worked on setting up the Jerry cans on deck.

There was so much more we did to get ready to go but finally it was time to 'get out of dodge' and relax in our home. The salon has a new look thanks to Patty Hole who made our new cushions this summer.

Time to go

10 November 2018 | Travel to FL
Cold to Hot
It's Saturday, November 10, 2018 - DEPARTURE DAY.

It barely seemed like we home nearly 8 months since we returned to Indy last March from our grand adventure around Florida by water.

Our houses are winterized, the Tahoe and U-Haul are loaded, the cars and tractors are parked, and we're off. It's 4pm and neither of us have eaten since early morning. First stop Franklin, IN for Mexican. Yum!

2nd stop is Chattanooga, TN for the night at 11pm. There were basketball games to listen to, passing the time.

Sunday took us to our home for the next 5 nights while TARDIS was still on the hard and sole varnishing was going on.

Here's where we stayed, an AirBnB in Stuart, FL for only $45 per night. What a deal.

While we unloaded the boat and did the things that only can be done on land, where we changed the Zincs, buff/wax the part of the hull along the waterline, finish davit installation and more.

While we like Indiantown Marina, we do NOT like where the boat was stored. There is no water, no electric power, frogs, bugs and mildew a plenty. Time will tell if we can get a better spot here next year or find another yard to haul out.

It was nice driving from Indiantown to Stuart daily. It gave us a chance to stop for breakfast and dinner and pick up things we needed. On the first night there on Sunday we went to a waterfront restaurant about 10m before closing. Matt served us with a smile while he closed up. We had to be on our best behavior, not talk politics (although we did), while under the watchful eye of Eileen's evil twin - ELENA



19 March 2018
Here's out 2017-18 path. The pink stars are our anchorage locations.

This anchor is the best. This year we anchored every single night from November 20th until we got to Indiantown on March 8th. There was only one instance when the anchor did not hold and just one instance when it was tough to bring up. Both in the same location. Not sure but the bottom was hard and might have caught in coral or rock.

On another occasion after 30 knots of wind overnight our GPS showed we moved about 20'

At some point, we hope to have a link to the list of anchorages for those who might want to try one of our anchorages. We found each and every anchorage on ACTIVE CAPTAIN and highly recommend it's use. It's a crowd sourcing on line program.

Time for Reading

18 March 2018 | Florida
When you are traveling on a boat you find free books in various places like laundromats, marina bathrooms, restaurants. Eileen picked this book up because of the title and this one BLEW US AWAY. get it?

Eileen is a total magazine junkie at home but on a boat she has time to read books. She caught up on some classics that she never had read.

In this photo there are two books, the one on the bottom is another Hemingway, "To Have and Have Not". This book was so old that the title is unreadable and the book is stinky

Eileen decided to reread some Gonzo, considering current events.

Here's a couple hilarious books Eileen picked up

When the opportunity presented itself and we found used bookstores...

This book came from Don Buck about a young woman working in Turkey. It was amazing and taught us allot about Turkey.

This was a pick up book about a young woman working in Sri Lanka, also amazing and heartbreaking.

We also both read allot of Florida escape, crime books. Silly books. This is one of Eileen's favorite authors.

Don gave us several books including these two.

Eileen read all of these...we think

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Lifetime avid, formerly competive, sailors who had their own J-24's. Eileen owns "Fun Police" and Charlie owned "Beerrun" sailing at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis. Both have owned numerous types of sailboats and have a great deal of experience in many types of small sailboats. [...]
A properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior, which can blend in with its surroundings through the ship's chameleon circuit. TARDIS has just undergone a ten year restoration after [...]
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