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03 March 2018 | ICW - Ft Lauderdale to Jupiter
24 February 2018 | Ocean Reef, FL
23 February 2018 | Tavnerier and Tarpon Basin
16 February 2018 | Marathon to Islamorada
10 February 2018 | Boot Key - Marathon FL
31 January 2018 | Pine Island Sound
24 January 2018 | Punta Gorda, FL
21 January 2018
11 January 2018
06 January 2018 | Ten Thousand Islands, FL
31 December 2017 | Russell Pass - Near Everglades City, FL
29 December 2017 | Ding Darling, Ft Myers & Marco
17 December 2017 | Roosevelt Channel
09 December 2017 | Pelican Bay, FL
23 November 2017 | Punta Gorda, FL
10 November 2017 | Indianapolis, IN
06 September 2017 | J & R Marine Services

Hobe Sound Anchorage to Port Salerno

07 March 2018
Waiting on the M. S. POOP and had a little time to take care of business and blog. TARDIS left Monday 3/5 after the winds subsided some. About 3am this morning the wind died and we could hear the ROAR of the ocean. Small craft advisory until late Wednesday had been issued. Atlantic seas up to 15' crashing onto the coast just the other side of the sound where we were anchored. Stepping outside the boat in the middle of the night and hearing the roar was simply amazing.

We were in no hurry since we only were going a couple hours up to the north end of Jupiter Island then pass through the crossroads at Port Lucie Inlet. There we got to see the crashing waves at the Jetty. NO WAY we're going east and into the Atlantic! It's a hectic crossroads with ever changing channels and shoals. Nerve racking...adrenaline flowing - easy passage - ha!

The tools of passage make a huge difference for Captain Calm and First Mate Queen's happiness.

We turned south into Manatee Pocket at Port Salerno and immediately found a spot to anchor. There are two anchorages here and city regulations require you anchor in one of the two triangles formed. We were being followed by a trawler all the way up today and into the crowded anchorage. TARDIS ground tackle again grabbed and we were set. The trawler on the other hand tried 3 different spots in the same anchorage, drug each time and finally left. Either his ground tackle was inferior, picked poor spots or was moving too fast not allowing the anchor to set. The latter is what we think.

Beautiful spot.

We dropped in the kayak and took a tour of the canals and looked for a dinghy dock for Tuesday land excursion.

Cooked, relaxed and enjoyed the sunset.

Tuesday after breakfast we left on the kayak. This is TARDIS in the perfect spot. We're getting better at placing her in a crowded anchorage, always learning.

Charlie located a business "A Sailor's Place - Worldwide Inflatables". It became evident this winter that we would need more than a kayak in the Bahamas so the research started on Davits for a T37 and Dinghies.

After a short 1.5 hike we walked in the door. Charlie wearing his 2010 HIGHLANDER NATIONALS T-shirt from Pymatuning Yacht Club, PA when he crewed for the Carey's. (Jamey & Tanya)

Mark, the guy selling the inflatables, behind the counter reads Charlie's shirt and says, "I won the Highlander Nationals many years ago sailing with Larry Klein!" That was 1978 we learned. Small world!

Sailor's Place had a great selection, probably 8-10 different models and styles of rigid inflatables IN STOCK to look at. After being educated on the PROS-CONS of each, Charlie picked the one for TARDIS and arranged to purchase it this summer including storage until TARDIS gets released in November from her summer slumber. COOL!

Another fellow, who graduated from ISU heard us talking and took us another mile up the road to a store to get a couple electrical connectors. Another good contact and more stores to see what is available when it come time for project installation this summer.

Afterwards we appetizer hopped a couple bars with HH beers and met more interesting people. This is our kind of town, laid back. We like Port Salerno ALLOT!!!

As always as we travel either by TARDIS or her tender we find interesting things.

This is a Coastal Shellfish Farm right at our anchorage.

It appears the boxes go in and out of the water to simulate tides. Lots of water running over them when up.

Then there is this 'Winged' Catamaran, also in the harbor. Looks new!

The masts are free standing - freedom rig; rotate 360 degrees; jibs on booms in front of each and helmsman sits between the masts.

And finally this early model Hobie Mirage Outback, well used and cared for. Guessing 20+ years old.

And in case we forget where we are after shore trips...

One more anchorage when we move later today after the rain passes and maybe we get a pump out by the M. S. POOP (got to love the boat name!). Our next stop is two hours closer to the ST LUCIE LOCK and haulout in Indianatown Marina next Monday.

UPDATE 12:30PM - Wind shifted and TARDIS and DRIFTER just came together at anchor. At the same time M.S. POOP shows up. Charlie shortened the anchor rode 15' to get TARDIS in front of DRIFTER. M.S. POOP pulls alongside and TARDIS is now POOP-FREE. This is M.S. POOP pulling away in the distance. NO TIPS - plastered all over the boat - interesting.

ICW - Ft Lauderdale to Jupiter

03 March 2018 | ICW - Ft Lauderdale to Jupiter
BIGGER on the INSIDE is the theme for this segment of our adventure. Everything is large, especially from the kayak. This photo was taken while on the kayak in Ft. Lauderdale on the way to Southport Raw Bar.

This is where we tied up the kayak...a closed marina...nice. Our kayak is the spot at the dock in the distance.

Charlie has been coming here every time he visited Ft Lauderdale for the past 25 years or so. Never sat outside before. We let Ashley talk us into grilled oysters, now we're at a RAW bar, so we partook. Yummy!!!!

When we're on the kayak people are friendly. Eileen gets the occasional but regular comment, "He's not pedaling" and Charlie just smiles and gives them the shhhh sign. But in a place like this you just got to pay attention. We're small fry down here!

We also did the 'river' around the Ft Lauderdale Yacht Club.

Charlie visited our friend, Phil Tate, here a number of years back when he was sailing a FINN and training with USSailing at this club. What's interesting is Phil called a few days before we got here...

The 'boxes' stacked along the fence are Opti's, we estimate about a 100. Imagine seeing these in the harbor!

Now when TARDIS is on the move the people we pass are nothing like the west coast and the keys...where everyone waves. Here you mostly get stared down and IF you wave, they look away. Well unless you are getting passed like these friendly folds on "Brothers Love" from SC or the folks on "Gentle Presense" from OH.

Back to Bigger stuff


Here's an example

The marinas are full of them

We think this is Tiger Woods Fleet in front of his house. What you can't see is the nine Hobie Kayaks, all new, on the beach.

Then there are the ships

Work Boats

And passing Tugs

Not everything is big...here's the smallest tug boat...15' long maybe

and the ICW's version of the TIKI BARGE

HOUSES - bigger than boats inside

Amazing how much construction is going on

What about this gem...it is not a painting!

And then which is bigger - house or boat?


TARDIS has now passed or gone under 27 bridges since entering the ICW at Ft. Lauderdale. We thought it would be stressful and it is. But the first two days got us thinking "this isn't so bad"

The newer ones are quite nice

These take longer to open - single spans

There are right of way rules too. The boats going with the current get to go first.

Some are under construction. This bridge, Southern Boulevard Bridge was closed one of the days we traveled so we had to stop short and spent a night at Lantana. The bridge tenders do not know when the bridge will close in advance.

We were hoping it would be open the next day and it was. This is just after we passed looking back.

And Mar-a-Lago is here.

This is the Presidential Security Zone. You are not allowed to stop or leave the shipping channel. President Trump is arriving today so we're told the ICW shuts down when he arrives or moves about. We left Lantana Bridge at 7:30 and passed this bridge at 9am, long before he arrived. Glad to pass this place, no further comment.

Since our last post we've spent nights at

Lake Boca Raton - last day of February.

This is where our friend Mike parents lived. Charlie got to spend NYE here a few years ago with Mike and his parents, Jim & Betty, in their condo overlooking Lake Boca Raton. Great memories and to be here anchored is something special. This is sunrise at the anchorage.

Lantana - first day of March 2018

This is supposedly Florida's oldest bar, Old Key Lime House.

And this is the Lantana Bridge from our anchorage. We did not go ashore, which happens allot on the TARDIS. We enjoy hanging on the boat still!

As we're learning, on the east coast, boats like to anchor close. This trawler shows up, drops anchor, settles back and asks me if this is ok. He has an accent, not sure if he understood what I said. Then his buddy show up and this is the photo we took. They are about 30' away and should be ok

Ok...now think 9:30 pm. The wind went from E to NW. The current went changed 90 degrees. And the captain of the trawler and Charlie are looking at each other. He is hanging out his side and Charlie is standing in the companionway and they are 5' apart. When he says, "what to you think happened?" Charlie says, the wind changed to NW, the current flipped and when you anchored there was only one boat, not two".

There was little wind at the time and Charlie said he's not worried, if he bumped into each other we'd both know. And the other captains wife asked if we were enjoying the music. Perfect night...we did not bump.

North Lake Worth - Friday, March 2nd, 2018

TARDIS moved further north looking for a good anchorage with north wind protection. This provided us an opportunity for our 2nd docking since November 20th for 10g of fuel, pumpout and water. We stopped at Old Port Cove Marina. Not much current and floating dock. This is what we like. Easy docking, both ways, with the help of Nicky. $40 later we left. Charlie has learning to spin TARDIS in her 37' length to starboard. Perfect.

Nice spot...beautiful boats, great holding.

Here is the sunrise before we left in the morning.

Along the way we passed Jupiter Inlet the the lighthouse. This is a high current area and it's going out as we came to the bridge. Of course THIS bridge is slow. We've cleared with the sailboat on the other side that we're going through first since we're with the current. Charlie has to slow down, throws TARDIS into reverse, we slow. Noise of going into reverse at 5kn freaks us out. We get through, no problems with the police boat watching. How do you spell Adrenalin? We have it!

Hobe Sound

OK...TARDIS has been anchored for a few hours as this entry was created. And here we are...looking north at 22 knots of wind.

The boat is swinging at anchor ranging 200 to 250 feet from shore. Technology is amazing and the TARDIS anchor is even better.

A trawler just anchored behind us and drug...hmmm

Other interesting sites along the way

Reminds us of a few years back when we hauled out Fun Police at the end of the season. We like to have FUN!!!!!

East Coast Florida - Civilization

26 February 2018
Winds SE 5 to 17
The last two days took us back to civilization. For 3 months we've been used to entering an anchorage with no boats or maybe just a few. Not over a 100.

CIVILIZATION - what's that?

Well it's finding a spot where you will not drag, not be too close to another boat. NOISE...people talking till wee hours of the AM, LOUD music, big parties. Get the picture.

Since Ocean Reef two days ago we've moved 65.5NM in 13.5hrs travel time. Allot happens in what seems like a long day as you travel.

Yesterday it was the Poker Run. Today it was sailboat races. A Maxi, several Benetau's and some others was the first race we encountered at the windward mark. The first spinnaker set witnessed was something we've all done at one time or another. Launch the chute sideways!! Too Funny.

Next race was Melges's?, maybe a 100 or so, in front of Miami. Very colorful.

But our favorite race was the Opti's where we anchored. As one little boy, 10ish, passed behind our stern yelling, "You tacked right on me!!!" Oh, it starts young.

Time does go fast when you sail though as there is so much more to do. We arrived at the north end of Biscayne Bay and stayed in the Bight near West Point on Key Biscayne. Charlie had read about the great anchorage and holding. Eileen saw that and more...a sand bar that is party central on the weekends. Upon approach all we saw were anchored boats. Big, small but mostly all expensive. The spot we picked seemed great. Boats came and went in the hours after we arrived in the early afternoon. We should have known something was up when the boat next to us left for a quieter spot.

A large motor yacht stopped right next to us, very close. It was crowded with people everywhere. A 2nd boat arrived with a DJ, party girls and a larger crowd. The party started and lasted for hours.

Now this is a celebration. When the chant went up DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE, Charlie figured it was the SuperBowl champs Eagles. The men were big and muscular.

The party raged on until a couple hours past sunset. The music was LOUD!!!! The DJ pimp encouraging his 'hoes' on board. We've never heard language like this before. Now we didn't see any nudity but by the likes of the circle of people on the upper deck there was something going on.

You can't make this S--- UP! While it was fun in the beginning, we never thought it would end. When it finally did, the anchorage was quiet. By morning there were a half dozen boats left from the 100's when we arrived. This is what Charlie read about.

Wanting to take advantage of the weather and put some miles in we decided to go offshore Monday. We needed to avoid Government Cut. It closes when more then 2 cruise ships are there. We ended up traveling 39 miles leaving Key Biscayne to our north and going through a passage through Stiltsville until we got to the Ocean.

The tides going out and the wind and waves coming in (or was it the other way) makes for BIG waves close together. We didn't know what TARDIS looked like looking at the bow high in the air. Now we do. Once we turned to the north, the rollers now hit us on our starboard beam. And we rolled and rolled. We unfurled the jib and that helped some. But it wasn't until we were further up the coast and felt comfortable for Charlie to go forward to put up the main that things got better. Not great, just better.

Motor sailing seems to be what works best. We maintained a 5.5k average speed for the trip of 40 miles which included hauling anchor and dropping later. That's moving for US!

The plan was to jibe (chicken tack actually) at the outer marker into Port Everglades channel and then, once inside, use the ship turning basin to drop the main in fewer waves. NOT to happen. The boom topping lift somehow managed to wrap around the steaming light in front of the mast. REALLY?

A quick spare halyard to the boom, drop the sail and in we go. 6+ knots straight in to the cruise ship docked inside with the current. We cleared the 17th street bridge by 5' and anchored in Lake Sylvin with about 20 other boats. Nice spot so far. Another great fresh fish dinner from what we purchased in the keys.

We'll stay here tomorrow to go to Southport Oyster Bar HH and the grocery for more beverages. Which means we get to kayak around the large beautiful homes and mega yachts.

More soon as we travel further north for haul out March 12th.

Vessel Name: TARDIS
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Tartan 37C
Hailing Port: Indianapolis, Indiana
Crew: Charlie Brehob, Time Lord; Eileen Leonard, Companion
Lifetime avid, formerly competive, sailors who had their own J-24's. Eileen owns "Fun Police" and Charlie owned "Beerrun" sailing at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis. Both have owned numerous types of sailboats and have a great deal of experience in many types of small sailboats. [...]
A properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior, which can blend in with its surroundings through the ship's chameleon circuit. TARDIS has just undergone a ten year restoration after [...]
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