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11 February 2019 | Great Abaco Island - Marsh Harbor
07 February 2019 | Hope Town, Eagle Rock Anchorage - Elbow Cay
05 February 2019 | Dickies Cay, Man-O-War Cay
04 February 2019 | Bakers Bay and Fishers Bay, Great Guana Cay
02 February 2019 | Manjack Cay
28 January 2019 | Black Sound - Green Turtle Cay
23 January 2019 | Black Sound - Green Turtle Cay
15 January 2019 | Fox Town
07 January 2019 | West End, Abacos
05 January 2019 | Lake Sylvia - Fort Lauderdale, FL
30 December 2018 | Lake Sylvia - Fort Lauderdale, FL
21 December 2018 | Lake Sylvia - Fort Lauderdale, FL
13 December 2018 | West Palm Beach Anchorage
06 December 2018 | Peck Lake, FL
29 November 2018 | Pendarvis Cove, Stuart FL
14 November 2018 | Indiantown Marina, FL
10 November 2018 | Travel to FL
19 March 2018
18 March 2018 | Florida

Marsh Harbor - Great Abaco Island

11 February 2019 | Great Abaco Island - Marsh Harbor
TARDIS crew, Eileen and Charlie, are relaxing in Marsh Harbor. The first day we anchored a little too close to another boat. The captain of the other boat did not ask us to move but it was driving Charlie absolutely crazy so we pulled up anchor and move a hundred yards away. We know now why the holding is so good. Our Rochna came up with about 20 lbs of gray clay. There are two cold fronts passing through and that is why we are here. The first has already passed, bringing winds in the mid 20's. The second is due tomorrow night and may include squalls in the mid 30's. This is a great place to be.

There's not allot to see here but we did find this nice porch overhanging the Sea of Abaco. Marsh Harbor is a good place to provision and Maxwell's grocery store is the largest we've seen since we've left Florida. Prices are just as large as the store however. The liquor store is a bargain though, Sands Beer only $42 per 24 can case including the VAT tax. Not bad for the islands mon.

In every harbor there most always is T37. Look where Oopsea is from! We met him three years ago at J&R Marina in Charlotte Harbor.

Boat names. The first is on my Miata License plate and the second is self explanatory.

We stopped and had a snack at Snappas and this was hanging in the rafters. Will the ECSC 'Hobie Rats' find this when they arrive for their charter in a month?

This sign was in Snappas also. Some women are on the left. Recognize who that might be?

Marsh Harbor view from TARDIS for the next couple of days. The weather is supposed to be great and we've got a few more weeks left in paradise with time to explore.

Addendum 2/15 - Marsh Harbor

TARDIS stayed a little longer here then anticipated due to the weather. We found a great spot, Jib Bar at Marsh Harbor Marina, to go ashore near our anchorage with a nice beach and a close walk to a small family grocery store and fish market.

Jason, our bartender, pointing out the high level water mark in 2004.

We're anchored out here.

This is the beach on the other side of the bar/marina.

It's a little hard but Eileen found a way to get comfortable anyway.

Interesting hedge.

Yesterday was Valentines day and it rained all day with winds strong out of the NE.

So what do you do? Play games! Backgammon, Dominoes and of course Scrabble.

Eileen was proud of her word choices but Charlie won.

Hope Town - Elbow Cay

07 February 2019 | Hope Town, Eagle Rock Anchorage - Elbow Cay
Our next stop on our tour of the Abaco's was Hope Town on Elbow Cay.

The Cruisers Net home base of operations is in Hope Town. Every morning members of the Cruisers Net take turns hosting a town hall type of meeting on VHF 68 at 8:15am. Seven days a week they provide weather, happenings and a forum for finding anything you might need. It's a great service for the cruising community.

Hope Town is another place where the Loyalists settled. Here's a plaque marking their arrival. It's on a small beach maintained by the local sailing club.

We took time to visit the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum (1785) with exhibits of early life on Elbow Cay. They had a 20m video on the history and we are so happy we took the time to watch it.

Hope Town is one of the larger communities in the Abacos. Here's the school set in the side of a bluff.

We found this small memorial park with examples of native vegetation.

Hope Town is also home to Elbow Reef Lighthouse. It is the most recognized landmark in Abaco and the last light of its kind in the world. This photo was taken as we left TARDIS.

The walk to the top of the lighthouse was a little over 100 steps and well worth the climb.

The lamp burns kerosene, the only one still operating. The lighthouse operator has to light it every night and pull the weight to the top of the tower every 2 hours to make it turn.

The views from inside and outside at the top were spectacular.

This is the doorknob to the small door leading to the deck ourside of the lighthouse at the top.

While we were at the top of the lighthouse we watched a Moorings M/V Charter boat anchor just in front of TARDIS. From our vantage point it looked like they dropped anchor right on top of our Rochna. After leaving the lighthouse we made a trip back to the boat and sure enough the charter with six partying guys was about 50' in front of TARDIS. They cooperated and moved further away in a wide open anchorage.

Hope Town is a beautiful city with narrow paved roads for the golf carts that are everywhere. Most of the streets are lined with flowering Bougainvila. Only a few are blooming this time of year.

At the end of one of the roads we found these chairs overlooking the anchorage. TARDIS is just past the small island. We stopped and read for a long time in the shade. Very relaxing.

This is the harbor in Hope Town. No anchoring is allowed so you have to take a mooring ball which we did not do.

There are a number of Abaco Dinghies, and if it were not so windy we could have watched them race. Here is the last wooden boat built by one of the Aubury's before he passed. It is being finished by volunteers under the lighthouse.

We would have loved to see this boat sail. Look at the length of that boom!

We left Hope Town on Friday, race day for the Hope Town Cup. The committee boat was anchored right next to us. There were just as many people on RC as participants (6 boats).

The Hope Town Cup consisted of two races, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. A J80, Grumpy Old Men, the smallest boat in the fleet, won. Of course on the radio the 2nd place boat, a J105, was justifying how the handicap rule favored the smaller boat. HA!

Man-O-War Cay

05 February 2019 | Dickies Cay, Man-O-War Cay
Man-O-War Cay has a long history of boat building. For over 200 years boats have been built here and the Albury Bros. Boatbuilding Shop is still building boats.

As you walk about town you find many examples of craft that were built in town.

Much of the equipment used in still in use today. Here's where they haul and store boats.

And here's the motor that drives everything.

The inside of the shops are interesting, a mix of old and new tools as well as old and new projects.

This boat must be 30' long.

When the Albury's retire they never stop working. This is the back yard of one of the elders.

Many of the houses and businesses never change. Here's a map of the area in Bronze.

There are always fun things to find while walking about.

And always a J24 in every harbor. Some a little better then others.

And on every island a beautiful beach. There is no such thing as an ugly beach in the Bahamas and every one takes your breath away.

We eat aboard almost all the time. Eileen finds new ways to make old dishes. Here she experimented with a new topping on our morning Yogurt and fruit. Chile Powder was actually ok.

However, Sunday's are the best. Bloody Mary's to begin the day.

Great Guana Cay

04 February 2019 | Bakers Bay and Fishers Bay, Great Guana Cay
Superbowl Sunday in front of Tom Brady's tiny $11m house
After leaving Manjack Cay TARDIS needed to go offshore. The 'Whale' is where you go offshore into the Atlantic Ocean by going around Whale Cay. You transit two cuts, Whale Cay Channel and Loggerhead Channel. These cuts in the island chain may contain "rage" seas that are very dangerous. When TARDIS went through the winds were mild and the swells were ONLY about 5'. This is good for the Whale but it still made Charlie nervous. Eileen was as calm as a cucumber. Sorry no photos were taken.

TARDIS spent two nights anchored off the shores of Great Guana Cay. The first night, Superbowl Sunday, was spent at Bakers Bay. Bakers Bay is just south of the Whale Cay Channel. The area ashore is private and includes homes for the rich and famous. The harbor is big but we're not allowed to go ashore.

This we think is a GUN BOAT, carbon fiber foiling cat.

We were able to listen to the Super Bowl on our phone through the Tune In Radio app. It was much more exciting for us since we didn't have to watch the half time show and the Westwood One radio announcers were actually fun to listen to. About two days later we learned we were anchored in front of Tom Brady's Abaco home. Eileen found this interesting article on facebook. Cheater?!

Click Link below to read the story.
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Since we could not go to shore we moved a couple miles down the coast and anchored in Fishers Bay. This was a much better place to be and we could go to shore here to explore.

The tide was out when we docked 'Space Patrol'

Beer anyone?

After we got to shore, the first thing we saw was this!

There is a short trail to the beach on the Atlantic side of the island to a bar called Nippers. Artwork on the trail.

Another unbelievable beach from the deck at Nippers. Beers are $10 here so we passed and headed to the other beach bar near our anchorage.

This is Grabbers where beers are only $7.50! One order of Fish Fingers and two beers = $68 including VAT tax but not tip. Time to get off this island!

And SAIL to Man-O-War

Manjack Cay

02 February 2019 | Manjack Cay
After 12 days at Green Turtle Bay we moved back north to Manjack Cay for for 5 days where we hiked and hung out on the beaches and read.

Manjack Cay is a beautiful private island with several residents that are cruiser friendly and encourage travelers to visit. One resident maintains trails to several of the beaches.

The view approaching each beach is breathtaking.

There is interesting vegetation on the trails too.

And fun things to play with in the water.

TARDIS is in the distance and we would sit in the provided lounges to read.

It was a perfect anchorage and we were treated to great sunsets and rainbows.

There was also a four mile creek through the mangroves that we took the kayak out on to look for turtles and rays. The entire trip was in about a foot of water.

It was a great time and we're really glad we back tracked north to visit this awesome place.

Vessel Name: TARDIS
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Tartan 37C
Hailing Port: Indianapolis, Indiana
Crew: Charlie Brehob, Time Lord; Eileen Leonard, Companion
Lifetime avid, formerly competive, sailors who had their own J-24's. Eileen owns "Fun Police" and Charlie owned "Beerrun" sailing at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis. Both have owned numerous types of sailboats and have a great deal of experience in many types of small sailboats. [...]
A properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior, which can blend in with its surroundings through the ship's chameleon circuit. TARDIS has just undergone a ten year restoration after [...]
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