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11 November 2013 | San Diego, California
28 July 2013 | Mazatlan
09 July 2013 | Sun Coast Yachts - San Diego
05 March 2013 | Mazatlan
03 March 2013 | State of Sinaloa
27 December 2012 | Mazatlan
24 December 2012 | Mazatlan
04 December 2012 | Mazatlan
30 August 2012 | Mazatlan
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25 July 2012 | Sinaloa, Mexico
10 June 2012 | El Centro
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13 April 2012 | Mazatlan
12 February 2012 | Marina Isla
06 February 2012 | Isla Mazatlan Estrero El Sabalo
18 January 2012 | Mazatlan
06 January 2012 | Sinaloa
24 December 2011 | Taya

Taya has been sold

11 November 2013 | San Diego, California
After three months on the market, Taya has been sold to a marvelous Canadian couple from Alberta. The transaction took place 3 miles offshore of California. The new owners Deanne and Dany were as exited as we were when we purchased her back in 2003.

There is no question that they will spoil her and refit her over the next few months in San Diego. They plan to sail her back to Mexico and we will meet them again once they get to Mazatlan.

We have purchased a two bedroom Penthouse condo in Mazatlan, with a view of the ocean and this will be our home for the rest of our lives.

We expect to occupy our new acquisition by mid December.

Taya is for sale in San Diego

28 July 2013 | Mazatlan
Two of my friends, Howard Ward and John Lawler with a friend of Howard, Ron Linder, we motor sailed Taya from Mazatlan to San Diego. We left at 9:30 am on July 15th with our first stop at Cabo San Lucas to refuel and rest. The passage was rough with peaks of 35 knots of wind right on the nose.

We left the next day for the crossing of Cabo Falso at 07:00 in relatively calm conditions. The wind was blowing at 24 knots on the nose. The conditions were to stabilize for the remaining time of the trip at winds between 15 and 27 knots right on the nose. The seas were variable with wave heights of 5 to 10 feet. That is why the call it the "Bash North".

After rounding Cabo Falso we started to turn right to our WNW heading, and again we had the wind right on the nose. We ran out of fuel (140 gallons capacity) at the entrance of Bahia Tortuga and a panga volunteered to tow us to our anchorage for 600 pesos.

Soon Enrique came over and told him we needed 650 liters of diesel fuel. An hour later he was at our boat with 50 liters jerry cans to fill our tank. John bled the engine and were soon on our way towards Ensenada. There, we obtained our Zarpe (Mexico official exit document). We spent the night comfortably at the Ensenada Coral Marina. The next day we went to town and loved it.

We left Ensenada the same day at 20:00 bound for San Diego. We made landfall at 06:00 on July 24th, exactly 8 days and 6 hours later. It was a fast and boisterous passage.

With John who remained on the boat with me for a few more days, we fixed a few problems. On Monday, John joined with friends in San Diego. I flew from Tijuana on the 27th, on a Volaris flight which took 2 1/2 hours for 2800 pesos. We had a brand new Airbus 320. Who said that Mexican Airlines are flying junk airplanes?

After resting a few days here in Maz, finding room and board for our 3 cats, we plan on driving back to San Diego on Tuesday morning, July 30th. We will remain in San Diego for a week or so, to clean up Taya both in and out. On August 2nd, we move Taya to her permanent moorage at the Island Packet dealer, until she sells to a happy mariner.

Island Packet 45 For Sale

09 July 2013 | Sun Coast Yachts - San Diego
Taya is now for sale.

The time has come for us to return to land living. The reality is that sailing is physically demanding and requires a lot of stamina. I realistically no longer meet those two criteria. My hips, my knees and my left ankle have become unreliable and given my age, will only get worst. It has become unsafe for us to be at sea in less than perfect weather conditions. We have been living on Taya since July 2005 and have loved the lifestyle.

There is no doubt that we will remain in Mexico and quite probably Mazatlan, that we have come to love and consider home. We have made many friends here. Many are from the sailing community or former sailors , but more and more are land people with several Mexicans amongst them.

So it is with regret that I am taking Taya on a two week passage, leaving Mazatlan around July 15th bound for San Diego California, with three sailing friends. Lynne will stay behind looking after our three cats, Chica, Ginger and Pancho Villa.

We have listed Taya with the only Island Packet dealer on the westcoast and Darell is anxious to show her to potential buyers. She is in excellent condition, fully loaded with equiptment and ready for offshore.

We have rented a two bedroom condo for a year near the marinas, and will probably buy a house once Taya is sold.

We will post progress reports from time to time.

A New Acquisition

05 March 2013 | Mazatlan
We had an unexpected opportunity to trade our 8.6 foot AquaPro dinghy and 6 HP Tohatsu outboard for a 2002 Chrysler Sebring LX convertable with a cruiser friend of ours.

While the car shows its age, the engine runs well and we think that with $1000 we can replace the top which is in derelic condition and a few odds and ends. We are in the process of transferring the ownership to our names, but it has been challenging so far. We think that we have found the solution and we are currently in the process of doing that.

Once that is done, we plan on driving to Phoenix to have the top replaced along with its accessories. Back in Mazatlan we can have the car body fixed and painted for $500. or so. Then for a few dollars we can have the inside shampooed and cleaned out.

It is amazing how this simple acquisition has improved our lives and made it so much easier to travel around. It saves my left knee and right hip which are getting worst and it also gives us access to many places we could not possibly hope to see before.

The car is currently licensed in South Dakota, because you can do business over the internet and it is priced right.

We'll post our progress on this project at each phase.

Day Trip to El Rosario & El Caimanero

03 March 2013 | State of Sinaloa
This Sunday, we were invited by new friends Debbie and David, to join them, along with Gil and Al, long time friends of theirs, to spend the day in the town of El Rosario and El Caimanero.

El Rosario, a small town about 31 miles (50 km) south of Mazatlán, is famous for the altar in the town church. The altar alone makes a visit to El Rosario somewhat worth the drive. El Rosario was once the richest town in Southwest Mexico because of the local mining operations. This small town was also the home of the famous Mexican singer, Lola Beltrán. They have built a small museum in her honor. One can do a little shopping for pottery, furniture or leather products, all of which are produced locally.

This town of 48,000 people was built by the Spaniards around 1655, on the site of a village named Chametla and located on the river Piaxtla. This area all the way to the sea, was inhabited by the Aztlan culture between 900 and 1400 BC. Because of protracted wars between the village of Chametla and neighouring tribes called the xiximes and the ezcasees, this culture was almost extinct by the time the Spaniards arrived. They were attracted by gold and silver.

By 1780 El Rosario had 7000 people and was the most prosperous town in North Western Mexico. It is said that every ton of ore produced 400 kilos of gold. At the peak of production, the tunnels covered an area of 150 hectares and produced 500 tons of ore per day.

We drove around this very picturesque town and really enjoyed it. We had food at a restaurant perched on top of a hill overlooking the town. From there we could enjoy the vista and took several pictures.

We had fresh coconut which were prepared by an old Mexicano. You start by drinking the juice which is followed by cutting the pulp in mouth size pices dozed with lime juice, salt and hot salsa. Believe me when I say it was delicious.

From there we headed to an ocean village called El Caimanero. The whole area is below or at sea level and they have shrimp farms over a very large area. We stopped at a restaurant located on the beach and patronized only by Mexicans. We were the only 6 Gringos around. The prices were good as well as the food.

When you arrive at this restaurant, you are directed to an area where they have a variety of fish caught that day. Your pick is then passed to a cook who fillets the fish, prepares and cooks it on the parilla (BBQ). They use local spices and a sauce which makes the fish look light brown and is served with a variety of condiments. It was a feast and we paid 350 pesos for a 2.8 kilo fish and all the condiments. There was no left over.

We used side roads to come back and went through several villages along the way. We got home late in the afternoon and I am sure we were all looking forward to our usual siesta, being tired from all the eating and travelling .

We had a wonderful day and enjoyed our friends, the vistas and the food. Another nice day in paradize. We have posted a few pictures in our photo gallery.

New Boat Projects Completed

27 December 2012 | Mazatlan
The sun is very hard on wood and one constantly has to re-varnish or Cetol his teak to keep the grain sealed and the wood from drying up. This is a big job that needs to be repeated twice a year in the tropics. Not our idea of retirement. Two years ago we decided to let the wood go grey.

Recently we noticed that more and more of the teak plugs were coming lose and out during boat washing. In some places the teak was beginning to crack.

We decided that it was time to take the bull by the horn and do something which was going to protect the wood from further deterioration and was going to be low maintenance. On the advise of experts we decided to have the outside teak refinished.

We chose the one part Interlux Brightside Polyurethane, which offers a reasonable choice of colors and which has a good resistance to UVs.

We hired Beto from B.B. Marine, a Mexican National, who, as you can see, does good work for a very fair price. He can be reached at 669-148-3170 or at alarbet75@hotmail.com

This means that from now on, we only need to give a light sanding and apply one coat of this stuff once every 1 1/2 or two years. In the meantime it looks great.

While Beto was here, we had his crew buff and wax the coach roof which had gotten very dull. Now you need sun glasses to look at it and it protects the gelcoat from the nasty UVs.

In early January, Beto will refinish the teak floors of Taya.

Introducing Ginger

24 December 2012 | Mazatlan
Here she is a 5 month old Tabby cat, big enough to deal with our super active Chica. She is a great mother to Chica, calm, patient and playful. She has proven a great companion and the perfect partner for our Chica. We picked her up at the Mazatlan Animal Shelter from among a few hundred cats. Following the adoption procedures, the Shelter had her spayed for 200 pesos (about C$18.00) and we picked her up the day following her operation. She appeared very comfortable.

We isolated her in our stateroom to recuperate before introducing her to Chica. A few days later they were smelling each other from under the door and on the 4th day, we allowed them to get to know each other up close and personal.

Ginger never made a noise and showed a lot a patience with Chica who was making strange and ominous sounds. A night and a day later they were playing with each other and sharing the same bed. They are now sisters for life.

In the new year we will have Chica spayed.

About the 15th of January, we will start training both of them to do their business on our aft toilet. It should take no more than a couple of weeks. Then we will be free from all the cat liter which can be found every where in the boat. We have added a few more pictures in our Photo Gallery.

Introducing Chica

04 December 2012 | Mazatlan
We had not planned to have any cats for a while. The pain of losing a loved pet is so deep. Unexpectedly, we were offered a 4 1/2 month old kitten from Ron Sevier, a cruising friend from s/v Calliope. They just found out their daughter is allergic to cats and it came down to a choice between the two.

She is a pure breed Bengal, we have named Chica (young girl in Spanish). She is very lively, dominant and very affectionate.

We hope Chica will help alleviate the pain we still feel at the loss of Pacha on August 30th.

We had forgotten how lively and energetic kittens are. Napoleon and Pacha were respectively 17 and 18 years old when they died and they were sleeping a lot.

So Chica has taken over our boat and thoroughly inspecting everything and every corners on Taya. The Bengal began as a hybrid breed, created by crossing the Asian Leopard Cat with the domestic cat. The first "pet leopard" is traced back to Japan in the early 1940s, but the first appearance of Bengals in the United States was in the 1970s.

She has adopted the built-in seat in the forward head which she regards as her bed. On her first night with us, she was very well behaved. She got up when we did. She is a little fat and so we placed her on a mild diet for a while.

Next time we go to town we will look for a bed and a "Sitz Bath" to place over the toilet seat so we can start training her right away to pee and poup there. The liter box is always smelly and a mess throughout the boat.

We have additional pictures in our gallery.

Fairwell To Our Long Time Companion, Pacha

30 August 2012 | Mazatlan
Eleven months after losing our 17 year old siamese Napoleon to old age, in San Carlos, we have just lost his brother Pacha, who was euthanized this morning in Mazatlan. In spite of all the love we gave him, Pacha had lost a lot of weight in the past month, due to liver failure. The little appetite he had was almost gone this past week, and he had become very weak. For his sake, we made the very difficult and painful decision this morning to have him euthanized.

He had been hospitalized last week for a few days and Ivonne Arredondo our Vet, had hoped to salvage him with a special diet. We had him for an additional 8 days before this tragic end.

He was a loyal companion who gave us a lot of joy for almost 18 years and we will miss him. We take solice in the fact he had been spoiled and had a long and good life. We know that animal lovers every where, will share our grief at his loss.

Fairwell our best friend.

We highly recommend Dr Ivonne Arredondo, Veterinarian, 6020 Plaza Bandera, Local 6, Avenida De La Marina, Mazatlan. It is a few kilometers from Marina Mazatlan. She can be reached at delf_77@hotmail.com or 913-1108. She is very reliable, competent and compasionate.

Lynne Returns from Montreal Trip

19 August 2012 | Mazatlan
Earlier this year we had decided that Lynne should go visit her family in the Montreal area this summer. She had not seen her family since our last trip to Montreal in July of 2010, and she missed them.

We decided I would stay behind to look after our old cat Pacha. Neither of us wanted to put him through the stress of air travel nor leave him with anyone. , Lynne left Mazatlan on June 16th bound for Montreal with Westjet.

She really enjoyed her stay with her parents Francoise and Rosaire Ostiguy, located in a small town in the Laurentian mountains, some 40 miles north of Montreal. She was picked up at the airport by her brother Marc who is retired and he also took her back for her return to Mazatlan.

Verious functions were organized so that she could meet her aunts and uncles on both sides of the family. She had the opportunity to meet with her two brothers on several occasion during her two month stay in La Belle Province.

She took several pictures which can be found in our "Photo Gallery".

Luckily my brother Douglas decided to come down and spent one month with me in Mazatlan. He enjoyed it so much that they are seriously considering spending several months this coming winter. We have found several nice condos close by and were found to be very affordable.

We had a great time together and it was so very nice to bond again after several years of not seeing each other. Hopefully, we will see them again in December.
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