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31 July 2011 | 48 43'N:125 35'W,
26 July 2011 | 47 14'N:140 33'W,
22 July 2011 | 44 38'N:152 26'W,
20 July 2011 | 42 54'N:157 44'W,
18 July 2011 | 39 16'N:159 15'W,
16 July 2011 | 34 20'N:159 34'W,
15 July 2011 | 31 56'N:159 31'W,
12 July 2011 | 26 20'N:157 16'W,
21 June 2011 | 20 58'N:154 00'W,
18 June 2011 | 26 04'N:148 28'W,
16 June 2011 | 29 05'N:144 27'W,
14 June 2011
14 June 2011
27 May 2011 | Semiahmoo Marina

Life Aboard -- DAY 12

20 July 2011 | 42 54'N:157 44'W,
One of the important critical rituals each day is breakfast and supper. Lunchtimes are pretty well left to the individual rooting around in the refrigerator either for leftovers or making do with energy bars and other snacks stowed away in various holds. If you discover something particularly appetizing in one of the holds that you have forgotten about, you are sometimes tempted to keep silent about the stash, or feeling more generous may choose to offer it around!

I have been elected the premier "Galley Wench and Scullery Maid" which gives you some indication of the talent of the crew when it comes to culinary skills! With little else to do however I made certain that I had packed one or two recipe books aboard and have taken it upon myself to prepare something special in the oven each day to liven up the ritual meals. If anything it breaks up the day and the crew is appreciative of my efforts.

Another aside -- as of yesterday as we approach the top of the Pacific High and prepare to find the westerlies to push us home towards Juan de Fuca Strait, I made some calculations off our chart as to the distances of various landmasses. Hilo is now directly south of us at 1314 miles. The closest landmass is the tip of the Aleutians north of us at 823 miles. Interestingly enough both Russia and Japan are equidistant at 1921 miles further west to us. Homeport at Semiahmoo is 1596 miles away.

I guess you could truly say we're in the middle of nowhere!
Vessel Name: S/V Telltales
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 40
Hailing Port: Semiahmoo Marina
Crew: Steve, Heather, Wayne, John, Kevin, Mark
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S/V Telltales

Who: Steve, Heather, Wayne, John, Kevin, Mark
Port: Semiahmoo Marina