S/V Tender Spirit - soon to be cruising again!

We tried to be land lubbers... it didn’t work out. The property is for sale.... we are looking for the new Tender Spirit!

03 April 2018 | Unalakleet, Alaska
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OOPS... a Roadblock!

03 April 2018 | Unalakleet, Alaska
Clear, calm, 29 F.
The good news: my Christmas cactus is in full bloom!
Now for the sad news:
Just when our plans were set, and we were working towards returning to our cruising life, two major roadblocks!
1.My job got cut! Yup, we just needed one or two more years to get our finances under control. So we have had to make some huge changes in our plans.
2. The other roadblock is that our property had a potential buyer, but they backed out at the most inopportune time. Our beloved Tender Spirit is back for sale! So, if you know of anyone that would like two acres of beachfront property in Alaska... please contact us! Here is a link to our property website: Click here.
So, in the meanwhile, we have made some new plans. We will be traveling with our truck and camper. We plan to do extended road trips in Alaska and the rest of North America. While we are traveling, I will be writing full time. I feel fortunate that I finished my master's degree last year, and I am ready to swap professions. I am going to set aside the public education field for awhile and pick up on some of our other dreams: traveling. While it is not by water, we will certainly enjoy our road trips.

This summer we are planning on traveling around Alaska and exploring old favorites and new... at a pace of our own choice. We will go back to our old ways of traveling as long as it's fun and making new plans. We promise to write them neatly in the sand at low tide.

We will be keeping an additional blog for our road trips. You can follow us here: Great Alaska Road Trip

We will continue to post on this blog when we start boat shopping. I just wish we could hurry up and sell the property before our previous boat sells. We would love to get her back!

Change of Plans

29 October 2017 | Unalakleet, Alaska
As we have always said, we reserve the right to change our plans. We have been without a boat for five years. We tried to be land people. We even bought a piece of property... three in fact! OK, two lots are side-by-side. We wanted to build, but plans change. We have decided to sell both as one large lot, and plan for the purchase of a new (to us) boat. I don't foresee us ever able to settle down in one place, with one view, and one environment. We are cruisers. We enjoyed the truck and camper, but wherever we drove to, it was to view the water. Why view the water, when we can be on it? This new chapter will be to make the transition back to life on the water. Join us in this new chapter as we slowly move back onto the water. Just don't tell the family... we know they will freak!!!

Three Years....and Finally Adjusting

19 July 2015 | Unalakleet, Alaska
I realized this afternoon that it has been three years since we sold Tender Spirit. Oh, how I miss her. On the other hand, I have been really enjoying our summers cruising in the truck. I'll tell you, there is a life after sailing. I have had a very difficult time readjusting to this new lifestyle. Every day I daydreamed about our cruising adventures, and I quietly schemed how to return to our cruising life.
Then this summer arrived. We were sharing a beer with a couple from Indiana. We chatted with some year-round RV visitors from all across the US. We exchanged fix-its, and tips for free and low cost camping (best anchorages in Anchorage). It suddenly dawned on me...DUH....we ARE cruising. We just swapped out the keel for 6 wheels. We still have a trusty diesel. OK, the sail plan is simplified, and our anchor has never dragged; the truck goes to windward so sweetly!
I guess this is our new normal, and I am finally not agonizing over our land-locked ways and feeling like I am somehow no longer an adventurer.
This summer I really enjoyed seeking out unusual places to camp. We challenged ourselves to see how little we could spend in camping fees. Well, we spent $65 total from Mid. May through this month - so, mission accomplished.
Our biggest mistake in all of our cruising years has been not having a positive exit plan for when it became necessary for me to re-enter the work force. I got a huge dose of independence, and having that experience will fuel our next adventures as we work towards our permanent retirement.
We just finished provisioning for another exciting school year. I have returned to Bering Strait School District. It was here I started as a first year teacher at Little Diomede. I am back now as the district librarian.
I have the world's greatest job now, traveling to all of our districts 15 villages in small airplanes all year. I love catching up with old friends at Gambell and Diomede. Some of my students now have their own children in school! It's exciting to see where our district is going and especially being a part of it once again.
So, I am back to my old happy self once again, ready to travel...but with pac boots instead of Crocs, and armed with books instead of varnish brushes.

Wonderful School Year!

30 April 2013 | Point Hope
We had a great school year at Point Hope. We really are enjoying this warm, friendly community! The school year is winding down as whaling season for the community is winding up.
We will be spending the summer in our home state this year enjoying the "Great Land" as we all fondly call it. We will also be taking a look at a couple of cruising boats for sale. We aren't quit sure if we will be purchasing this summer, it all depends on what we find. Regardless, we will have fun cruising on the Alaska road system.
We decided that I will continue to work here...as usual with cruisers lingo...."as long as it's fun" and we are enjoying our anchorage. The lovely part about this arrangement is that we have the summer months to either land cruise or start preparing a cruising boat...if we find one.

30 September 2012
We are back in the north country now, enjoying Point Hope, AK where work is abundant so we can start saving for another cruising boat.
That's right, I guess we don't make such great land lubbers after all. We are back on a 5-year plan for me to teach and then retire.

We are hoping to find the new "Tender Spirit" and be out there again exploring.

Chilkat River

04 June 2012 | Haines
The weather is great in Haines this morning. Another sunny day greats us as we enjoy a morning cup of java on the "new boat". We will be loading everything on board the ferry for the passage down to Sitka. We leave tonight on board the M/V Columbia.

Tender Spirit Has New Owners!

03 June 2012
Well, we are sad to say good-bye to Tender Spirit. We sincerely hope the new owners love her as we did. If you see her out there, wave and give a cheerful greeting!

We are touring Alaska in the new camper. We have definitely enjoyed seeing the mountains and wildlife. We've seen everything from caribou and moose to ptarmigan and black bears. We have traveled on all of Alaska's highway system. We are now heading down the Marine Highway with stops in Sitka and Wrangell. We will then go back to Haines and then Anchorage to finish out our summer travels.

While we have been cruising, we are also thinking about our future. I expect that we are not...well...quite through with our boating life. Chuck has already told me that our next boat will be called "Spirit Tender"!

So, hang in there as we probably won't be able to really give up our beloved life on the water!!!! I expect it will not look like our past cruising days. Quitting cruising is much more difficult than you can ever imagine!

I am looking forward to getting back into the classroom this school year. I miss the energy and the productivity...and always the challenge to educate young people in a remote setting.

So, it you're out and about and see a truck and camper that is behaving like a sailboat cruiser.....pop on over and lets swap some sea stories!

New Blog Site

20 April 2012 | Anchorage, Alaska
I am building a new blog about our land cruising adventures. I am sure there will be some fun Robin Williams style RV moments as we learn about our new magic carpet, the RV Tender Spirit!

Come join us as we travel by road exploring North America!


Also watch as I learn how to use Wordpress!!!
Vessel Name: Tender Spirit
Vessel Make/Model: We are narrowing our list of options!
Hailing Port: Alaska
Crew: Joan & Chuck
About: Joan has obviously failed the program to quit sailing. Chuck, the ever patient spouse quietly enjoys the adventure. SHHH....he's a closet sailor......hasn't come out yet,.....and don't tell his commercial fishing buddies that he's having fun!!!!
Extra: There are only two unbendable rules on this vessel: 1. We can change our mind. 2. We can change direction. Everything else is flexible.
Tender Spirit's Photos - Passage from Mexico to Hiva Oa
Photos 1 to 22 of 22 | S/V Tender Spirit (Main)
No Wind!
Flying Fish
Check out the wings on this flying fish. This one landed in my lap!!
Thin Wolf preparing to receive a part for his wind vane steering. This was the only sailboat we saw.
This is the storm petrel that was found in the cockpit.
Calm seas and no wind
Beautiful day with perfect tradewind sailing.
Equator crossing.
Equator crossing ceremony: toasts all around including King Neptune with our finest champagne.
Equator Crossing: toasts  to all!
Chuck standing in for King Neptune, receiving Tender Spirit
One Happy shellback.....dreams are coming true.
Releasing the rubber duckies at the equator.
Message in a bottle left at the equator.
Off shore sunset. We saw a lot of these.
Sunset with a full moon! It was much more spectacular than the photo is showing!
Land Ho!!!!!
My first sight of Land....Hiva Oa
Chuck preparing our stern anchor for our landfall.
Hiva Oa.
The sailing was great that day. The swells made it difficult to get pictures!
Getting closer to Hiva Oa.
Hiva Oa.

Adventures of Tender Spirit

Who: Joan & Chuck
Port: Alaska