S/V Zephyr


24 February 2014 | Elton, PA

Changing Times

24 February 2014 | Elton, PA
Granddaughter's First Race!
Our darling Zephyr has been sold. It is with extremely mixed emotions that we signed the final papers. Cruising our own boat is done, but we will always be sailors at heart and I'm sure we will continue to have water adventures. Even though a very wonderful chapter in our lives has closed, God willing, new adventures await us.
We haven't decided what they will be yet, but we will probably begin with catching up on some projects at home, spending time with our family and teaching the grandkids to sail. We still have a Sunfish, the CLC Passagemaker and the Achilles dinghy we used on Zephyr (which we would consider selling if anyone is interested).
We have met so many wonderful people on the water and we will miss meeting new "vagabonds," but we will follow your travels and toast you at sunset with a G&T and a toot on the conch!
Fair winds